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  1. Is it possible to have other sizes for KSRSS like for example x3.2 in size for the system or there is only the stock size and the x2.5 size?
  2. Sorry for the wrong interpretation and thank you @ThePatsch78 for this info.
  3. It's the same for me, it seems that some texture are missing in the Textures folder of Ad_Astra but which are referenced in the EVE config file in Ad_Astra which correspond to the absent cloud layer
  4. Very nice mod, I just have a question, will it be compatible with the RESCALE mod?
  5. Thank you very much for the amazing work you put to deliver a whole new and unique experience to the game, I'm gonna try it now, the visuals and concept look very promising. Merci beaucoup Galileo
  6. Beautiful works, the aesthetics of buildings is very well done, thank you for giving us the opportunity to try this mod
  7. It's a beautiful mod of planets, I can not wait to see more.
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