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  1. Thank you. I have learned a few things since this post and your input helps me understand better.
  2. You have created five in one of my top favorite realistically humorous mod-related introductions. Thank you! 1) A runway is a death trap 2) designed to kill pilots 3) who do not understand the concept of Ground Effect, 4) ( which is ) a phenomenon created by communists. 5) to allow ships to fly with tiny wings. Truly epic! Trying no to wet my pants! Thank you!!!
  3. Is it possible to update the CKAN description of this mod to include "This is not a parts mod. It is used by Mod developers." With respect. I am building to asking CKAN team to implement catagories, and may find it's underway, but have seen this mod as very popular and I am curious how you submit to CKAN, and the description process. I'm learning and open to suggestions, thanks.
  4. Could you add "This is especially useful for joystick users who likely want their joystick to control yaw for rockets but roll for planes." to your CKAN description?
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