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  1. I fixed it... It turns out I had accidentally turned on "stage lock" I had stage lock on, got it fixed, thank you though
  2. Yes, every build from the space plane hangar has this problem. I also make sure it is in the staging menu and it is.
  3. Been playing ksp on ps4 for about a week. I started making planes in the SPH and i ran into a problem, the only way i can start my jet engine on the runway is by clicking the engine and manually pushing "activate engine" does anybody know what is wrong? It would be much appreciated
  4. Okay, thanks for helping me out, if there is something that i don't know the meaning of or how it works it kind of bugs me, guess that is a good thing, cheers
  5. Oh so it means that liquid fuel tank I am adding is to make up for the mass of that rcs tank that isnt being used for the bottom engine? Hope i understood what you meant
  6. I'm familiar with a lot of the words used in this game, but in the tutorial "advanced building tutorial" after adding on a rcs tank, it says that when adding a liquid fuel, i need an extra to "offset" the weight of the rcs. Does anybody know what this means? It would much appreciated, thank you
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