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  1. yeah, I had a great response and found some even better data which should change my data completely. I have also found some conflicting documentation (public and declassified) as well as correlations between numbers like if you take the fuel flow, take away the gas generators usage and the pu valves bypassing you get the value from the public document. I have also come across very detailed documentation of testing and flights of the j-2. I'm currently writing up my findings to reply to the email, after all, I was told that it was good work and that I should keep it up... :DDDDD
  2. Yeah kinda found that out the hard way... But I remained stubborn and officially rename the runway to launchpad. Also the ksc can be rescaled so that could work Might make a mm patch if I'm smart enough...
  3. Yup after I ran the math again (this time correctly) it all made sense :D Also you may be wondering why have it be able to go all the way down to 4.5:1 since you have less thrust and even lower isp due to not all the hydrogen being burnt, but this is to basically throw away hydrogen that would not be able to be burnt at the amount of oxygen left. So actually increasing deltav. Unless you use ro... Boil off means cryogenics are released because they cause to much pressure and you want your stage to stay a stage not a bomb.
  4. More thrust on the s2 is good at first but the engine switches to 5:1 for more efficiency the J2 on the s1b were locked to 5:1 though. As for why I like it it's because of realism
  5. Just wondering if this works, because that would be nice. The thrust isn't as clear it ranges from 500kN to 1mN on the Y axis, 750kN to 1mN would have been better... 4.5:1 - 5.5:1 Mass Ratio (LO2:LH2) Isp (s) Thrust (kN) 5.5:1 424 1001.6 5:1 427 931.1 4.5:1 390 779.5
  6. The math looked wrong so I checked it again and found out some interesting things. Btw yes I know this is old and irrelevant but still...
  7. Well I'm to stupid to find out how to use mm patches/don't want to have to input the long part names so edited the cfgs and rescaled all the Saturn parts to 2.2 scale just like the large base but that's to large, at least for fasa so I eyeballed 2 and that worked perfectly. The only other thing I had to tweak was the cranes toque so it would move fast enough. Next step: what is the right rescaled for the other pads. Looks beautiful btw just need unbreakable joints on and have to launch from runway but the buildings can be rescaled...
  8. Also realism overhaul... now this is very strange because it seems to have something to do with the order I install the mods in... imma try some stuff today...
  9. Just wondering if vehicles with sstu parts just floating is normal, and or if this is known to be caused by certain mods.
  10. Well I'll supply logs once I have pinned down the exact mods that are causing the incompatibility. Or I might try to fix it myself if possible... Ahhhh that's what was meant with backports! Is there also hotstaging?
  11. Ok so after installing procedural parts, procedural fairings, procedural fairings for everything and decoupler shroud mechjeb won't throttle up for peg...
  12. Yeah I went to 1.4.5 and had the same problem so I stripped all mods away so I could test each one and now I have most of the kids with no problem, but most of the time I try to launch mechjeb doesn't activate peg guidance and it goes locked on terminal guidance and screws up the launch... I don't know what I'm doing wrong... Edit: reset the settings... Seems to work now. Nice
  13. For some reason, mechjeb doesn't want to steer or recognize targets in ascent guidance anymore... Mechjeb suddenly stopped working, I reverted 3 times and then it worked, but the rocket was very wobbly, so I reverted thinking the other launches were just flukes. Since then Mechjeb has not been steering or recognizing targets... KSP 1.3.1 Mechjeb2 Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jz058ae62dx0167/KSP.log?dl=0
  14. Could someone please tell me how to make the atmosphere less dense, so I can admire my stunning surface textures.
  15. So is the J-2 EMR shift / PU valve going to be a thing? I was not quite sure after reading your posts. PS: get well soon
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