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  1. What do you mean by this?? It says that it can't be equipped....
  2. Really good! How did you attach the cable to the Kerbal? Did you use KIS or is it another way? Thanks! Keep up the good work, it looks amazing!
  3. Better wheels would be great, I agree. Tethers should be something that comes in another expansion, or something.
  4. Hi. So, uhh, I got this mod and I notice that the only hulls I have are the zed hulls. I'm not sure of what to do.
  5. Your CoG (Centre of Gravity) is really strange. Perhaps you could try and drain fuel from the back. Also, try and change the canards at the back; they do not seem to be affecting the CoL (Centre of Lift) at all.
  6. I was playing ksp the other day, and was trying to perform an EVA from my space station. I did what I wanted to do but failed to bring my Kerbal back into the module. That's when it struck me. I thought that tethers should be implemented in the core game. They are such a vital part of real life EVA's that I thought that it would make a lot of sense for Kerbals to have them. I dunno though, what do you think??