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  1. @Kraken that doesn't exist I haven't been able to do that, I have tried at least 20 different landing attempts, all of which have failed. I try to land my fairings in the water then fish them out after they land. Every time I try to land, they come in too fast and get destroyed on impact. I don't even use the fairing recovery equipment anymore because it doesn't work for me. I just strap on a heck ton of parachutes instead. If you could release a video showing how you do it that, it would be really appreciated!
  2. Yes I have, I have not been able to recover any because of this. The fairing recovery equipment doesn't work at all as well, KK should have made it an actual parachute, not just something to allow you to nake a fairing act like a plane with wings.
  3. @Kartoffelkuchen, May you please make some new textures for the block 5 Falcon heavy please? Right now all we have are the old full thrust textures and Falcon 9 textures to use, it would be really nice to have some new ones.
  4. @Kartoffelkuchen, I have a few requests to ask for the next couple of updates. May you please make some new textures for the block 5 Falcon heavy please? Right now all we have are the old full thrust textures and Falcon 9 textures to use, it would be really nice to have some new ones. It was also said that SpaceX is working on a larger fairing size for Falcon 9 and Heavy, may you please put this in as well if you get the chance? Next, I keep having the Falcon second stage flip even when flying higher trajectories, please fix! Last thing, I promise. I was wondering if you could change the Fairing parafoil to be an actual parachute system please. I have had problems with this thing every step of the way and have not been able to land it at all, even with mechjeb in control of landing. Yes I know I can just slap parachutes onto the fairing its self, but that adds mass and decreases payload capacity Sorry to be so demanding, thanks snd take care.
  5. @Kartoffelkuchen sorry to bother you again and be a pain, but I am having major issues with this mod. The dragon main parachutes only slow down the dragon to 20 m/s causing the heatshield to be destroyed. Then the Dragon bounces around endlessly in the water. The fairing parachute also does not work right, when I deploy the parafoil, the fairing starts rapidly spinning out of control. From the tests I have conducted without spinning, I gain a bunch of horizontal velocity and crash into the ground when I try to land. Please fix! Also this kind of reminds me when SpaceX had problems with their dragon parachutes in the past how funny! Just for reference, but also great mod. Last thing, the block 4/full thrust texture for falcon 9 is missing.
  6. You need to download the mod off of Space Dock for now, I had the same issue you did. For some reason CKAN will not install the mod right.
  7. I have been having some major issues getting the Falcon 9 to orbit. The merlin vaccuum engine does not seem to be powerful enough to get me to orbit because I am constantly falling back into the atmosphere. When I pitch up to avoid this, I end up running out of fuel and not making orbit. How do I fly this thing correctly? My payload is 60 starlink satellites in the stock version of KSP.
  8. @Kartoffelkuchen, amazing job with this mod! Now excuse me while I go fly my starlink mission, try not to have a rapid uncheduled dissasembly with my new block 5 booster and then fish the fairings out if the ocean .
  9. @Kartoffelkuchen, is there any chance you might be able to put an ability to control the Dragon 2 without crew inside please? (I think its called remote pilot?) That way we could do resupply missions to the ISS (or elsewhere) with the dragon 2 please. Thanks.
  10. @Kartoffelkuchen, sorry to bother you with something this small, but I was wondering if you might be able to make one quick fix to the texture please. After giving the real picture another look over I think I saw the normal Falcon 9 logo in place of the NASA "meatball" logo below the interstage (Blue NASA logo at the top). Also, thank you so much for the Starlink sats and merlin vacuum foil, they look awsome!
  11. @Kartoffelkuchen Is there a chance we could possibly get the silver cloth on the Merlin Vacuum engine please?
  12. @Kartoffelkuchen I know I am asking a lot with the fairing recovery hardware, but I have yet again another request. May you please add Star link satellites to this mod later on as well? You know, so we can get the whole SpaceX experience By the way the models you made look amazing!
  13. @Kartoffelkuchen is there any way you might be able to add parachutes and equipment for fairing recovery to the SpaceX mod later on? That would be pretty cool.
  14. How come cargo Dragon, crew Dragon and Starship is not in your SpaceX mod? It would make a great addition to the mod and be fun to mess around with, taking astronauts to the space station and simulating crew dragon DM-2
  15. Where can I find the realism overhaul configs for the Atlas 5 parts pack? The mod does not seem to work with realism overhaul anymore I wished it was still being updated because it is very cool and it is the only Atlas 5 pack available as far as I can tell
  16. What ever happened to the crawler being part of this mod? The download link does not work anymore.
  17. Hey, I don't know why but I keep getting an error message when I go to download the mod.
  18. What ever happened to the crawler mod? The link was not right and I can't find it.
  19. Could you please change launchpad 39a to Saturn 5 and 39b to shuttle? The reason why I asked is because the majority of Saturn 5 launches occurred from launchpad 39a and I think it makes more sense to have make it that. But then again, this is just a request. Could you also allow launches at the Atlas pads as well in the next update?
  20. I know that in real life it is not going to be added, but where is the J2X engines? Could they please be added to this, I think they would make a nice addition (remember they are more powerful then the RL-10B and C) Thanks
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