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  1. My guess is at least another month, probably longer. The dev's will still want to fix any bugs found in the experimentals before a release is made.
  2. Hey so the easiest way to fly the Arrowhead's jet stage is to use the navball. Keep the ASAS on hit caps lock to turn on fine controls. While you're flying use the F key to make adjustments, it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. As for hours of glide testing, I run those on my laptop so I can do redesigns and flights on main battlestation.
  3. There was a mod for crewable empty pods somewhere...
  4. I assume you have a space worthy engine on it somewhere, that I can't see in your picture, otherwise you're going to have some problems there.
  5. It's a little unstable with a rocket strapped to its ass, but it flies ok if you keep it from tipping over. As for getting into orbit, I used my normal flight plan with no real problems and got a 150x150 orbit. Doesn't need much in the way of runway either. Basically fly up to 4 km and build up speed untill the jets are nearly dry, turn up to 75-80 degrees, and at about 6.5k fire the main engine and eject the 2 jets. Climb to around 35-40k and by then your apoapsis should be above atmo. You should be able to coast and circularise with half a tank remaining. Also it glides like a dream. A 4 hours and still going dream.
  6. Not to mention 500% atmo. My personal plan is to use a spaceplane to take advantage of the nice thick atmosphere, one of my better designs is posted a few pages back. The problem there being finding somewhere to land and take off from.
  7. Overall I like the design, but can that lander reach Kerbin orbit?
  8. Hey mark, welcome to the forums and such. As it stands the general plan here is a 2 rocket system. The first is an orbiter to get from Kerbin to Eve, which will carry 2 of our brave crew, the second will be a lander stage carrying just one Kerbal, which will be launched separate from the orbiter. This saves us a bunch of fuel, and thus mass, but it also adds the challenge of orbital rendezvous. That being said, I'd love to see your designs.
  9. If you're taking off from the runway, then what I'd do is strap on some jet engines to gain low atmo speed and then turn upwards and eject them when they flame out. Doing that would help you get through the thickest air easier.
  10. Hey Giggle, you mind putting up a .craft for your ships?