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  1. Might be a bit late here, but you could make the fuselage, cockpit segment, nosecone, wing root & tail boom modular so we can not just build any early Airbus widebodies, but also other designs. Some images of a disassembled A330 might guide you on where to slice parts of the fuselage.
  2. Not Admiral Adsii but hmm... How long have I taken a hiatus? @neistridlar Have I missed anything from your mod?
  3. ⁶My last search is... Belyrade Nikola Tesla Airport Airliners have no keys, ATC went UNICOM. Time to get a Qatar 777-200LR, refuel, start & get the plane up in the air before the zombies fill up the runway- Wait, Qatar Airways must've flown their 777-200LR somewhere really far, not Doha-Serbia, right? Well, wish me luck getting an A350-900 there.
  4. @St4rdust Loving the new parts! Just wondering if we could get a more powerful high-bypass turbofan in 1.11, alongside a smaller or bare Vernor. Was thinking about this monster: Yes, the General Electric GE9X. 597kN of max thrust, that's more than GE90-115B's 512kN, which came from the GE90-94B that the current J-90 Goliath is based on. (Source here) After all our builds that use the current Goliath are so massive we have to make it a quadjet, unlike the real-life Boeing 777 (and its X variants) which has two. Just take the core of the Goliath, give a thicker nacelle, add reduce the number of fan blades, make the blades curvier, make the fan itself larger & get rid of the front node (because this thing has to be even bigger than 2.5m but significantly smaller than 3.125m diameter). And also make it very slightly lighter. And can we also have a Mk3 Cabin variant that has no cheatline (i.e stripes) on it, as well as making the windows 'penetrate' through flags so we can make some sick liveries using flags?
  5. He shared the download link of the craft instwad of the craft page link of the craft, hence resulting in an error. The link should look like this: https://kerbalx.com/[KerbalX Username]/[Craft Name] E.g https://kerbalx.com/FahmiRBLXian/Frontinco-L-50-30
  6. Ayasa - The Reason Why Don't tell me this is the new Baka Mitai, especially at timestamp 1:38.
  7. Headhunterz - Oxygen I really love Hardstyle tracks with ambience with it. Really great for some imaginary stuff, maybe some good rounds of spamming a semi-auto shotgun in any FPS or something? It's a good gaming music as well IMO.
  8. 2306 Yet we're still in Earth's atmosphere. Considering each floor has a ceiling 3m from the floor, we need around 33,333 floors to reach Earth's Karman Line.
  9. r/beatmetoit lmao Anyway, onto the 2B2T stuff... Meet the Boeing 787 Dreamliner of Asgard II. Aka, Jet House, according to a tour video of a world download copy of the base.
  10. Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours The related meme brought me to this
  11. Raw photo of the Soviet Tsar Bomba hydrogen bomb. Far more powerful than the Nuke you're familiar with.
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