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  1. My astronaut complex is empty. No hireable kerbals (list is empty and cost for next hire also says 0), none active ( although it says there's 10 active out of 12 max), none available and none lost. I have the 4 starter kerbals, Jeb, Bill, Bob and Valentina. I have no vessels in flight/orbit. I've checked persistent save and changed idx of the 4 kerbals to -1 from 1 (read that -1 value signifies available) with no effect, positive OR negative. I've timewarped in an attenpt to populate the list (read that it might fix it) but again, no effect. Mods are all in working order to the best of my knowledge. EDIT: I was unable to find a fix for this issue, so I removed all the mods, un installed Kerbal and started over with a fresh install. After some permissions tweaking for CKAN I was able to reinstall my old mods, plus some additional mods I didn't notice before and start a new career with a working astronaut complex. I'm guessing there was a corrupt save or maybe a bad mod install (tried modding without CKAN, failed)