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  1. Why, thank you! Well, I'm planning on starting a Mission Report series soon(ish). I dont want to start at the usual RP-1 starting date. Probably will start from a later point. Either way, there's some content I want to produce before jumping into that. And I've been kinda busy IRL, so it'll take just a wee bit longer. I'll rather start and be able to regularly update, or not start at all.
  2. My current (very) alternate history RP-1 career flag. If you're wondering what TAUSA stands for, it means Trans-Atlantic United Space Alliance (or Agency, according to who you ask)
  3. I gotta say, you're one of the reasons for me to actually stop lurking and actually start interacting around here! I'm a sucker for visual candy when it comes to game reports and you've done some real good work here! Actually inspired some designs of my own in my current RP-1 career and made me want to share my own alternate history background for my RP-1 career.
  4. Hey, my first post and the end of my interminable lurking! Here it goes: launched a surveillance photo satellite with a film recovery capsule in my RO/RP1 career