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  1. I just installed RO today and I was checking out the new parts and I noticed that most of the new parts were just squished, resized amalgamations of stock parts. I think this is a fallback for when the models are missing? I used CKAN to install RO, and this is my first time using that, so I dunno if I did something wrong? Any help would be good.
  2. when i try to land the wheels bounce up and like half the plane explodes and jeb crashes and dies i'm landing at around 100 m/s horizontal velocity and like 5 m/s vertical velocity but as soon as i land the plane just gives up and explodes.
  3. So I go into KSP and click on my savefile named "oof". I made it before the breaking ground dlc came out and i wanted to play it because I did my "Decorate Dres December" challenge in it. I press load and nothing happens except the words behind the window (i.e. "new save" and "load save" ) stop being grayed-out. I tried making a copy and renaming the file but still no luck. Can someone please help? I currently have 9 savefiles in my game not including the ones i didnt create like "scenarios".
  4. We know kerbals have eyelids because in one of the loading screens (the one where jeb, bill, and val are posing in front of a cardboard cutout of the mün) one of the kerbals has his eyes closed. (The one facepalming on the left) so my question is why don't we see them blink anywhere else in the game? (P.s. i know this is a silly question but im just wondering)
  5. if you select the object by clicking it on the map the "track" button should appear in place of the "recover" button.
  6. Hello i was just wondering since normal struts have weight do autostruts also have weight?
  7. I have stock craft enabled and still my merge button doesnt work.
  8. Cool! Thanks for the instructions. I was interested in making my own suits also.
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