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  1. Is it working for 1.6? As I'm having some issues - I cannot transfer crew after docking.
  2. Darkherring

    Ullage and ignition mod

    It messes a lot with Kerbalism. Manned pods have to be manually filled with nitrogen, oxygen, food and water which is quite annoying.
  3. Darkherring

    Ullage and ignition mod

    Hi, I'm looking for a mod giving ullage simulation and limiting restarts of the engines. I'm aware about the Engine Ignitor mod, but it is having some problems with the ullage, soon fact it's not working in the way it is in RO, or Real Fuels. Any help? Thanks.
  4. Make sure you have set excess Water to be dumped, as the fuel cell cannot work if the water storage is full.
  5. Did you install the proper version? I mean either 1.3 or 1.4?
  6. Darkherring

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    It works well for the 1.4.5, so I don't think there is a reason for such an update.
  7. Darkherring

    Unneeded resources

    Thanks for an answer. If somebody knows a way to disable it safely I would be grateful for the info.
  8. Darkherring

    Unneeded resources

    Hi, I have a small issue with my game. I used to play on MKS mods, but I've switched to Kerbalism at one point. And now, after scanning a Min or Minmus I still see bunch of resources coming from MKS(dirt, chemicals, and so on). Is there a way to get rid of those? Ormaybe the Scansat mod is adding those resources?
  9. Yep, I would love this feature, too. Just to get rid off all those relays and probes we are not really interested in.
  10. I keep having an issue with Kerbalism. Icons sometimes fail to appear in game. As I've checked other functions work well. Sometimes restarting the game works, sometimes it doesn't. Anyone has met this bug? Edit: I have installed the 1.8 version and the problem continues. It seems that removing the folder with Kerbalism, and installing it again works. (Reinstall via CKAN does not help.)
  11. Darkherring

    [1.4.*, 1.5.*] Contract Pack: Bases and Stations Reborn

    Is Kerbalism supported with its own life support?
  12. Even the critical failure? I thought it means the element is done for good. Thanks.
  13. Is there an option to reset the critical failure? I mean, I have a station in orbit and one of the reaction wheels got critically damaged. I don't care about it, as I have other, but there is this red icon in the Kerbalism window that is bugging me.