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  1. But, but, you're right, by the Kraken, what did I do… ( pinning a note on the fridge : never do infographics during an insertion burn ) In fact, I realize that I have problem to make work the levels with the fresh TR 3.4 (for the stars at the back of the helmet). I read and reread carefully the and create directories as recommended : TextureReplacer/Suits/Klassic-kolored-suits/ENG/EVAtexture(,1,2,3,4,5).dds but it doesn't work, hey TR team, do I miss something ?
  2. Do you mean that using squad logo on my klassic kolored suits may be a problem ?
  3. Klassic kolored Suits. Hi everybody, first thank's to Omega482 for his suits, his *.dds files allowed me to color some. If someone like, here there are : colored suits for KSP 1.5
  4. Wanna get the ugly harry's craft file, Selfish_meme ? sure. First I tried the steam workshop, no way to allow public share for everybody ???? So you may get it there : The rotor is not easy to disassemble, so I attached a sample on the wing.
  5. Hi everybody, I've built an ugly plane (seriously, when I see your designs, I'm jealous). If my design skills suck, I still built a pretty good engine. So, let me spice the stock-prop category, I did the run in 21m46.