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  1. That's a nice, compact base you got there, congratulations! I'm curious how you plan on docking the fuel pods though, clearances look pretty tight.
  2. Mine is Jeb goofing around on Ike, "wearing" Duna like a helmet.
  3. I was testing out this SSTO... when the kraken attacked. I broke the port section off by ramming it into the ground... ...and then later tried to dock with a station in LKO... ...but the RCS system was damaged after the kraken attack, and I couldn't control the ship accurately enough. I had to send out the station's space tug to bring the SSTO in. And then I decided to send up a bunch of upgraded modules for the station, because why not?
  4. If you already did Minmus STS-1, but you want to retcon the location for later missions, I'm ok with that. You don't need to do another report. Clearly Jeb tripped over a cable and caused a spacetime anomaly.
  5. I'm not saying Take Two is innocent, but there are far worse offenders in the industry.
  6. I've started a new career using (among many other mods) this pack, CTT, and Strategia. I discovered that the Private Industry strategies get pretty overpowered when your tech tree is several times larger than stock. It's also not affected by lowering the science multiplier in the difficulty settings. I don't think changing the strategy multiplier to also use the difficulty multiplier is possible with just Module Manager patches, due to load order issues. It may be possible with DLL updates. Barring that, I did make a MM patch to reduce the Private Industry bonuses across the board. Feel free to tweak to your liking. // reduce bonuses for Private Industry strategy @STRATEGY_LEVEL_EXPAND[PrivateIndustry]:NEEDS[Strategia&CustomBarnKit&GPP] { // science bonus per unresearched tech @EFFECT[CurrencyOperationPerTech] { @multiplier,0 = 0.2 @multiplier,1 = 0.3 @multiplier,2 = 0.4 } // tech research costs @EFFECT[CurrencyOperationWithPopup] { @minValue = 0.8 @maxValue = 0.8 } // launch costs @EFFECT[CurrencyOperation] { @minValue = 0.35 @maxValue = 0.35 } }
  7. Personally, I learned way more about the game from the community than from the tutorial missions. Even without the bugs, they're not exactly comprehensive. Plus, for someone like me who was already a space program nerd, knew some basics about rocketry, and likes to tinker and figure out complex things, KSP is occasionally frustrating but still one of my favorite games. But if all you know about space is from Star Wars, getting slapped in the face with semi-realistic physics is going to hurt.
  8. I've relaxed the rules on that point. I believe there were some Dreamchaser-style orbiters in the v5 thread also. But keep in mind there are pros and cons to each style of launch stack.
  9. Still don't have the badge, but here's the shuttle I was talking about. In my case, it's more of a baby shuttle/return vehicle that gets carried inside a larger Mk IV-body shuttle.
  10. I believe "gambiarra" translates most accurately to "dirty hack". It gets the job done, but it doesn't follow good coding practices, maybe only addresses a symptom but not the true underlying issue, is hard to read, is not easily extendible, etc.
  11. Nertea should sue himself for plagiarism.
  12. Yes, that's correct (for Commander anyway). I've built orbiters that can land 120 tons at the KSC. Then again, I'm kind of known for putting stupid large things into space and (sometimes) back again. Here's a hint: nuclear rockets are your friend here.
  13. You need to show that the tanker can transport its full capacity (either 2 or 4 fuel pods) during a round trip. It occurs to me that not everyone builds gigantic shuttles like I tend to. I'll update the mission to allow an optional support launch for empty pods and such. You will still need the shuttle on hand to carry crew to the tanker and supervise any on-orbit assembly needed before its trial run.
  14. The KSC Tracking Station is picking up some objects of interest. There have been persistent rumors of an additional planet between Duna and Jool. Some of our scientists argue that it's merely an overly ambitious asteroid. We're considering a mission to investigate the matter.
  15. Nertea, the "Far Future" and "Near Future" guy, is now on the KSP dev team. I believe he said he'll be wrapping up his mods with final updates, but on the other hand he's also making official content now.
  16. @OJT, here is your Beyond Home LUA STS-1 badge. Congrats on a cool mission, and validating another planet pack! If you want to do more Beyond Home missions, please let me know a rough mission plan first so we can work out if it's similar to an existing mission or needs tweaking first. As for the other badge, I haven't had a chance to work on it yet. I'll let you know when it's ready.
  17. Hmm... I'd say this is most similar to MUN STS-1. I'll work up an appropriate badge. Also, your orbiter looks a bit like an unreleased design I've been experimenting with. Great minds or something, lol. RSS/RO is essentially Insane difficulty. If you believe you are up to the challenge, I will be happy to make you the badges.
  18. I like these, I'll write them up and make them official soon. Probably won't need too many changes.
  19. Life support mods are not a factor when judging mission reports, as long as they don't alter stock gameplay mechanics. Please see rule 1 on the first post. Mission ideas are welcome. I reserve the right to use them as is, or alter them, or do something else instead. I'll give credit where it's due though.
  20. Hello everyone. Sorry again for the extended absence, real life has been a pain in the [CENSORED] lately. But on the bright side, I got a dog. He's a good boy. Anyway, I will be reviewing the various special requests such as planet pack questions and missions ideas. I think the regular missions have all been reviewed now, but if you submitted a report and it got overlooked please let me or @Artienia know. I suppose I could do a commemorative badge. Is there a specific mission of yours I should base it on?
  21. Hello shuttle nerds, sorry I've been away again. You know how I said I was on a business trip? Well less than a week later there was a big shakeup and now I'm looking for work again, whee. I've got some stuff lined up, so I'll be alright, but that means I'm focusing on interviews and such for the moment. Thanks yet again to @Artienia for picking up the slack, and thanks everyone for your patience.
  22. Sorry @OJT and everyone, I was away on a business trip. Been pretty busy lately. I should have time to review stuff this weekend.
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