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  1. With all the nice IVAs available... is would be cool to be able to move around the spacecraft/base. Once you have that, you could imagine using VR glasses for a fully immersive experience launch/flight/landing on the Mun/EVA/fly back. Seems like a very cool concept to me.
  2. In my view KSP 2 should feature advanced IVAs. I would see: - Interactive Cockpits: Fully interactive cockpit with functional gauges and instruments panels. One should be able to conduct a full mission within the IVA view. - Ability to move around and explore the interior of the spacecrafts: what’s the point of having large spacecrafts and colonies if you cannot move around and explore them? I feel that just better graphics, larger ships, colonies add “width” to the game. What we need is also a bit more depth to the experience, adding another level to the experience of sp
  3. I fully agree with the parallel with Civilization. Civilization 1 was a great game which did unbelievable things when it came out in 1991. People where mind blown by the depth of the game and the fact that each new game could be completely different from the previous one... still, if you look at that game today... it's 2D, with ridiculous graphics and very limited options. New games have maintained the basic concept unchanged and added tons of new features, options and better graphics. If you look at KSP, you could think about something similar: Create a new, expanded, reliable p
  4. Take Two interactive is a much bigger developer with deeper pockets than the original team. They do have the capacity to add the necessary resources to make a great game concept even better. Remember that initially KSP was developed by a very small team with very few resources. They did a great job but still they had to work with what they had. One basic limitation of the same is that it uses "Patched conic approximation" for the physics engine, which excludes things like Lagrange points, perturbations, Lissajous orbits, halo orbits or tidal forces. This is something that can only be
  5. I believe the game engine has reached its limits and is now limiting any real further development. Every time they add new features with the latest patch, new bugs emerge that need fixing. The point is that KSP has reached well beyond what was the initial objective. It was a casual simple but science-correct space travel simulator, and through subsequent updates it has become so much more. I believe a clean slate project would help a lot. Let the developers team re-define the game objectives, and create something from scratch that is optimized for that.
  6. I have been playing KSP for years now, and I always found the great support the developers have given to the game matched only by the amazing community that creates and updates content around it. However, I believe we have reached a limit where the continuous updates (1.4.1 / 1.4.2 / 1.4.3 / 1.4.4 ...) and the efforts of the modders to keep up is simply becoming annoying and defets the purpose of a great game like KSP. One cannot stop playing for a month without finding the last save unplayable, all the mods non compatible, and the latest version being a stop-gap solution until the
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