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  1. Yes, I downloaded the actual mechjeb. I've had it before on ksp 1.2.2 so im not a noob to the game, it's just that I couldn't find mechjeb for 1.5 on space dock and I thought mechjeb for all was a continued mod. But I now found the correct one on curseforge, downloaded it but it still doesn't work.
  2. well I got stage recovery working. But mechjeb still doesn't work, I downloaded it off of curse forge after you told me that mechjeb for all isn't the one. Im only trying to make a propulsive landing as KER's suicide burn readouts are incorrect. Why is everything so hard to get to work? I dropped the mechjeb folder into gamete btw.
  3. lmao sorry. I though thats what people always talked about when they said post a log file.
  4. It works for me. Those posts were posted today. jammer I did post logs. check the Imgur link.
  5. Why can't I see any of the mods in ksp 1.5? I downloaded stage recovery, the button doesn't show. Downloaded (mechjeb for all) again no button. Nothing's working. I have module manager 3.1.1.dll installed. Please help.
  6. I see what you mean but I did not mean it that way. The reason I didn't pose it as a genuine help question and I was thinking whether I should or not, is because I didn't want to make it seem like all the other KSPers weren't able to figure it out in all the years past. I'm a noob at this game, and in no way better than anyone here, infact this is the only game I play, and I can't even go to duna, been trying for months. Sorry for any implications I may have caused.
  7. Okay thanks, Because I just figured it out yesterday ON MY OWN! I know that that there have been forums about this but they never seemed to figure it out, so I was wondering if anyone has figured it out and if not I'd share my findings. But I was trying to build a rover and skycrane attached and take it to duna (And land it like the curiosity, Not sure if it'll work, but I'll try). I had the Skycrane prebuilt and saved, and then finished building the rover in the SPH. Then when I had it completed and tried merging them there was no attachment node. I was using the KIS winch and connector ports as nodes because I will be lowering it using the winch. Until I clicked the reroot and set the winch of the ghosted out craft as the root part, which was the Skycrane, and Voilà! the attachment nodes appeared. Now all I have to do is testing and balancing! It'll be so cool if it works.
  8. If you were to fart in space would you be atleast a little bit propelled?
  9. Has anyone ever figured out how to use the merge button/how to merge crafts in the saves folder?
  10. I tried Kis winches but it just blows up and pulls it together when I put it in docked mode. The claw is a realy good Idea I'm gonna try that out. But a mod would be cool even little details like the air and power cables would be cool. I might check those mods out. Thanks
  11. Is there a mod where I can control a trailer and truck as one vessel without actually connecting them to still have the trailer act like an actual trailer. Like Some wiring connections like real life semi trucks have. I want to be able to control the wheels to be able to turn and also help push the truck just like real life heavy equipment hauling for heavy and long loads.
  12. Yesterday I was driving out of a stora plaza parking lot and on the exit there is a divider dividing exiting traffic from entering into the plaza. Anyways I was driving out from the side of the entering traffic and had to turn right and then make a uturn to get to the exiting side. So the entering land had two lanes divided by white lines and at the time there were no cars, I didn't notice that I was supposed to turn right and turned left. standing on the stop light waiting for the light to turn green until I realize that there's cars to the right of me and I'd have to cut across all of them, I had to backup all the way back and drive out on the correct side. It was Funny. All of this probably doesn't make any sense cuz its hard to explain, but see for yourself in the images.
  13. Here's what I get when putting in the commands: