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  1. Disclaimer: I haven't bought KSP2 yet, because I rarely buy early access or preorder games. The dustup we're seeing is a perfect example of why. Anyway, this isn't like ordering a Big Mac and getting a slightly sad Big Mac with wilted lettuce and a day old bun. This is like going to a supposedly better burger joint, ordering a $10 burger, and getting that same slightly sad Big Mac but in a different wrapper.
  2. Yes. Your primary orbiter(s) for each mission needs to return to Kerbin, and as such needs wings. If you also want to use a modified orbiter as payload, for constructing a space station or whatever, that's fine. It's very much a stockalike mod, it's fine. I'm not familiar with Atomic Age. The general rule is that stockalike mods (that is, part balance is similar to stock) are allowed. Parts that are far more advanced than stock are not allowed. P-wings and AP+ count as modded. FAR is the only atmosphere-altering mod allowed. I don't think anyone has submitted a FAR entry during my time running the challenge; I know there have been a few in the past though. I'll have to look and see what the ruling was.
  3. I agree, you shouldn't launch a generic huge rocket. You should launch an awesome huge rocket. Seriously though, that's why the support package is allowed. Your options are: Use the rocket, Jeb build a new, more bigger orbiter-er (this is my preferred solution - did I mention I tend to build huge orbiters?) strap on the fuel pods to the outside of the orbiter and/or launch vehicle (not recommended, but very kerbally) downsize to the Pilot mission and only worry about 2 pods
  4. I'm inclined to allow it just to see what crazy thing you have in mind. Personally, I use Nertea's Mk4 mod for most of my orbiters.
  5. EVE is a spreadsheet simulator. Well, that's the joke, but it's kind of true. More accurately, it's an economic simulator in which you can commit hostile takeovers of rival corps by declaring war and sending a fleet against them. People think it's just about space battles and mining, but the real endgame is in managing the economy and logistics of a 1000 player or larger corporation/alliance and competing with other corps/alliances. It's very much unlike KSP, they just both have pretty space graphics.
  6. It doesn't, but personally I don't care about that.
  7. Don't worry about it, your education is more important. Although KSP might be a close second. I like the detachable wing section, cool stuff. I made a somewhat similar craft for my Jool-5 mission (link in signature), although mine was a lot larger and not balanced for VTOL operations. Anyway, this new set of missions qualifies you for upgraded badges. Congrats!
  8. Restock mostly just changes artwork, with some minor tweaks to colliders, drag cubes, etc. I've been counting it as stock. Restock+ adds new parts, and counts as modded.
  9. The STS-4/4R mission looks good, thanks for the update! For Minmus STS-1, if you're going for Commander you're supposed to have 2 satellites: one for resource scanning, and a second for additional comms coverage. I only see the one. I can issue you the Pilot badge for now. Let me know if that other satellite turns up later.
  10. In my current save, I've been making rescue vehicles with a Jeb's Junkyard theme. Because what could be more reassuring than a bucket of bolts coming to pick you up from deep space?
  11. @Dcseal: STS-3: Everything looks good, nice work! STS-4: You're technically supposed to show both launches. I'm willing to overlook that, but your screenshots don't show the orbital parameters. If you have a save file handy, you can just reload and take a screenshot with KER or whatever. STS-5-8: Gene Kerman isn't thrilled with the corporate-sponsored station assembly, but Wernher doesn't care as long as he gets his science. Station looks good, and landings are all solid. Congrats, Commander!
  12. I wasn't sure this was possible without some dirty tricks, like turning off CommNet or file-editing a massively overpowered antenna. Or alternatively, setting Kcalbeloh as my home system. But then I discovered the GU_Parts pack from Galaxies Unbound has a laser antenna with extreme range and also extreme power requirements. I'm gonna go with that. (We'll ignore the inconvenient lightspeed delay issues...)
  13. My most reliable orbiter has been the Bustard-class, seen here. It's roughly similar to the Buran, but 4 times larger (well, in Kerbal scale anyway).
  14. Yes, that's what I'm saying. I would also point out that hydrofoils are generally made of aero parts in this game. Perhaps the rule should be "craft may not leave the water and may only be powered by underwater propellers".
  15. Yeah, that dual prop is made of elevons, which are aero parts.
  16. Despite the ability to build boats, the game isn't actually Kerbal Boat Program. Water physics are an afterthought and not especially well implemented. Last I checked, Breaking Ground propellers don't work underwater at all, while airbreathing engines work normally. This is pretty much exactly backwards. Plus there are no stock water propellers. You pretty much have to use aero parts to build one, or use a mod. A few people have built rowboats with BG parts, but those are more experimental than practical.
  17. Yeah, it was cool. Next I think I'll try my hand at a GPP spin, which I have installed as a secondary system. I might need an antenna mod.
  18. Welcome to the challenge! I'm not entirely sure what's happening with your editor mode, but I can say that canards can sometimes cause instability. You can try increasing the area on your main wings, adding a little fixed wing area to the canards, limiting the canard authority, and/or removing them entirely and adding more pitch control to the rear. Unfortunately I cannot award you the STS-1a badge at this time due to your landing. The orbiter must survive largely intact. However, your STS-2a mission looks good. Getting the sats to their final positions under their own power is fine, expected even. Congrats!
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