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  1. Then maybe what I can get from this is that there are particular cases that an inconsistent thrust scaling harms the game. I can agree with that, but they should fix those particular cases instead of changing the whole system which may potentially cause more harm than good. I understand your point, but keep in mind that a balanced game is a lot more good fun, which is fit for KSP since even if it's regarded as a simulation game, there's still a hint of arcade to have lots of fun with. Interesting discussion
  2. Kerbal Space Program 2 - coming in 2020... three 2's... 3x2 = 6, 6/2 = 3. Kerbal Space Program 3. It all adds up. It's happening. Can't wait for wormhole travel in the third game
  3. Yeah but my argument is that this feels like something that should be in the base game (which there is a lot of room for arguing if downloadable content may or may not fall in this category). Making History is fine because it doesn't add anything that the game was intially lacking, but rather it expands and gives more gameplay in the content it gives while still being a buy-worthy expansion. This was kind of a thing that players feared when DLCs were announced for KSP. Although I'm happy that the team will receive more revenue, I am a bit disappointed indeed.
  4. OOF. Having something to do on the surface of planets is something that some players have been wanting, I wish this were stock and not a paid expansion because imo it doesn't expand on anything previously set. It's a completely new feature. Kinda bummed out by this. Should've been stock. EDIT: The additional features on all planets and moons mentioned could also fit in this category I really hope we don't end up with an incomplete base game to be forced to buy DLCs to suck our wallets dry, I have confidence the team won't do this. Even if I can't afford this DLC, the rest of the content looks amazing. Good work!
  5. I honestly couldn't agree more, it just doesn't feel right to do something like that in the game. Lifting from Kerbin is a big part of the fun of playing this game. I also love the new skybox, the old one was kinda crappy. Loving these other new features as well. I feel like the KSP team is doing a great job with the way they're taking the game, these neat features make the game very comfortable to play. I do kind of wish that they could look into adding stuff to do in planets and moons, landing there is pretty boring as there's not much to really make you explore and use rovers, install bases and add orbiting probes. That would be awesome.
  6. It would be very much appreciated. The stability and maneuverablity is kind of choppy in the newer versions of KSP. Flight isn't as smooth and enjoyable as other videos I've seen in older versions
  7. Hello! First thing, this mod is absolutely amazing. Second, I'm having this issue which I'm not sure if it's a bug or a toggable option and I'm kind of afraid this might be a stupid question since I'm a newbie ... But when I have my weapons toggled on and fire them at a target afterwards, the weapons automatically toggle off when any of the target craft's parts explodes. Let me elaborate, let's say a part from any craft within the physics range explodes, if I have my weapons toggled on they'll toggle off automatically. Here are some screenshots: It's a bit of a non-issue since I can just hit my action group key to activate the weapons again, but I was wondering If I could get help on this?
  8. I installed it manually and it looks like there is a lot of wobble. I tested it on several of my own creations as well as the stock crafts and it appears the mod is having a hard time trying to keep the planes stable. A possible solution I have yet to try in more depth is to spam some reaction wheels to help it maintain stability since it worked with a VTOL design I made, but I don't know if this could also be solved by tweaking the mod itself I didn't buy KSP in the older versions this mod is supposed to be compatible with, so I don't know if this wobble was already a problem? The video in this thread doesn't show this problem. Maybe it's the craft designs and not the mod, that is also something that would have to be tested since I have yet to find a craft that flies with no wobble (btw, terrific mod! since I heard about it I cannot imagine living without it! ) Edit:
  9. Oi there, I just joined and this place seems really cool. I come from another forums, the Mine-Imator forums and I like to post my creations there. Take a look at the type of stuff I like to make so you can know me better This one was a wallpaper I made recently along with other forum friends I have, the character in the middle is mine. I like to get creative (and minecraft animations) as you can see. Of course I didn't exactly join to post stuff like this , in the future I plan to share my KSP creations with this community. It seems like a lot of cool people hang around in here. I have lots of ideas for crafts I'd like to make and I'll be completely open arms to criticism from you guys to improve. Thanks for passing by! Looks like it'll be a fun ride.