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  1. When I click load, it clicks, but nothing happens.
  2. When I click on any craft, even a stock craft it won't load. Why?
  3. I put some Kerbals in the ATC Tower at the Island Airstrip, and then when I switched, the had teleported on top of the roof. Why is this?
  4. What atmospheric effects will ksp 2 have? Clouds? Fog?
  5. How many pixels would it be on a 1280 x 1024 display?
  6. I'm trying to find Duna's angular size. I found a calculator for angular size online but it is a few arcmilliseconds off. I want to find Duna's angular size at it's closest point to kerbin.
  7. When I was playing KSP, I time warped alot to go out the kerbol system. When the time reached 499 years, it stopped. Why does this happen?
  8. I need a refrence image of a kerbal. Are there any places I can find them?
  9. There is no weather in KSP so things like kerbal kites or kerbal gliders wont work properly . Also things like clouds can't be added without this.
  10. Im trying to think of a way to make a kerbal powered engine . How it might work: Kerbals are sent through an input and go through a tube and into a "Spaghettifier" to spaghettify them since spaghettified kerbals spazz out and speed up to thousands or even millions of meters per second.
  11. oops i wrote an empty comment I will teleport my craft
  12. I got past the 32bit integer and im one thousandth of the way to the 64bit.
  13. Ok i am flying a ship but time warp is too slow anyone suggest mods?
  14. Cant you get the glitchy numbers such as 2^64 or 2^128? I will try to get to the edge of the universe using techniques, cheats and krakens.