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  1. A lot of fallacies in your post. There's like nothing for ballast unless you rig something using ore, and we know the intent because the pressures patch came at a similar time to between Scott Manley making air valve ramjet engines and intake air being patched as a resource so that it couldn't be drained, except a very public minority were doing it, and not just our favorite astronomer turned KSP player. And crush depth was already a thing for Jool, Sun, etc.
  2. Your building it wrong. You have two motors spinning in the same direction, which is NOT how they work even IRL. Have one spin CW, and one spin CCW.
  3. One of the fun things back in the day was building a submarine in the SPH, driving it to the beaches surrounding KSC, gently lowering it into the water, and exploring the depths of Kerbin's oceans. Squad didn't expect this, and reacted the wrong way, releasing a patch NOT endorsing this, but to keep players from engaging in this activity, adding pressure values to each and every part, that, when exceeded, the game just deletes the part. This was the wrong move, especially with the intent Squad had with the patch. In KSP2, can we, instead of this reactionary "oh this was unintended, fun detected, removing" typical of a Activision Blizzard game, can we instead get Kerbal Submarine Program restored by adding parts and such specifically for aquatic activites, from exploratory submarines, to entire underwater colonies?
  4. Hey. Sorry for the inactivity and lack of updates. I was in the middle of classes for the past eight or nine months for mechanical engineering at one college, and Automation technology at another, and that took up a lot of my freetime, to the point it didn't feel worth developing when I was so busy, and was somewhat burnt out dealing with the legal issues Squad requires to keep mod threads like this up. I apologize for not communicating that earlier, I was afraid that I'd either 1), backlash and angry responses [Probably not likely], or 2), laughed at. I might have overreacted there. In addition, the parts I had been working on (Like the atriums that you could walk kerbals inside of) were lost when my old hard-drive failed and burnt up. However, I've had several months in the meantime to decide where to go with the mod, and am excited to announce that I will be resuming work on the mod 100% by myself. I've got a lot of freetime this summer, so I can't wait to get into the thick of things, starting to introduce resources like Mana and Fel, and among other things, get this mod fully working and operational! One of my first priorities is to get existing parts that either have placeholder models or need other development work up and running. Used to have the wonderful @AlphaMensae to help with that, but he's back to coding his absolutely amazing mods, and so I'm excited to dive into Unity to do these things myself. From your local galaxy, Lililthvia.
  5. a Mk3 core wouldn't just be a 3.5M core. Mk3 also refers to the specific shape that Squad's shuttle parts have, just as Mk2 refers to the hypersonic-capable parts that are 1.25m tall*2.5m wide*Xm long
  6. What about those of us who like the look of the current Mk1 command pod?
  7. Hello, I am Lilithvia, head of the Azerite Systems mod team. We are currently in deep alpha, but that's beside the point. We are looking for a modeler capable and willing to do nature-themed landscaping and such for some of our Atrium parts, and eventually things such as Night Elf command pods and structural parts. I will be doing the initial work on each part, setting it up and such, all you will be needing to do is model trees, leaves, or other nature-y things into the part as needed. You will not have to set up colliders or work in Unity unless you absolutely want to, and will be working on a team with several others.
  8. License, and Azerite tanks added in v2.1.8A. Links are no longer snipped. We are also looking for a modeler capable of doing landscaping and nature themes to join our team!
  9. Still no word from Blizzard about licensing. How would anyone feel about needing a Kerbal Sub Program to mine Azerite?
  10. Welcome! Also, how come I didn't get the General Kenobi treatment when I started out here? I'm totally jealous!
  11. Looks something like that would go well with mining ores deep underwater. +1
  12. We will be including a license as of 2.1.8. As of now, we are currently waiting on a response from Blizz on what kind of license they will allow, as things such as Warcraft belong to them. Also a sneak peak at one of the newest parts being added to the mod: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/469262207629131786/476196088068702238/2018-08-06_20-09-14.mp4 A tank for Azerite.
  13. Not really cool to snipe somebody's mod idea @zer0Kerbal
  14. Go check out @AlphaMensae and his work on Twitch! He's currently working on tanks for Azerite Systems!
  15. Latest update can currently be found on GitHub and will be pushing out to CurseForge later today?
  16. Hey guys! We have the first tank finished currently, and are getting ready to push another alpha update, and this time It'll be pushed to CurseForge, as well! Sneak peak of all six variants for holding diluted azerite in the 1.25M size!
  17. I heard high ground. I'm in ...Not sure what I'm signing up for other then high ground memes
  18. Banned because Uptown funked you up
  19. So work is progressing on the Diluted Azerite tanks. There is now the Forsaken variant, and the Argussian variant.
  20. Banned for writing in Lucinda Sans Unicode.
  21. Banned for writing in tiny text.
  22. This should be a MM patch right? Or am I underestimating the code required here?
  23. Thanks again for adopting ALL the dead mods. Don't know what I'd do without em.
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