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  1. 1. Fair physics, especially friction. No more fake wheels mechanics. 2. Optimization. No more loading all game resources at startup. 3. Unified system of measures. No more units of fuel, just simple volume-weight relations. 4. More spectacularity. More interesting space objects.
  2. For now, obstaskles are blocking the solar panel entirely. That looks weird. Most panels are segmented and may be blocked by piecemeal. For example, SP-L 1x6 Photovolcanic Panels consist of 6 segments and produce 1.8 energy, so each segment may produce 0.3 energy and may be blocked independently.
  3. The only way to use deployable science objects is to deploy it, fly away and never approach it again. Because every time the objects are loading (regardless quickload or re-approach), they appears in 5-6 meters above the ground and falling down, destroing or failing under the surface. Am I the only lucky with this bug?
  4. The secret is simple: move control surfaces as far as possible from the mass center. I don't have an account there (OK, I'm too lazy) and, after all, I don't want to impose my vision to other creators. I'm just demonstrating just another type of design, that can fly too (everybody really bored by winged cigars). I mean... it's not a craft, no, much more better... After all, it's really primitive: a cocpit, an adaptor mk2-1.25, an engine, two wings, two winglets, two talis, two intakes and four landing gears (and don't forget airbrakes as i did - it will not land without them ). Stick it together and it will fly not worse then my one.
  5. Yup, some sort of woodoo curse it's gone after the 1.7.2 patch. But thanks for your care.
  6. Nope. Adding an negine just exclude droptank from DV calculations entirely. It's just considered as a ballast.
  7. THe difference between two screenshots it just engines number. All other conditions are the same.
  8. Using multiple engines on the stage and a decoupler with fuel transfer on the upper stage breaks DV calculations. Here is normal DV: But everything breaks if we add some engines:
  9. Is it looks too cool for a FAR-capable craft? Yup, FAR Lundgren. Normal flight status at Mach 2.9 on 24km (the screenshot don't display the best performance). Over the 24 Km engine suffocates and I don't count that as a flight, but I climbed to 30+. I didn't upload the craft, because it's very simple, no hidden elements, just those visible 26 parts stacked together. Winglets - pitch 100 / heel 30, tails - yaw 100 No tricks, it flies really perfect, just build it yourself as on the picture and try. Nesterov's loop, half-loop, barrel roll in supersonic mode - just limited by parts' toughness, not aerodynamics. Why am I so excited about this design? Because when I was just starting using FAR, my familiar crafts was just falling into a flat spin and I could do nothing with that. But not this craft. It is unable to drop into flat spin. I'm serious. I tried. Knock out Jeb by15G, break off the wings - easily. But flat spin - forget it. It just flies where you turn it. UPD. The simplier - the better, only 13 parts (testing model is not equipped with airbrakes or emergency parachutes, +4 parts). With one engine the craft is lighter, a bit slower, but more agile, and still, incredibly stable:
  10. Just another option to mod users. Usually, moders are using very large textures. For example, 2k texture weights about 20Mb, to comparision, 1k texture is about 5 Mb and most of time you will not see any difference between them. Just shrink large textures in half and you will get <5 minutes to main menu.
  11. Very simple, cheap and low-science jet:
  12. Surface objects has no "roots", i.e. underground part, that blend with the surface to prevent such a bug:
  13. I got my laser stuck in the crater after the scanning:
  14. I got a great surprise making a rover today, I realized that only the bottom part of wheel has traction. If your wheel is angled to a ground more then 30 degrees, it has zero adhesive power. So my question: where is the physics?
  15. Greetings. I like this mod a lot, but since 1.7 I got a graphical bug: some parts from the mod destroy the skybox. Just like this (prepare your eyes, it hurts): On the ground it is not so devastating, as in space, believe me, I don't want to hurt you even more demonstrating THAT. But not all parts bowls my skybox away: Before I found this unbroken parts, I thought that the bug is in the optional models (because I have the same bug with a cocpit from MK2 Expansion mod), but now I haven't a slightest idea, where it comes from and what changes in 1.7 that caused it. So if you have no theary how to fix it, I'l have to drop this mod despite its' awesomeness. My system: CPU Intel Core i5-7400 (4 x 3GHz) RAM 8 Gb GPU Intel HD Graphics 630 128 Mb VRAM. Windows 10 Pro