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  1. No, at least not without changing a lot of the plume configs. The main problem is that the Merlin and Raptor plumes have multiple effects and multiple engines modes which are different on both engine clusters. You can't just switch the plumes out because they are designed for their own engine cluster. If you want to take a deeper look at it, the plumes are added to the engines in Patches/Extra_RealPlume_Engines.cfg.
  2. Here's a preview of the new Falcon 9 plumes I'm working on, looking better than ever!
  3. Here's the link to the BFR configs: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DGrzOa6sgHp2y2pmTUkg94H8Nr_YAWk5
  4. @Nigel Cardozo No, I only made RO configs for the BFR (Gojira). I always felt that the look of the Tundra Exploration parts fits more into the stock KSP world than Realism Overhaul and there already are Falcon 9 mods with RO configs (mainly Launchers Pack). That being said, the Launchers Pack isn't thaaat well maintained (and the landign legs and grid fins suck) and the Restock design by @damonvv is pretty amazing (also TE has much better plumes @JadeOfMaar ), I might make some RO configs for the Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon.
  5. Yes, we didn't really get a lot of data for the 2018 BFR, so I assumed the BFS stats to be the same as the 2017 version (dry mass: 85t, fuel mass: 1100t) as well as a total BFR mass of 4400t. The only unknown value is the BFB dry mass. At the IAC 2016, the ITS booster dry mass was planned to be 275t. Assuming the ITS and BFR booster have similar densities and proportions, the mass should (roughly) scale with the square of the radius. That gives me a dry mass of ~150-160t for the BFB, which seems pretty reasonable, but of course that's just an estimate.
  6. @Miza @Starwaster I uploaded RO configs a few pages back, they're not 100% perfect yet but they give you a pretty realistic BFR and Raptor engines in RSS/RO. The BFS plumes you see on the first page are Real Plume configs by me, based on the awseome plumes by @JadeOfMaar. The stock-size plumes are already part of the TE github, you can download the RO configs with the RO-size plumes here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DGrzOa6sgHp2y2pmTUkg94H8Nr_YAWk5
  7. Create a cfg file somewhere in GameData that changes the rescaleFactor like so (assuming you have Module Manager installed): @PART[PartName] { %rescaleFactor = 2 } Replace PartName with the part name (surprise ) and set the rescaleFactor to your needs, 2 makes it 2 times as big. Keep the file when you update and it should still work.
  8. Changing the size is pretty easy, maybe the engine scale also affects the position of the plume a little bit, but changing the SmokeScreen config to match the stock engine vs the 180% scaled RSS Raptor engine is a matter of minutes. Most of the work will be to find good values for the plume grow from sea level to vacuum.
  9. Actually, I wonder why I haven't thought of that earlier I just looked into it, seems absolutely possible, it will just need a LOT of testing and trying around. I will start working on it over the next few days.
  10. So, I got the RealPlume configs working and added plumes to the Raptor SL engine and the BFB engine cluster. The default plumes looked amazing , but they didn't expand in vacuum, so I added Hydrolox plumes and made them a little more red and "flamy". If you want to try it, here are my complete RO configs for the 2018 BFR: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DGrzOa6sgHp2y2pmTUkg94H8Nr_YAWk5. Here's how they look in KSP 1.3.1 with RSS and RO: Link to imgur album
  11. Nice work, the new BFR looks amazing! For anyone who wants to try it in Realism Overhaul, I made some basic RO configs for all the new BFR parts. I made them 80% bigger (5m * 1.8 = 9m) and replaced all fuel with LqdMethane/Oxgen. The raptor engines and BFS RCS also use Methane. Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DGrzOa6sgHp2y2pmTUkg94H8Nr_YAWk5 (also contains a config file to stop boiloff) The only thing that still bugs me are the raptor plumes, they didn't scale up with the engine. I'm not an expert in modding and a standard RealPlume config just makes the plumes disap
  12. As soon as I can get it to work with RO, obviously Maybe I can assist with the RO configs. Not sure about #dearMoon though, the video would need to be much more interesting than a simple moon flyby, but Mars is definitely planned
  13. @damonvv Thank you so much for doing this (so quickly), the model already looks amazing, I can't wait to try this in KSP
  14. I can't guarantee my script works with any other rocket/ship than mine but hopefully you could get some information/inspiration out of it My script is the result of months of coding and yeah, the landing works best when coming in vertically. The script for the final landing doesn't use the Trajectories mod because it's still the same function I used for my Falcon Heavy boosters. I needed sth. that didn't depend on Trajectories since it can't be accessed from kOS on different vessels. So it's not perfect but so far I was pretty happy with it. Yes, 10% fuel for boostback and landing. Keep
  15. @infinite_monkey Ok, one thing after another Yes, the spaceship parts use custom configs that rescale them to be 9m in diameter and yes, the solar panels are from Near Future Solar and yes, they are indeed small, I installed them last minute and didn't resize them. I use RO with all recommended mods, including FAR and (not only) because of that it would take a lot of work to make the scripts work in stock KSP. Changing the required velocities wouldn't be too hard, but there are a lot of references to RO throughout the code (Earth <-> Kerbin, LqdMethane, LqdOxygen <-> LiquidFuel, O
  16. @Drakenex All landings in this video are real, you can see the smoke coming out of the engines, not being sucked in Wouldn't be possible without kOS though, I wrote some scripts to land the booster on the pad and the ship on the VAB (they can land pretty much anywhere with good precision). Marcus House made some videos about kOS, you can check them out if you're interested
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