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  1. New and improved space dirt, it's got my name written all over it! Look forward to digging claws into this next update! ^w^
  2. Thanks for clarifying! Might be a good idea to clearly label previews as being either DLC exclusive or not in the future so one knows which is the case. Any case I bought breaking ground on about day 1, so I look forward to these new options! Edit: oooh I see, the high res version was labeled! Got cut off in the forum. Still, wouldn't hurt to put in title.
  3. Looking back at the other threads in brief, all things related to Breaking Ground had Breaking Ground in their titles, grip pads, these and the LF rotors don't, so I may take a guess this is going to be in the base game! But I could be wrong... Can a dev confirm?
  4. Hmm, I can see it now, geyser assisted return launches, just because it has to be done ! , or a really, really well timed rover, making the greatest leap of Kerbal Kind hehe! Edit, though in hindsight, if the force doesn't scale up for bigger objects than Kerbals, well, I'm sure someone will mod these geysers to be able to do it, like a cork in a bottle!
  5. This is exactly why I only got making history for the parts/extra bases etc back when I got it. The mission builder is something that should have been usable within sandbox, science and career modes on a whim to change things up! This is why I've never had much use of it and was a bit disappointed in it, was a huge missed opportunity there that I hope can be addressed in the future.
  6. True, understand the realism aspect, but there's also the gameplay consideration too considering this is Kerbal Space Program, because it does offer the potential to allow some impressive designs with inspiration from reality even if not truly accurate for such parts. However I do have much more experimenting to do, like use the higher torque servo's instead of hinges for certain applications and see how that works out even if, I just can't help but wish for, *Mimics tool time host* MORE POWER : P! But if we got further heavier duty parts down the line with these considerations like hydraulic-based hinges, that would be nice and satisfy me, l hope that does happen, the more the merrier. But until then I have plenty of new things yet to try and am thankful for this DLC. Still so many things are possible now that weren't before. Edit: hmm, it may turn out in a couple cases I didn't have enough electric charge reserve it would seem, at least in the case of pistons, apparently you can have more energy demand than you may realize and the electric charge bar doesn't reveal the whole story! Back to the drawing board maybe.... Needed to use my bigger nuclear reactors for some contraptions. Pistons definitely have impressive strength, so no complains there on my part now!
  7. I have to say I'm a little disappointed in how weak the hinges in general are. Even my idea for having flip-out parachute array arms on landable rocket stages easily end up folding like an umbrella in a severe wind storm, same with trying to make custom landing legs, the hinges are far, far too weak period. Don't get me wrong, I do love this stuff and having fun with lighter duty setups but I must say I was expecting a bit more strength in all this stuff, very wobbly and need more strength to increase potential applications. Still, I know this is new but I hope adding some more robustness to the robotics can be considered in updates.
  8. Last time I was very seriously playing with wheels, my biggest scourge was dealing with them bursting literally every time a Kerbal got out of a command seat or just merely hooking or unhooking vehicles together, or even decoupling something from vehicles, and constantly have to repair them with an engineer literally all the time and the vehicles weren't anything extremely heavy either! I don't know if got recently fixed because I kind of gave up doing much with them due to this, it got too problematic and didn't used to be this way. I hope this is fixed in time for the DLC if it hasn't already as I have big robotics plans for wheel vehicles such as trucks!
  9. We have needed this forever, to be able to edit action groups on the fly and view them! please make it so Squad! This would be a perfect thing for the next major update if they can't get it in with the DLC yet.
  10. Nuclear, nuclear and more nuclear stuff. We could use nuclear reactors, more nuclear engines, and perhaps electroplasma whatever they are called engines that reactors can power as well. in other words I'm a big fan of Kerbal Atomics and the Near Future series electrical and engines mods, but I'd like to see stuff like this in the stock game to give more options when it comes to building immense ships capable of going anywhere!
  11. Something I'm very fond of is building realistic trucks in KSP, naturally these robot parts are going to allow me to do lots of trucky things! I'll make a crane truck, a refueling boom tanker truck, and also a dump truck that I can load with debris created by crashes . And then when it gets back to the space center it can dump the debris where they get full retrieval value! And also of course loading small asteroids into trucks to move to my collection of them. The truck possibilities are now truly limitless, this is going to be a long short wait! Might try to make a fork type garbage truck as well for picking up dumpsters or other things like that and include a Kraken edition compactor inside : P. Oh and of course, make a mobile launch truck that deploys rockets like Russian ICBM carriers, but for manned space travel from any location desired with ease that can be re-used as many times as needed! Just pull the truck up to the launchpad with a ready to go rocket, and load it, and drive off to desired launch site!
  12. Grand slam... Now we truly have an excuse to CRASH for real science! : P (Or if you're creative, make a debris slinging robot with a creative ammo storage that can be reloaded many times, totally doing this!). I am so 200% sold on this!
  13. Hehehe oh my, I really needed that laugh today, thank you! : P
  14. That is amazing! I don't even know if anyone did such very well with any mods? Probably just haven't looked hard enough, but doing this in stock,, amazing! I see my concerns about the torque are probably unjustified now, these parts look VERY powerful!
  15. I realize this will now make my universal retrieval craft (Those that grab onto ANYTHING from asteroids to large size dead ships I want to retrieve that can weight hundreds of tons) so much more sensible now for me, no longer will I have to have overlapping parachutes for super heavy return payloads as I'll be able to unfurl very long radially attached booms with parachutes spaced out properly! Going to be quite a sight to see really when that opens like a giant umbrella skeleton with several dozen large parachutes!