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  1. Oh, I see, that clears it up. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! So I just installed the BDArmory mod and this one along, both great mods. Just wondering something: Is it normal that, whenever I launch a new vessel, or switch to another one using the map, the craft (when it´s landed) starts to hover off the ground, kind of cancel its physics for several seconds and proceeds to switch automatically between all vessels and debris in range, while displaying: "[PhysicsRangeExtender] Extending terrain distance: entangling [PhysicsRangeExtender] Extending terrain distance: condensing [PhysicsRangeExtender] Extending terrain distance: releasing energies [PhysicsRangeExtender] Extending terrain distance: complete" ? Haven´t seen this issue mentioned nor displayed in any videos, that´s why I find it strange.