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  1. Consider my entry: vs. its inspiration, by @McBalsam from the previous edition of the challenge: I could have simply taken McBalsam's craft and made some cosmetic changes (especially since he posted it on KerbalX!). But instead, I took it apart in the SPH, studied the techniques, and built my own craft. There are obviously some similarities, but honestly his is just better - it's smaller, sleeker, and more efficient. I am pretty proud of mine though, especially the Laythe SSTO.
  2. More the overall phrasing. By mostly repeating the last thing you said, I wasn't entirely sure if you misunderstood what I said, or you were being sarcastic, or what.
  3. from the Juno wiki entry Peak thrust is at about Mach 1.25 - 1.5. At Mach 2 it drops to about 70%, and then falls off rapidly to 0 by Mach 2.5.
  4. We got some newer hype train models over here!
  5. I've never made a stock helicopter, but you can find some on Kerbalx to download and take apart.
  6. Your rotor is way too small. If you have to rely on VTOL engines, it's not really a helicopter, it's a weird jet with a propeller beanie.
  7. Merge means to combine the updates in the pull request into the destination branch. Close means to reject the changes.
  8. Imgur was built around uploading memes and other one-off silliness, it was never good at building a large album to tell a story. I've been looking for a good alternative.
  9. One time I got an F4 Phantom, which was sorta cool but not my favorite. Another time I got this weird space shuttle that also transformed into a rover or something. I tried to put it together anyway but the parts didn't fit well and I got frustrated with it.
  10. What was that end sequence about? Did the AI suddenly forget how to shoot straight(ish)?