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  1. max17

    Semi Trailer Electrical Mod?

    I tried Kis winches but it just blows up and pulls it together when I put it in docked mode. The claw is a realy good Idea I'm gonna try that out. But a mod would be cool even little details like the air and power cables would be cool. I might check those mods out. Thanks
  2. Is there a mod where I can control a trailer and truck as one vessel without actually connecting them to still have the trailer act like an actual trailer. Like Some wiring connections like real life semi trucks have. I want to be able to control the wheels to be able to turn and also help push the truck just like real life heavy equipment hauling for heavy and long loads.
  3. Yesterday I was driving out of a stora plaza parking lot and on the exit there is a divider dividing exiting traffic from entering into the plaza. Anyways I was driving out from the side of the entering traffic and had to turn right and then make a uturn to get to the exiting side. So the entering land had two lanes divided by white lines and at the time there were no cars, I didn't notice that I was supposed to turn right and turned left. standing on the stop light waiting for the light to turn green until I realize that there's cars to the right of me and I'd have to cut across all of them, I had to backup all the way back and drive out on the correct side. It was Funny. All of this probably doesn't make any sense cuz its hard to explain, but see for yourself in the images.
  4. max17

    How do I download CKAN for Mac?

    Here's what I get when putting in the commands:
  5. max17

    How do I download CKAN for Mac?
  6. max17

    How do I download CKAN for Mac?

    Nope, still doesn't work. When I double click on ckan it shows up in the dock and then disappears. Here's what I do: Wait for photos
  7. max17

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for replying 6 years after post!
  8. max17

    How do I download CKAN for Mac?

    Once Ckan downloaded I clicked on it, which then it opened up a flash drive thing on my desktop labeled Ckan. I clicked on that one and within that folder, there was the Ckan logo. I clicked on it again and it bobbed up and down in my dock and then disappeared and never opened. Also, Am I supposed to just download Mono and that's it or am I supposed to install Mono Framework?
  9. max17

    How do I download CKAN for Mac?

    Right, but when I run it it doesn't open, and when i try opening it with Terminal its give me a whole bunch of void messages.
  10. max17

    How do I download CKAN for Mac?

    YUP, I installed mono 5.
  11. max17

    How do I download CKAN for Mac?

    Correct! If you know any fixes, I would be very happy.
  12. I have MacOs 64 bit and I tried everything, following the directions for installing ckan and nothing works or displays error messages when trying to open in the terminal. Please help, the reason for ckan is because I downloaded KIS but the kerbal only has 1L of volume and guessed I'd just use Ckan but nope its just as hard downloading it.
  13. Nope, I got 1.2.2. Can you get me the link for rebalanced for game version 1.2.2 if it even supports it? I can't find it.