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  1. Okay I'd like to have your modlist for the graphics.
  2. And today I tried to make my L-50 perform better without using too many mods so I came up with my L-51. A trijet. Not exactly every real life airline's favorite but whatever. Got rid of one Goliath, Tweakscaled the remaining three, added lights, slightly reduced the sweep angle, got a simpler 3-bogie MLG, bumped up the graphics & bam. That 6-passenger cabin stretch? Well assume that's secondary because I want to make sure the larger variant performs well before I begin making a shrunken variant. Squad pls make the lights brighte- Nevermind no more update after 1.12.5 After taking the pic, I nosedived it, severed the tail & engine #2 & landed with only the pylon for Engine #2.... ... and broke more stuff along the way. .... and then accidentally killed Jeb & The Original Four. SoI loaded my quicksave where I left my giga-AWACS L-50 flying (which is my most recent quicksave with all the Original Four alive) & landed it back at KSC. Wikipedia ahh pic Then I did a photoshoot with the GigaAWACS, L-50-70 & L-51-30. I think everyone's confused at this point which one's the L-50 & which one's the L-51. The L-50 series is the 4-engined one. All the 4-engined planes you see in there is the L-50. The L-51 is the 3-engined one; the one that's starting up in the above pic.
  3. Not really today but very recently actually. After finally purchasing KSP after the last time I played 3 years ago. Sent this tiny ahh shuttle to LKO, realized there's a tiny little space I could use to put up a microsatellite, so I did. Then I put Clamp O-Tron Jr on the microsatellite (in a separate launch, not pictured), realized the microsat isn't on a stable orbit, tried docking my shuttle to it in hopes of boosting it to a higher orbit & failed. I did read somewhere you could dock certain smaller Clamp O-Trons together but I forgot which combination worked. I mean I don't really do spaceflights that often. 4 years of me playing KSP plus more than 10 years of watching KSP on YT is just about everything atmospheric flight. Plus I didn't place RCS properly (I put nozzles at the very end of everything without even checking CoM so... ) Then after some while I decided to pull the plug on "putting all 3 stuff into orbit" & decided to leave the microsat's orbit to decay & deorbited the upper stage & shuttle. I was looking to land the shuttle back in KSC but I deorbited too early (stupid me) so I diverted to Desert Airfield... ... in which I re-entered too erly & landed short of it. Speaking of atmospheric flight I mounted every single large BDA radar on my L-50 airliner... ... which I rewinged it with B9 Procedural Wings. And for those who forgot what this is, this is essentially the oldest plane in my entire save from 1.1 to 1.12.5. It went through a lot of reiterations from Pure Stock, clipping haven wings & probably a comical double decker configuration to having jettisonable fuel capabilities & rotating beacons & finally a revamped wing. And for the first time ever it got modded wings. Earlier this plane glide-tested an earlier version of my shuttle earlier in this post. Hence the Structural Pylon behind the pylon & Structural Tube + Tweakscaled Aerodynamic Nose Cone that housed BDA's TWS Radar. I clipped wings into BDA AWACS radar to simulate CoL changes & basically to 'cheat' some lift-generating ability in. I later put 50 cal turrets around it & a Goalkeeper Mk2 CIWS & turned it into some giga-AWACS (1st pic). So here's the plane carrying the shuttle. Wingflex ftw Yeah I tried to recreate the photo of the 747 SCA releasing Enterprise for a glide test But the I realized this rendition of the shuttle went away from its original purpose. It's meant to fit inside large fairings & not simply becoming a proper glider. Hence came its delta-winged, shorter wingspan sibling. Speaking about this testbed, a bit earlier than that is me mounting the Dudley engine from Near Future Aero on the #2 position. An that's before I changed the fuselage from passenger cabins to the cargo bays. I clipped the Goliath to the front of NF Aero's 2.5m engine nacelle to avoid putting NF's odd-looking subsonic intake with maintenance-nightmare lots of narrow-chord fan blades. So basically some poor man's attempt at an actual GE90-115B out of the stock Trent 800 & modded... GE90-115B from 2077.
  4. 8.56666666667/10 I think I saw you a lot back when I was still active around here darn i quoted the wrong person 2/10 I bet you're here way after I began my 3-year hiatus?
  5. Might be a bit late here, but you could make the fuselage, cockpit segment, nosecone, wing root & tail boom modular so we can not just build any early Airbus widebodies, but also other designs. Some images of a disassembled A330 might guide you on where to slice parts of the fuselage.
  6. Not Admiral Adsii but hmm... How long have I taken a hiatus? @neistridlar Have I missed anything from your mod?
  7. ⁶My last search is... Belyrade Nikola Tesla Airport Airliners have no keys, ATC went UNICOM. Time to get a Qatar 777-200LR, refuel, start & get the plane up in the air before the zombies fill up the runway- Wait, Qatar Airways must've flown their 777-200LR somewhere really far, not Doha-Serbia, right? Well, wish me luck getting an A350-900 there.
  8. @St4rdust Loving the new parts! Just wondering if we could get a more powerful high-bypass turbofan in 1.11, alongside a smaller or bare Vernor. Was thinking about this monster: Yes, the General Electric GE9X. 597kN of max thrust, that's more than GE90-115B's 512kN, which came from the GE90-94B that the current J-90 Goliath is based on. (Source here) After all our builds that use the current Goliath are so massive we have to make it a quadjet, unlike the real-life Boeing 777 (and its X variants) which has two. Just take the core of the Goliath, give a thicker nacelle, add reduce the number of fan blades, make the blades curvier, make the fan itself larger & get rid of the front node (because this thing has to be even bigger than 2.5m but significantly smaller than 3.125m diameter). And also make it very slightly lighter. And can we also have a Mk3 Cabin variant that has no cheatline (i.e stripes) on it, as well as making the windows 'penetrate' through flags so we can make some sick liveries using flags?
  9. He shared the download link of the craft instwad of the craft page link of the craft, hence resulting in an error. The link should look like this: https://kerbalx.com/[KerbalX Username]/[Craft Name] E.g https://kerbalx.com/FahmiRBLXian/Frontinco-L-50-30
  10. Ayasa - The Reason Why Don't tell me this is the new Baka Mitai, especially at timestamp 1:38.
  11. Headhunterz - Oxygen I really love Hardstyle tracks with ambience with it. Really great for some imaginary stuff, maybe some good rounds of spamming a semi-auto shotgun in any FPS or something? It's a good gaming music as well IMO.
  12. 2306 Yet we're still in Earth's atmosphere. Considering each floor has a ceiling 3m from the floor, we need around 33,333 floors to reach Earth's Karman Line.
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