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  1. Dirt The Space Dirt Fox

    An option to disable locked autostruts, please

    Yeah that's the funny thing about the engine plates, they like to cause that to happen to whatever you have the plate attached to, I almost think this might even be a bug, maybe they intended the engines attached to the plates to be grandparent strutted to the tank or whatever the plates are attached to? That would make more sense, and would be okay by default but override would be nice. This also doesn't seem to always be the case until like loading the ship in again after saving or such, I'd have to play around with it some more, I haven't used the plates a whole lot but it's certainly strange behaviour.
  2. Dirt The Space Dirt Fox

    An option to disable locked autostruts, please

    There's also the making history engine plates, though they are safer than most cases because they use grandparent strutting. My biggest issue is the wheels because by far most of my time in KSP is spent making and toying with wheeled vehicles, something of a specialty of mine, and the big problem with wheels is they all are locked to heaviest part strutting, and for me, that is bad! That causes the entire vehicle to be rigid when I don't want it to be, I'd rather change the strutting method to grandparent parts for instance so they only are rigid relative to the axle part I attach them to. I want my vehicles like longer trucks or buses to be able to flex more along their body as an example, and there's several benefits to this strategy such as less physical shock when wheels hit something that can cause them to burst by allowing the vehicle to form to the ground or whatever it's riding over. It just seems like such a simple thing that should exist to be allowed to override this locked strutting, it's frustrating for me as much as I love making advanced wheeled vehicles. And lastly as an example of why one might like to be able to turn this off, is the instance of space stations exploding due to unsafe strut combinations, such a wheeled vehicle getting added to the mix there with locked heaviest part strutting. I however haven't had this example happen to me personally but I've heard all about it and is just another reason we need more control over this. Edit: and by engine plates, I mean they cause parts attached to them to become locked, but it also strangely seems inconsistent as well and is not always the case? weird.
  3. This would be the next greatest quality of life improvement (at least for me) since being able to slot kerbals to external command seats. I've been playing for quite some time and reasonably good at making sophisticated ship and vehicle designs, but something that really causes problems or limitations for me in particular designs is locked autostruts I cannot disable! It would be so nice to be able to do this please, I understand locked autostruts are good for keeping certain things firmer when one is new to putting parts and certain designs together but I'd rather make the call as to what gets strutted or not if I so choose as I understand the interactions of them very well. Sometimes things I just want to be highly flexible and not overly rigid.
  4. Dirt The Space Dirt Fox

    Gas Planet 2? Poll

    I really want to see at least two more moons with a new planet, first is the obvious inspired by Titan, but even more so, I want a volcanic moon inspired by Io! It could become the first moon that actually has dangerous lava-lake surfaces that will overheat craft parts contacting the hot lava rock without proper thermal management (hardened but still glowing red lava, not outright liquid is necessary), that would be interesting! I remember when I first got into KSP was I really wanted to find places with volcanic activity but was surprised to find none, it was also unfortunate the ingame legend's about Moho were untrue : P! Also as a bonus, I feel a new ice moon might be nice too that has large ice cracks in the surface that lead to water and thus unique challenging terrain to explore plus cryo volcanoes along with Full on erupting volcanoes on the Io-style moon. Arguably though the ice moon concept could apply to an existing planet/moon. In fact one could just say all the existing planets/moons should just get revamps to make them much more interesting than they are now with these features as example possibilities. Hopefully Squad considers either of these possibilities, I'd really like a bit more to be going on at places once you arrive at them compared to how they are now. And yes I know about mods but I don't like relying on them due to the inherent issues associated with mods.
  5. Dirt The Space Dirt Fox

    KSP Loading... A closer look into Update 1.6

    Very happy with most of these changes, but I really do hope eventually we get to see orange foam variants of the biggest tanks as well, especially the 5M making history ones, because that's what we really need to pull off genuine looking shuttles in stock KSP or other shuttle hardware derived looking builds. I just really, really love orange foam tanks period, I just want to see more of such ^w^. Oh and of course nose cone variants to match accordingly as well.
  6. Dirt The Space Dirt Fox

    Do you jettison heat shields?

    I actually think, though perhaps it's been a while so hard to be sure, that I might even prefer to keep my heat shield on if I'm coming down just a little too fast for comfort, because slamming the heat shield into the ground enough to destroy it was enough to save my capsule by breaking the fall. However in that case I'd recommend attaching it so it had the shroud (Or another part, but the idea is saving on mass) which gives a little space between your heat shield and capsule to ensure the capsule doesn't slam the ground at the same time as the shield due to clipping. Your mileage may definitely vary.