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  1. Today I... Made a stupid attempt at getting to hyper speed. By using hyper edit. conclusion! : Crashed the game. Also I emptied my inter-planetary science storage unit, (it’s in solar orbit) to get all of the juicy science points! (Probably wasn’t worth it!)
  2. When I first saw this I thought it meant to "move" Tylo but it was just a rescue mission Although they are still fun! I wonder how much force would it take to move a small moon out of orbit without mods?
  3. You should be able to switch to some differant (bumpy, angled, etc) runways for a bigger challenge when landing. These would be in differant places on Kerbin but say if you got a resource ship to a planet, you could set up a runway. But if it was on Eeloo it would be icy so your plane would slide around or if it was on Laythe it would float and if the craft was heavy it might sink down a bit due to the weight of the craft. Anyway it's cool to see the different runways made!
  4. I think what fixed it is that I just re-installed Hyperedit Anyway thanks for the help!
  5. Thanks, Thats sorted the problem! I've also landed my first Eve mission thanks to Hyperedit!
  6. Hello! I've encountered a bug: When I've been playing for a while (3 Hours) with Hyperedit installed I can't access the menu for it. I have tried going to the main menu and back but it still wont work Please help! (I've re launched my craft several times and it still doesn't work)