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  1. Hello ppl. I'm a very big noob in modding. However last year during ksp 1.5 (i have not played for a while.) I discovered that the old mods related to bdac were working. I'm particularly interested in a mod that gave missions n placed ai ships at mission locations. I simply changed a few things in notepad n it spawned my new crafts like normally. So can you help me in reviving that old MOD as bdac would finally become a mission oriented mod then?
  2. Can it be edited to show EC instead of sc? I get confused. Thnx
  3. True. It's massive. I'm more into military than civilian flavour of ksp.
  4. Any plan for something like kerbinside jobs? Maritime transport?
  5. U should let it be known to everyone. I mean my game takes 20min to load n I'm like a cat in the water if a mono.dll error shows up after that. So if it's possible can u edit version on USI? Heil USI
  6. It's 500 default n one thing I can do with this mod is let my mun rover travel on autopilot when I'm on some survey mission in kerbin Absolutely fantastic. 2in 1 missions.
  7. Thanks doc. Can u plz tell me how u plan to spawn enemies in OrX if I'm not asking for too much?
  8. I'm total noob in this but if I can suggest I would like the idea of spawn points to work like they display message for the survey contracts but set them as perpetual conflict zones. I mean u enter a region n the vessels spawn dynamically. That's what I'm trying to do but I'm far from being a modder or programmer.
  9. Yeah I've them. But I can't find the OrX mod. Can u plz give the link ?
  10. First of all let me accept that I'm as desperate as a kerbal can be to get a military expansion. So I request a little help to fix this 5dim contract pack If the contract pack modifies, enhances or uses another mod, be respectful of the licenses of those mods. If the maintainer of a mod used by a contract pack requests that a contract pack be removed or modified, please work with them to make the Contract Pack comply with their wishes and vision for their mod. Remember that the contract pack wouldn't be possible without the original author's mod. I, nightingale, have the final say on what is listed. I do not generally want to be the one telling people what they can and cannot do, so I will list most contract packs so long as the comply with the above two rules. Recommendations for Contract Packs Have your contract pack install into a subdirectory under GameData/ContractPacks/. Contract Configurator does not require this directory structure, but this keeps it cleaner for the end user. If adding your contract pack on CKAN, a name of the form "Contract Pack: <name of contract pack>" is recommended. This keeps the listings of all contract packs together, and allows the player to easily compare and decide which contract packs they are interested in. Try to be original. If your contract pack has significant overlap with an existing contract pack, consider contacting the author and working with them to enhance the contract pack. Be creative! The possibilities for contract packs are endless.
  11. Hey Joe. I'm building a contract pack type thingy similar to a solo campaign. By any chance I can have this to spawn vehicles around a location dynamically? Like they spawn enemies in RTS games?
  12. Is the mod good to create something like ww2 Berlin scenario? Some real fall of kerbin. I'm using kk n BDAc n contract configurator
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