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  1. @FreeThinkerThe plane does indeed have pre-coolers. The problem isn't in the atmosphere, it's in vacuum. The Lightbulbs cause the B9 Sabre engines and adjacent OPT part to overheat despite ample radiators. What additional info would be helpful? https://imgur.com/PMuxH7D I've taken to turning off max temp when playing with this craft file.
  2. @FreeThinker I'm having a recurring problem with the waste heat system. I can't tell if it's a conflict between mods, or just an issue with KSPIE. I've built several space planes using the B9 Sabre engines for atmospheric propulsion and nuclear lightbulbs for space propulsion. The plane also uses a lot of OPT spaceplane parts. The problem is that using using the nuclear engine for any length of time causes the sabre engines to overheat, along with the adjacent OPT part. The plane is festooned with radiators beyond what is necessary. After a normal burn the radiators are the un-heated color and show cooling at at >5%. My best guess is that the waste heat system is treating the engines as radiators, but I don't know how to diagnose the problem further. Any help is appreciated.
  3. The first time I encountered this was on a station I built to breed Tritium and beam power using four MSRs. The second time was on a spaceplane using 4 Lanter Engines. Since they were running on enriched Uranium, the onboard ISRU drained them while making UF4 and I was unable to refuel them. The second instance is more of a problem because using multiple nuclear engines on a vessel is pretty standard. I agree that in most circumstances using a single reactor is a better use of mass.
  4. @FreeThinker I have a vessel with 4 reactors onboard. When I try to refuel them from a tank of UF4, each reactor takes the fuel from the previous reactor so that when I'm done the 4th reactor is full and the others are empty. I've had this problem with multiple vessels. Is it possible to avoid this sort of reactor cannibalism?
  5. Good suggestion! In this case the reactor still has about 33% percent fuel remaining. =/
  6. I have space station producing positrons powered by a Open Cycle Gas Core reactor. As it begin to run out of fuel, I flew up a container full of UF4, powered it off and sent up a Kerbal engineer to refuel and restore power. However, the reactor isn't responding to commands, it won't refuel or power up. This has persisted across the current version of KSPI and the one before it, so I can't tell if this is a bug or a feature. Thanks!
  7. I have a spaceplane sitting on moho powered by 2 nuclear lightbulbs and two direct cycle nuclear turbojets... all four of which spontaneously started reporting heat production as NaN. None of the engines produce thrust. The generators all seem to be working, but are not producing megajoules or thermal power. @Freethinker or anyone knowledgable, I would greatly appreciate a leg up on troubleshooting this! Game version 1.3.0 ( and KSPI version to match, exact number unknown.) Thanks!