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  1. Perhaps in the bacheloress of a fantasy where the wall did not fall ...
  2. Aerodynamics is a good thing! But when you want to play, and Kraft goes to the runway at a speed of 0.8 M and airborne brakes do not reduce the speed .... maybe my settings / ship are not optimal . question"?" How to return to sink aerodynamics and use the possibilities of setting control surfaces? PS. Displaying EAS EXTREMELY HAPPY!
  3. Steam weights 1.4.xx, without mods, perhaps plugins / modules are needed? watched files CFG this mod, "I do not see the broblem". but i cant IVA/! Perhaps this problem occurs when you start with the settings of the game in a specific language (DB for example) (I use the Russian)
  4. Thank you! but I did not find a Russian or Ukrainian language maybe in alneyshey I will use this resource, all one THANKS!
  5. Greetings! 100% I'm not the first one to ask, but how can I leave stock aerodynamics and use the rest of the functions of this mod? Settings changed, but this did not lead to the desired result. (Thanks google translate)
  6. Hello! Thank you for this wonderful mod! I can not enter IVA mode and there is no cucumber icon in flight (in the hangar the pilot is assigned). So it should be? Or am I doing something wrong?