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  1. All hail @Triop, king of Triop Adventures threads. Glad to hear from you, I look forward the new and gallant that you have.
  2. 85m/s nice needs an eject button where the core ejected... well I gues if Jeb is in the cube he’s fine
  3. To be true to my experience it needs two 18in subs in the back making loud “Uomp Uomp Uomp Uomp” euro techno. true story, siting at my house in Germany many years back, hearing das audio from 1/2 mile away and loved seeing the Seat León speed by on the local B270
  4. Nice crash cage, looks like it would protect the kerbal from 1km fall with no issues
  5. Who’s excited for possible 1.7.3 where we have same ship part interaction time for some gear assemblies
  6. Find the spot that it’s the exact opposite of kerbin from the ksc and plant a flag if it’s on ground or drop a sub if it’s in water
  7. Man, ya that sucks that the other parts of the community are not liking that your not in “space” I think this game is about creativity and how those create. I personally play the game as a plane builder and try out my little ideas and appreciate all the creativity you and others have in sharing what you do.
  8. Triop tow company, for all your towing needs https://images.app.goo.gl/HPgdHsQ9rufeAG6PA im a noob at adding pictures how do you imbed the gif or photo to the post
  9. Tomorrow’s the day dlc will be fun some will hate it some will love it I will enjoy it
  10. You should set up a claw at the end of the boat so when you land it grabs it
  11. I can’t wait for the dlc, on my list of ships to build. The Anaconda from elite dangerous 1/1 scale with actuated cargo doors and landing legs. Elevators from cargo to bridge and ya BiomeHopper a long range co-axial electric hybrid science hopper. NBDesigns Grand Tour vehicle 60m long ship inspired by a lego craft I made 10 years ago that I’ve kept.
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