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  1. Munmoth shuttle after delivering a mobile lab to the Mun. It has rotating Nerv engines and is capable of VTOL operations on the Mun or similar bodies. Munmoth on reentry.
  2. The track settings seem to be associated with a specific instance of the KAL. If you remove it and place the exact same one back on the craft, it retains its settings. But if you copy it, the new one is blank. I tried to examine the craft file to see how the settings were recorded, but couldn't figure it out. I was thinking if I could find the relevant text I could copy it.
  3. I'm sorry, but you are not cleared to depart the station. Things your hype train is lacking: hype a train
  4. Jeb: ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN! Er... where's the train, guys? Like Jeb, I'm such excite for KSP2. But we can't board the hype train without an actual train. So build us one! Rules: Must resemble a train. Should do something awesome, and be worthy of the name "hype train". Need not be limited to Kerbin's surface. There are no other rules. Go nuts. I'll make a badge for all train engineers to display.
  5. I'd be happy if they at least added axial tilt. From what I understand, the few mods that do it currently have some weird issues, because the engine doesn't really support it well.
  6. So after several kraken incidents on loading a landed save, and many unsuccessful attempts at dekrakenification hacking of the save file (editing autostruts to off, messing with World Stabilizer configs, etc.): I instead loaded a save made during the descent and redid the mission from there. Afterwards I deployed the rover lab and then quickly launched the Munmoth back into orbit before loading any saves, thus evading the kraken. The rover lab on its own was able to handle the stress of physics reloading fine. I still have to complete the return to Kerbin and reentry, but I should be back on track.
  7. Usted habla ingles mejor que yo hablo español. No se preocupe.
  8. The kraken found my shuttle when trying to deploy cargo, and again on any saves where it's landed. I'm attempting to do rocket surgery (yes, that is a legitimate kerbal discipline, why do you ask?), but there's a chance I might have to scrap the project which would be a shame.
  9. Have you checked the dry CoM? It might have moved behind the CoL during the mission. Also, I like to have the CoL further back anyway, for stability. High maneuverability is for fighter jets, not shuttles.
  10. git (and by extension GitHub, BitBucket, etc.) is a swiss army chainsaw - powerful, versatile, and capable of cutting both your legs off and then sewing them back on.
  11. I've made Mk2-hulled spaceplanes for missions to Dres and Eeloo. For those I did a few aerobraking passes before final reentry, but for just Mun or Minmus a shallow direct reentry should be fine.
  12. Looking good! My Munmoth mission has been delayed due to RL concerns, such as my kid starting kindergarten. I was also having extreme lag on launch (like 2-3 FPS!), but I finally figured out it was due to the Trajectories mod being enabled. I disabled it on launch and ascent and enabled it again for descent and it seemed fine. Maybe the combination of highish part count, all the extra physics that entails, Trajectories' own calculations, and my potato computer just couldn't handle it all.
  13. Maybe it's metaphorical, like an ocean of possibilities?