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  1. I tried using robotics to make prop planes but for some reason either the engines never started or they didn't generate enough thrust.
  2. That's so true..... Although, you must remember the 'Snacks' drawer that seems to be mandatory in all Kerbonaut capsules. I'm sure that's amply stocked by Jeb in the pre-flight preparations.
  3. Come to think of it, though, it would be funny if they were made of foam and kind of squished against the ground when they fell.
  4. What if there was a space ship which flew to Alpha Centauri and you were kept in peak physical form etc. to live as long as possible... And then saw Alpha Centauri minutes before you died of old age. As in, it would be perfectly timed.
  5. The plant cells just look like the Kerbal has chronic dehydration.
  6. I got inspired to start running a fully reusable space program... Problem is, I can't really do it without either mods or SSTO's. Here's the thing: I got an aerodynamic or lifting body spaceplane that works great at everything but getting to orbit and back. The only thing I can do is stick it onto a booster. But then I have to throw away the booster. And I don't want to. So... do you know of any good mods that will automatically guide a booster down to land on parachutes? Or can I already do that stock with the KAL-1000 controller?
  7. Personally that NASA plane that they got to go hypersonic was pretty cool.
  8. How long does it take to select a group of the top forum posts? Do you read through every one on the forum posted this month?
  9. Well, if it isn’t something everyone would want, how about a little checkbox in the menu before you view the tutorials? This would mean that people who want their Kerbalish taken pure can leave it unchecked, and those who fancy a voiced tutorial can check it.
  10. So... I heard there was going to be tutorials in KSP 2! Saw some pictures of them, and I thought the cartoony style reminded me of one specific YouTuber explaining guy. I think that the voice actor who does Kurzgesagt: In a Nutshell should voice the tutorials. If anyone has ever watched one of those videos, then you will know what I mean.
  11. I take it you're a meticulous sorter? Also thanks for all the mod suggestions! I was mostly wanting it to be in the base game because me and mods have never really gotten along.
  12. If you're like me and don't (or can't, if you're playing in career mode) build craft perfectly and anticipate every single error, flaw and lack of function, then you will probably have a rather large library of craft. Now, if you're still like me and don't care to scroll through a billion craft files in search of the one you want, then you might like this proposal. A folder system! Basically, you can 'Create Folder' and then right click on a craft and select a folder to put it into. You can right click on a folder to rename it to whatever you wish. You can enter a folder by
  13. How does it sound: When you're in a helicopter, trying to touch down on the top of the VAB, a kerbal comes out of a side door, comes up the ladder and stands on the landing pad guiding you in with those little orange batons. Inspired by a Steam Trading Card depicting a kerbal ground crew.
  14. I’ve noticed a lack of destructiveness in many of the KSC buildings. It would, I think, be a monumental achievement were someone to do that.
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