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  1. The main reason I'm posting this is if you run into the same problem, I have found a minor work around of this feature (not necessarily a bug) but while moving parts around on larger stations, I have gotten this error. Here is a screenshot of the bug when you have an engineer moving parts in EVA. The issue is that Senior Clampotron highlighted won't move anywhere. There's no way to use the move tools, or placement tools to migrate it anywhere and throws the exception every time. You cannot reroot a part or assembly in space (probably the underlying issue). The work around I used was to detach the T crossbar assembly (with the 2 sub-systems) rotate the entire thing 180 degrees and reattach the large clampotron (which I was trying to move) and reattach to the main T column so it looks like this. I was able to move the other clampotron to the miner/lander., it then looks like this. You can see I moved the highlighted clampotron to the miner/lander.
  2. I feel so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is NOT a bug. This is USER ERROR! If you want to read the details I'll list them, but the bottom line is check your joystick and other controllers for proper calibration! So a month ago when they opened up all the DLC for free for the 10th anniversary (I already had bought them), I also got some mission to fly an airplane and I think do some temp measurements around Kerbin. After having difficulty (probably bad design, I don't have a lot of airplane tech) getting into flight using mouse and keyboard, I found a USB Joystick Attack 3 and boom wonder of wonders, I could fly pretty well with it. It kept rolling it but I trimmed the issue out of existence for flying that particular plane. The problem is, I never calibrated the joystick. So from then on, every rocket I had made, and every ship in orbit, and every satellite from then on had a constant roll. I tried to trim the issue thinking it was problem with the patch, it was NOT, it was the joystick. When I launched a new satellite... on the launching pad SAS was suddenly in constant circular arrow icon rather than stable SAS icon, I began to realize I've got something giving input when I haven't touched a key on the launch pad! Calibrated my joystick and the game is now back to the SAS you expect. Point in a direction and it will stabilize using whatever reaction wheels and pilots or probes on board. Sorry I raised the alarm but the bizarre coincidence led me to, and now I'll just unplug the joystick until I have another plane mission again.
  3. The last thing we need is ridiculous missions: Must land on Minmus with capacity for 15 kerbals and 12000 fuel and 2000 monopropellant and the capability to rove. What a stupid mission... I know you're autogenerating missions and adding complexity to make it difficult but fun.... But why would you EVER do such a mission. That's like NASA sending out a mission to the moon and wanting a complex for 50 people, and an administration building and can land the now defunct space shuttles at will ..... and provides food and light and power but doesn't use solar power and cannot mine H3.
  4. For about a month or more, I'm finding a lot of my rockets nearly un-flyable even though the pilots are level 2 or higher. Even though they have SAS engaged, there is Constant Roll.... I've tried adding reaction wheels, level 3 pilots, using flight trim with Alt+Q/E to no avail. SAS simply doesn't seem to work on ships I've been flying for 6 months in real time and years in Kerbal time. Suddenly, I now have no functioning SAS when attempting to dock or maneuver. I'm either rolling or it won't even hold a direction like prograde. Is there something in the 10th anniversary patch/update that broke it? I've checked reddit for Kerbal Space Academy and see no relevant information. I'm Aithiopis there.
  5. I apologize. I didn't mean to come off as rude but reading back I clearly was. No, it was not a scaling issue, and it was the first time I saw the bug. I tried switching to the space center, to other multiple ships I had out, to no avail. The only thing that fixed it was quitting the game completely, and rebooting my system. As I stated before, I'm not entirely sure which thing fixed the problem.
  6. At the risk of having you humblebrag this idiocy into something that needs actual KSP developer resources, no I don't have a 4k monitor and yes I'm just using 1680x1050. So if you didn't actually experience this bug, please don't tell us about your scary experience when the icons fell.
  7. This is a bug. It happened tonight while playing through a VPN. I shut down the game, rebooted the computer, shutdown the VPN and the icons are currently back. I've restarted my VPN now and the problem doesn't persist. It appears to be random. Workaround is restarting the OS (Win7 professional 64 bit) and/or restarting VPN or STEAM.
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