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    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Hi all, First of all, I would like to thank the KSP community for being so helpful on the forums, and I would also like to thank all the guys like Roverdude for making great game-changing mods such as MKS. I would also like to ask for help: I am using MKS (alongside all other USI mods except Karbonite), and I don’t know if I’m experiencing a bug, or if I’m doing something wrong. (I've played KSP a lot so far, but I'm fairly new to MKS). TLDR: It’s about the USI/MKS Tanks– they don’t seem to get filled up by my ISRU + drills on their own. The stock fuel tanks work just fine, they are all filled up by the ISRU at the same time. I can transfer fuel from the stock tanks into the USI/MKS Tanks, but they don’t get filled up by themselves. The context: - I have a mining rover (stock drills + ISRU) landed on Minmus. - I also built a large tanker using the 5m Tanks (USI/MKS), which is meant to land on Minmus, dock/klaw with the mining rover, get refueled, and finally ferry the fuel back to LKO. The problem in brief: - The ISRU doesn’t refill the USI/MKS 5m Tanks by itself – it only refuels the stock fuel tanks on the ship. I then have to manually transfer the fuel from the stock fuel tanks into the big 5m MKS Tanks A bit more detail: - To clarify, this setup works with my stock ships, i.e. the ships that use the stock fuel tanks. I land the ship, dock/claw the rover, start the ISRU, and then all the (stock) fuel tanks on the ship get filled up simultaneously, at the same rate. - I’ve also tried messing with fuel flow priority, and couldn’t get anywhere. - Yes, the USI/MKS tanks were properly configured to hold Lf+Ox in the VBA. - And no, the fuel tank itself is not disabled via the green arrow/triangle thing next to the fuel level (when you right-click the fuel tank). - I also tried various combinations of checking/unchecking the local/planetary warehouse on the 5m Tanks Could you guys please help me? Is there something I’m doing wrong with the 5m MKS Tanks? Or is it just a bug? If I can't solve it, I would scrap my current mining setup, as constantly transferring fuel from a small capacity (stock) tank into a gigantic MKS 5m Tank is so unpractical that I'd rather just fly my fuel from Kerbin than waste two real-life hours repetitively clicking the same thing. Thanks a lot!