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  1. welp that's the problem then. mechjeb is 2.8.2 and mas is 0.93.2 ill downgrade mechjeb and see if that fixes things
  2. just to point out. i cant seem to find any crew arm for the small Saturn tower. and any other arm causes it to wobble at the base until it is completely clipping everything
  3. major issues with mechjeb integration. isnt behaving at all. before i start going through the process of troubleshooting might as well ask if there's a solution already found
  4. issue with 1.6.1 for some reason the mechjeb controll panel is broken. the keypad indicates a fault when enabled and i cannot select a mode
  5. any update on the RN rocket patches, so far have been trying (and failing) to make my own with no prior experience and could really do with some that work and don't just make the part dissapear or just simply don't work
  6. its great to see this mod "rocketing" along.... ok don't pay attention to my awful jokes, seriously though it's coming on leaps and bounds since i last checked in
  7. its alright. tbh I've not been on ksp in a while (p3dv4 finally started working again). i'm back now though, so long as its still on the to-do list i'm happy
  8. just wondering how the configs for the RN rockets are going. would love to see the R7 launch from a pad and not... yknow... the floor
  9. it wasnt removing some mods. as i reinstalled them all anyway. also tryed the input locks method. didnt work. had the same problem till i downgraded fasa. no idea why that was causing issues
  10. decided to do a clean install. (i had a lot of mods installed. and some were "breaking" for lack of a better word. still any help is appreciated so no-one ends with the same problem