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  1. @Kebab Kerman Maybe you should make sure that the game is actually running on your AMD Radeon. If the correct driver-package was never installed for it, or if an update has messed things up, KSP might actually be running on the inbuilt (very bad) graphics-capabilities of your intel CPU. Happened to me not only once to have bad experiences in games until realizing it was not running on my laptops GPU (which was physically there!), but just using the CPU-graphics....
  2. I finished my Minmus refueling station....kind of And did give my core staff a day off for a social team building program... needless to say everybody was thrilled! After a Minumus Landing (Flag Planting) - SolFlyby - Mun Orbit - Kerbin Land .... there are now 17 new 3-star Kerbals available for duty
  3. Yesterday .... (sorry hehe), I managed to build my first SSTO worth that name! (Yeah, yeah, don't compare it to other stuff posted here. But hey, it's my first ) Ready on the runway: Accidentally, I got the orbital meeting with my kerbin space station just in time to get a screeny with the sun, mun, kerbin SS and the SSTO in one shot Now as it is docked and fueld up...I am thinking if I should land it on Kerbin (I have done a "fuel-almost-empty-start-and-landing-test" before the real start). Or.....if I should fuel it up completely and go for outer space??? But TODAY, I decided to
  4. Today I went into spaced mode and built my first "spaced out rocket" It actually does what it's supposed to, in a Kerbal way (slightly overpowered) Enough dV to go places....but nothing really to do there...so I sKipped that part Landed well, Valentina was just a bit lazy with the trajectory. Does anyone know if this actually influences the aerodynamic drag?
  5. Welllllllll.......llll.... I might be up for 3 or 5 laps... I know after six I would be too pumped with adrenalin For tracks...do you want to stay on the KSC grounds? Maybe define a max distance for each track/lap ? (Or someone...someone....might come up with a pole to pole thingy or worse )
  6. Aaaannd Yes! Did it in under 1 Minute Nighttime racing....highly recommended on this track! The buggy is fully electric and all stock parts. (I never got my belly button [COM] that low before hehe)
  7. I learned a bit more about wheel-settings But it is slowly getting darker on Kerbin and Jeb needs to get something into his stomach, if he wants to or not! His times are slowly getting better though The windshield is a bit scratched by now
  8. I had a plan for today: Build a bigger, better, superimproved, asteroid-katcher! Ermmmm, instead I did install the Races! mod, loaded @Triop 's track and built a new race buggy. ....Jeb doesn't want to get out of the car anymore, he seems very determined to get a good lap-time! ...which might take a while
  9. hmmm.... when (re)loading ksp with this mod I only get "Unsupported KSP Version - Use 1.2.1". Ingame I don't see any controls or whatsoever from the mod. And I don't see any way to load the race track... Running 1.4.5 also... (Other mods currently are MechJeb, KER, Alarms). Did you uninstall all other mods for this? Or any other ideas? Oh crap haha, got it....just had to load a vehicle first to get the interface/button... Now, building a new buggy :-)
  10. That is useful information! Do you happen to know if it makes a difference if the landing legs are extended or retracted? Or all the same...? My experience with wobbling space stations after docking another vessel to them: If I dock with only RCS but then instantly turn the SAS on again on the whole thing, once docking is done...the SAS then managed to get everything steady out again.
  11. This thing is doing very well on Minmus and I think, if you don't fill the ore tanks completely (it has lots of ore tanks), should work well on mun as well. On Minmus, I can pick up a full load 2 to 3 times to my space station (refinery) without refilling the fuel tanks.
  12. Today I finished a "few days program"...as I had given myself (no wait, ...had given all the fabulous engineers from Kerbin...) the task to build the smallest plane I could (no wait....they could!) Here we go: and NO....it did not fly. Although the engineers sounded perfectly confident before... So, step 2! ...and step 3! Liftoff...kind of.... Many explosions (Yes!! ) later...version 4 took off! (I mean...kind of really flew!??) I guess to really call it an airplane..I should land it with more than just Jeb surviving....but most landings still looked like this:
  13. Well, I can only figure out my time for the rover race part. 02:04:00 until 02:26:02 = 22min02sec The flight time is lost, as the one pic is on MET....I would have to fly again and take a new time Can I get a rating for only the ground part? (kind of like....begging....hrhr)
  14. I decided to take a break from my first ever (career) game in ksp and startet my first ever sandbox game to copy this save file into.... ...so many firsts... - first ever sandbox game - first ever challenge to take on - first ever cargo plane to transport a rover - first ever rover delivered by cargo plane I am very pleased with the result Edit: Just saw I had MET on on the landing shot...sorry about that, just write "ridiculously long anyway"
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