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  1. I don’t want KSP to be a war game, I’m just tired of crashing on rough terrain. A VTOL engine would fix all those problems.
  2. Hello KSP players, I have had a cool idea... Have you ever wanted to fly a cool plane somewhere but a big ocean is in the way so you can’t mine to refuel or fly across it? If your plane has a low stall speed, and you have made a very fast boat, you can fly down very low, slow down, then have the boat match the speed of the plane. The plane just drifts down and the boat latches on to it, stops, refuels the plane, gets up to speed again, then the plane takes off. All vehicles must be stock, pictures appreciated.
  3. My computer finally woke up again, so I can start the project! I already have all the plans laid out, and just need a bit of tweaking and placement of a makeshift airport across the sea to the east.
  4. Thx for support... Although my laptop just went into a coma - 9 year old Mac - so no telling when I can actually do this project.
  5. Single Stage To Suborbital Glide Path I am starting a project for a transport/commercial plane. It will accelerate to a suborbital trajectory lined up with the destination with a rocket engine. Then it will glide to the destination, and land with little or no power. Pics in follow-up post.
  6. I have played KSP for a pretty long time before I even joined this forum, so naturally I have heard a lot about mods such as BD Armory, Airplane Plus, Etc, etc. But the one thing I cannot figure out is how to get them. Step-by-step instructions appreciated.
  7. I have seen a lot of tutorials and things where they have a part and they just put it on the top of their craft, no problem. But when I try to do that, it goes off to the side. Always. Is there any way you know that it won’t do that? Pictures appreciated.
  8. I am making an aircraft that I want to have camo on, but that is not part of vanilla ksp... is there a mod where you can apply decals and paint, preferably camouflage?
  9. If anybody has made any (ATMOSPHERIC) planes (no SSTOs or anything) that can fly around Kerbin? Pics appreciated.
  10. I play on a Mac. I take screenshots with Cmnd+Shift+3. Are you sure its right? Also, thx for the links, pics might take a little while though Also, couldn't you just start a topic and 'Insert'?
  11. There I was, trying to launch an orbital refueling tanker (a Slim Shuttle with two Mk.1 rocket fuel tanks inside its cargo bay and a Klaw) to refuel my Mun rover transport. The launch went fine, the boosters detached without event, then the main booster detached, with me in orbit... I turned my shuttle engines on, and WHOOSH... The next second, I was flipping over and over and over with no RCS, whacking out my orbital trajectory. I went into a nosedive at a few thousand meters, somehow recovered, and then ditched at 250ms/s. I have no idea. Future reference: Make an SSTO with a big cargo bay.
  12. I do have 2 of the long, thin radial intakes, it just keeps flaming out. Also, one of my friends has been playing KSP for a couple years, and has installed many mods, and he made me a list: 1.) Download mod from (insert Ksp mod download website) to your Finder. Check. 2.)Make sure it is in the same version as your current KSP game (in my case, 1.4.3). Check. 3.) Open your KSP folder in Finder, put the mod file into the file in the KSP folder marked 'GameData'. Check. I tried downloading AirplanePlus from the current mod downloading website, it showed up fine in my Finder, I put it in GameData after triple-checking it was the right version, and I opened KSP, expecting to find endless awesome parts to work with for making WWII bombers, but it was all the exact same. It's a flop every time.
  13. I have made some pretty amazing craft in my time, such as the KEV Mk. III and the multitude of stock bombers with cruise missiles, seaplane capabilities, hypersonic speed, and transcontinental range. I really want to showcase them, but I have no idea how to post these pictures on one of these posts. Also, for ingame photography’s sake, how do you blank out the HUD? I can retract the navball, but all the other things are very persistent.