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  1. I'm quite sure it's not RSS' fault. It must have been a different mod causing it.
  2. @Lisias I've deleted the Tweakscale Making History config and everything seems fine. Warning screen is not showing up, and crafts seem to be ok. Thank you very much for help and for your work
  3. I've got some errors. Should I worry about those? Log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10Nv9Wjmico0ZO03XgPH6WaEfxVgkgurW
  4. Hi, I'm having an issue with lag near surface. Normally, everything works good, but when I'm coming close (10-20km) to surface of Mun or Duna (Kerbin and Minmus seem not affected) heavy lag kicks in. What is interesting, when I'm on timewarp (not physics timewarp) the lag is gone. Any idea what it might be? I'm using tons of mods, but as for now everything was fine
  5. I can also confirm that after turning off cost override the performance in VAB improved greatly. Is the latest version suitable also for 1.6.1?
  6. I'm aware of that. I was doing tests for the modders. I've raised the issue, and they said it would be on a KER side.
  7. Hello, I've encountered an issue with KER connected with Kerbalism 2.2.0 . There is the difference between the stock delta-v calc and KER. And the stock one seems to be the correct one. Latest Kerbalism introduced some changes in mass, and it seems that KER got lost a bit with it. When I reroot to the fuel tank, deattach, and attach the pod back, the readings then show the correct d-v
  8. I've just restarted my career in 3.2x resized system. The day length is now 9h. Is there a way to adjust mission planner for that?
  9. I would have a small feature request - would it be possible to add information about science gain after building a rocket in the message window? I know it shows up on the screen, but I always forget to take a look. Thank you in advance
  10. Yep, but there is additional stuttering while transmiting data. It stops when the transmission is complete.
  11. @gap if there is a Probe core or crew and battery power stages will be automatically recovered and you will get back part of the funds for the stage.
  12. Yes, but if your stage is controllable and has some spare fuel it will use it to slow down.
  13. I'm also having those. Whenever I'm transmitting science I experience stutters
  14. You are missing nothing. Nobody said it will be easy. Build two bases, transport resources between them.