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  1. I just don't think a file-edited craft is truly stock, at least not when you use out-of-bounds values like negative mass. The game and KerbalX may think so, but that's a limitation of their programming. This is not to say that I'm a purist - my game is modded to Eeloo and back, and I've sometimes done weird stuff with file editing too. But I'm not claiming it's something else.
  2. Looks nice. But if you're gonna resort to craft file editing, why not just use procedural wings and/or other mods instead?
  3. I'm not saying don't do it anyway, but this thread is 5 years old and the OP hasn't been seen since. I wouldn't expect an answer.
  4. I don't think that's what he's saying. Rather, the gyroscopic action of the wheels is only part of the answer. There's also the wheel trail, mass distribution, and overall geometry of the frame to consider. Your basic usable bicycle has these traits: The gyroscopic action tends to make the bike lean into the turn, which helps the bike get its wheels back under itself. The steering wheel (normally the front wheel) has positive trail - i.e., the steering axis intersects the ground in front of the wheel's contact point with the ground. The distance from the steering control poin
  5. I'll let it go, but please try to get screenshots of all required mission parameters. I see you're using the new 1.11 attachments for STS-3. Looks good, Commander! Right, sorry. Here you go!
  6. There's something weird happening with your video link. The embedded video won't play, and clicking on it doesn't go to the video, just the YouTube front page. I had to find it on your channel. Might want to check your links. Technical issues aside, looks like a well-executed mission, and you got a decently large spud. Good work!
  7. That is a nice looking skybox. I've tried installing one on mine, but there's some kind of mod conflict (I use Spectra) and it doesn't load right. Anyway, everything seems to be in order. I know the long albums can get a bit tedious, but I think it's important to have a good flight record. It's good for keeping everyone sharp and honest, and will also help you fly more ambitious missions I think. And for the record, the suborbital payload drops are fine. Nice work!
  8. I see you jettisoned some of the wings. Reminds me of some early spaceplanes I built. I like it. Now that is what I like to see in a comsat constellation. Solid!
  9. Hello shuttle crews! Sorry for the delay. Your mission looks good overall, but I'm not sure about that fuel pod. If you're not using the official one it needs to be at least 40 t in mass and have roughly the same proportions of LF (1440 units), O (1760 units), monopropellant (750 units), and ore (1500 units). If it meets the minimum mass but not the materials composition, I'll let it slide. But if it's under mass I'll have to ask you do do it over for the 1b badge. If you can't handle 40 t to orbit, you may have trouble with later missions. Still, you did meet the 1a requirements, so n
  10. It's not just likely, it's been done. Twice. = no rescue package sent. I'd argue that with no rescue package, it doesn't meet the challenge requirements. But that's for you to decide.
  11. Sorry about that, I saw the modlist and assumed you used mod parts on the orbiter and/or launch vehicle. But I see now from your KerbalX link that it is pure stock. Here is the correct badge: Regarding STS-9, that's a bit of an odd duck. It's a bonus mission, but the badge has the same design scheme as the mainline Kerbin missions. When I redesigned the badges, I kept mostly the same design philosophy as the previous set, I just redid the art to make it a bit clearer and also make it easier for me to create new badges as needed. So perhaps the STS-9 badge should logically have gold p
  12. Welcome! Looks like a solid design you have there; can't wait to see how it does in space! Commander level is not just landing on the runway, although that is a requirement in most cases. If you look at the mission descriptions, Commander level typically includes things like more difficult orbits (higher, more inclined, etc.), additional payload requirements, specific maneuvers, that sort of thing. Note that the Test Pilot Series only has one difficulty level - it's essentially Commander already. On that note, here is your badge. Congratulations!
  13. That is pretty cool stuff! Out of scope for this series, but impressive nonetheless.
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