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  1. Good idea, but you could ask your Kerbals to strap on some balloons instead.
  2. There should be an apply force option in the cheat menu for testing ship integrity. It would also be quite fun to mess with. It should have a "part" input, a "rotation" input, and a force input. There should also be an ability to aim like with the shape shooting thing.
  3. LOL what what holy crap this is soo badly photoshopped
  4. Is it possible to get extremely old versions like 0.7.3? Also, are there any experimental versions prior to 0.7.3? I saw images of versions prior to 0.7.3 on the wiki.
  5. When I click load, it clicks, but nothing happens.
  6. When I click on any craft, even a stock craft it won't load. Why?
  7. I put some Kerbals in the ATC Tower at the Island Airstrip, and then when I switched, the had teleported on top of the roof. Why is this?
  8. What atmospheric effects will ksp 2 have? Clouds? Fog?
  9. How many pixels would it be on a 1280 x 1024 display?
  10. I'm trying to find Duna's angular size. I found a calculator for angular size online but it is a few arcmilliseconds off. I want to find Duna's angular size at it's closest point to kerbin.
  11. When I was playing KSP, I time warped alot to go out the kerbol system. When the time reached 499 years, it stopped. Why does this happen?
  12. I need a refrence image of a kerbal. Are there any places I can find them?
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