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  1. Could you please expand the maximum filesize upload limit... some crafts are extremely huge, so the file is about 8-9m, however the limit of the kerbalX is only 6m.. that makes me imbarrassed, because the kerbalX do not accept other type of files.. thanks!
  2. Stock U.S.S.ENTERPRISE replica. 7794 parts in total. download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1737212789
  3. Thats great! Thanks! I'm planning to release the craft within a few days, maybe next weekend, for there are still some small parts waiting to be adjusted. I'll inform you when I release the craft file.
  4. Thanks for the long reply. I'm really interested to make replicas in KSP using stock parts, so sometimes the craft will be extremely large. The recent craft I'm trying to film is the U.S.S. Enterprise which contains 7794 parts, and there is ABSOLUTELY no maneuver required. However, there are only 2-3 fps in the SPH and 0.5fps after launch... I've thought about this problem yesterday, and maybe it's not because of the physics calculation...? I'm not sure why it has such a low framerate. I'll upload my file on steam workshop in several days, and maybe someone can try this and help find out what is the actual problem. plus: the imgur server seems to have a problem. I'll upload the picture later It turns out that my framerate is not getting better using this mod, therefore I'm really confused. Maybe it's not the physics calculation problem...
  5. maybe its because my craft is toooooo huge -- over 7700p therefore its really hard to tell if things get smoother...
  6. Well... there is no such kind of mod in CKAN... But still, thank you for your advice! Really appreciate This mod doesn't make my CPU and framerate feels better... still 0.5fps
  7. Thanks for your detailed reply. It is a truly great method on filming crafts that require physics calculation and the ability to control the vessel, however I'm planning to film a display--no control required and no operation needed. The whole craft is about 7800 part, so it's impossible to make any maneuvers... So it is still the case: how can i banned the physics calculation?
  8. I tried this one, but the result is not satisfying. It turns out that the fairings cannot be welded. Wow! I've never look at that before. I'll try this now
  9. well... hack the gravity won't shut down the physics calculation; it only closes the gravity. Therefore huge crafts will still explode when launching them. Also, I've been looking for additional software that can load the craft file, but I find none. C4D can add the parts into it, but i dont think it can load the craft file.
  10. I think most of the players have met a problem: when you create something that is used for displaying and filming, the framerate will drop below 5 due to the physics calculation, and sometimes crafts will explode during the filming process leaving a stuck KSP on my computer. If the physics calculation can be temporarily shut down, things will get way better. Are there any mods that can achieve this purpose?
  11. I'm planning to make a mod, however I do not have time to build the model of this Engine. The plume is already done(as you can see in the video), maybe I can release that first
  12. kerbalX link: https://kerbalx.com/bugubird/Earth-Engineup-part google drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tqMvSUcKIZdhsjsQvPkFXGe5cHp_ytIN this is the Earth Engine in movie Wandering Earth. There are 4.4k parts in total.
  13. well, I've never met those situations before. The python program just replaces the default one and convert it to strut to root or something. it's just a simple trick so I don't think it's hard to understand
  14. A small exe file to autostruct your craft. No need to click every single part again! please put this in your saves file: KSP\saves\your file\Ships\SPH or VAB, then run the exe file. dependence: Windows 10 License: All Right Reserved download link: https://github.com/buguniao55555/Autostruct/releases
  15. 能拍出来就不错了,我的进取号已经打算鸽到寒假了最近超忙
  16. The purpose of this add-on is to provide KSP Modders a better coding environment of KSP cfg files. Functions: 1. Autocomplete keywords(https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Module). 2. Keywords and part of syntax highlight. Attention: *Please make sure you've installed the latest Visual Studio Code. *Please make sure you've put the expansion file into C:\Users\*\.vscode\extensions, and adjust the language to cfg at the bottom right corner. I really hope that users can provide some feedback and suggestions (eg.: new keyword list, new highlight list), I'll really appreciate that. license: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Download link: https://github.com/buguniao55555/KSP-cfg/releases/tag/V0.1.
  17. Well, it's hard to describe... I think is just like a ball stuck into the ground, kind of a shield-shape. I'll upload some photos after I go home. Plus, there is no collision effect when the fairings crush into something. You can directly go through the surface of the Death Star if you are driving a plane Thanks! It's just a very simple little trick to make this Death Star
  18. The BIGGEST space station Kerbals ever built Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1566107081&searchtext= KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/bugubird/PURE-STOCK-11-DEATH-STAR
  19. You can press the Esc button as soon as the Death Star appears on the KSC, and then you'll have enough time to set it on orbit Also, adjust the PRE to 1000km to view the whole part of the death star! If you add the PRE, you'll see the fairings extended into the Kerbin, creating a mass cover above the KSC
  20. maybe you should consider putting up a mod called Physics Range Extend, this will help your plane to see the Death Star
  21. It probably takes me almost a month to build it (about 2-3 hours a day) I'm now trying to weld it to get a higher framerate
  22. I'll upload this craft file after I made a video about this starship
  23. Thanks for informing me of that! Now I understand why people don't think it's a 'stock' one----I'll be careful on using words the next time!
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