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  1. Hello, Kerbin! I have been enjoying KSP and messed with the cheat window but was stupid enough to mess aero and drag properties up and seem to have no way of setting them to default and now my kOCD is nuts. I am playing on 1.4 , so if you are presenting me the default values please do it up to date. Fly safe!
  2. Hello Forums! I was in the research and development in career mode, dreaming of science upgrades, only to realise that hovering above Making History parts shows a non-making history part that I previously hovered on. However, unhovered and sitting in its icon in the technology part list, its looking fine. Anyone else having this as of 1.4? Just in case, i play on a mac book pro, if that helps, and I am running the Steam install. Even if i double check file integrity, nothing seems to help Mods Kerbal Eng Redux Docking alignment indicator Thanks in advance
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