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  1. @stibbons thank you very much for these informations! That is directly what I was searching for I will have a look on it and from there I will see. @Freshmeat thank you, too! That sounds like an valuable alternative! But this would also mean to go back again into the snakepit Python, which gave me in my final schoolyears informatic-class nightmares I will first give me an idea on how things in detail are working and we will see
  2. Hello there! I´ve been playing since 0.19 but now digging deeper into making my own mods and finally login in here to share my creations, searching for ideas and of course asking questions greatings!
  3. Engine Test Facility - to find out which engine looks best XD
  4. Hey there I´m working on a kind of hardware Navball. I´ve got all the wiring for the servos finished today and tested with my Arduino (currently an Uno). So I´ve searched on ways to receive telemetry data (pitch, yaw, roll position; SAS targets like Prograde, Retrograde, etc..) and naturally stumbled across this mod/plugin/framework. It contains the most essential data (pitch, yaw, roll) I will need, but some data are missing for me (well, maybe I diid not find them...): - position or coordinates of the different SAS-modes (the "symbols" of PO, RE. Target etc... on the ingame navball) - pitch, yaw and roll rate like for the indicators in the lower left corner of the hud or in IVA mode I´m pretty new to coding for KSP (got some extended basic knowledge of coding of common languages) and so my question is, if it is possible to add an output for these values to the source code and if someone can give me a little hint where to look/start, since I don´t know how KSP handles these two sets of data. Kind regards and thanks in advance for any help, Naru