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  1. When you get to this “X” intersection make a monument on its location using kerbal konstructs to build a huge X using bridge parts! That would be awesome.
  2. Woot woot! Man that’s crazy good work.
  3. But Captain, there’s no runway. The bridge is our runway now!
  4. You can change the flow priorities of your fuel tanks to allow the front to drain faster than the back. One thing I wish ksp had auto balance tanks to maintain cg and I still haven’t found a mod good enough to do it. But you only have tanks up front so it would help so much lol. You should try the mod tweakable everything it will open up more adjustable parameters
  5. Can you move the bridge? The difference in time to make a new bridge vs just using the one that’s there is probably about the same huh?
  6. She technically has 4wheels but the rear two are clipped together as a “wide” base. I got it up to 50.3m/s just on the ksc runway.
  7. Maybe not exactly what your looking for https://kerbalx.com/NickBDesigns/Bugger-NBD-TRIKE-AERO
  8. Is the wheel configuration still a trike? Or did you get the fourth wheel back on? if a trike is a good compromise add a 2m I-beam to hold that rear wheel offset.
  9. I love KIS I haven’t used it yet but now seeing how you can make pretty much a whole craft out in the field man it’s a go.
  10. 13, 13’s May the kraken visit us all Feb 13th merry krankmas
  11. Triop what do you use for your throttle control? Keyboard or joystick Hey all congrats on the 13th page of this adventure
  12. Looks like the Kraken Took up residence on your runway.
  13. What version buggy are you using? If not your original bugger the upgrader may know. It looks to be one of those square plates. Does anyone know if KIS parts break in a crash spill out? Now that would be a fun thing. “Oh, no a door to your storage container opened and some parts fell out”
  14. Check your game settings and make sure “advanced tweakables” is on. This shows more options in game. http://imgur.com/TZpyS3r