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  1. My proudest moment has to be when I first put a satellite into orbit around the Earth (not Kerbin) in RP-1 all on my own. Thats something I never forgot. Used an R-7 replica. Since then I've landed astronauts on the Moon several times and sent probes to different places using gravity assists, which are both certainly harder challenges in Realism Overhaul and in playing KSP as a whole by far, but the first time making orbit in RSS/RO is an unforgettable experience. Thats why I never could get back to playing standard KSP, its just not the same after all that.
  2. This week I finally finished my real-life Skylab equivalent in my RP-1 career: Starlab! Its 1971, and after the launch of the first Starlab standalone module in late 1970, and after the first crewed mission with Starlab II, I launched the LTSME (Long Term Service Module Extension) which allows a crew of 5 to stay in orbit for months. First crewed vehicle I've sent after the LTMSE was Starlab V with only 3 astronauts, but starting with Starlab VII I'll be launching the new Apollo Block-II which can carry a few more astronauts, and I'll be done with the oversized Block-I service module which isnt really designed for Low Earth Orbit operations.
  3. Hello, I'm playing KSP 1.8.1 with RSS/RO and RP-1. Twice I've tried to upgrade to SCANsat v20 and twice I suffered from the same issue: huge memory leak as I try to load any save, to the point where it simply fails to load one, freezing the game. Between both times I reinstalled everything and the problem persisted. I tried to actually load with a barebones RSS/RO install, and still suffered a memory leak that froze the game completely. I've noticed others here in the forum have come across the same or very similar problems while using RSS/RO, and I know that there are multiple other people using RSS/RO that have come across with the same problem from talking with them in the RO/RP-1 discord. Unlike someone else who pointed out that the issue could be RemoteTech, I am not using RemoteTech. If I revert to SCANsat v18.x the problem goes away, so its definitely specific to v20.
  4. I've been back to KSP over the last couple days, playing a new RO/RP-1 career in 1.8.1. Today I've put the first man in orbit. Nothing much really. Hopefully this time I'll stick to this career and go beyond the Moon Landing. Ok, I gotta ask what your TUFX or KS3P config is, because it looks absolutely amazing!
  5. Well, finally loaded KSP in Direct3D 9 and used Kronal Vessel Viewer and spent the rest of my time doing this (RSS/RO/RP-1):
  6. One question, perhaps a stupid one: SensibleScreenshots doesnt seem to have a settings.cfg after I've downloaded the latest release. Am I supposed to make the settings.cfg myself? I tried to, but it doesnt seem to be working I'm afraid.
  7. After several RP-0 and RP-1 careers, I finally stuck around long enough and avoided doing any serious career ending mismanagement to actually, finally land on the Moon!
  8. Be careful with Mean Time Before Failure in your engines though. In KRASH, Testflight is disabled by default, so you may be getting the wrong idea about feasible burn times. Good luck! Achieving your first orbit in RP-1 is an unforgettable experience! I don't remember the first time I reached orbit in stock KSP, but I sure remember every milestone I achieved in RO/RP-1.
  9. I waited around 1 minute. Didnt knew it took that much time for first load. Makes sense though. I'll try that! Thank you for the response!
  10. Hi. I'm having an issue with KSP TOT. It simply refuses to open. After clicking the .exe, the cursor shows the loading circle and then...nothing. Task Manager shows that the program is running, but I've got nothing. Using Windows 10, with Matlab compiler installed. Tried adding KSP TOT as a firewall exception but with no luck. Reinstalled the compiler, changed the program's directory... No luck. I'm only posting here because I've checked the thread a few posts into the past and saw one instance of someone having the same problem as I, but no solution whatsoever. If anyone had the same issue and has a solution or any idea where I should start troubleshooting, I would be really happy. Its a shame I cant get this to work, as I'm playing RO/RSS, and I find KSP TOT a really useful tool to plan missions ahead, particularly complex mission profiles, which are almost impossible to get it right without something like this for me.
  11. KRASH tested the entirety of my Moon Landing mission in my RP-1 career. Everything seems in order for the real deal. Just need to wait for KCT to finish the rocket construction... Any day now... Also landed my first Mars lander after an atmospheric entry from transplanetary speeds. It was an horribly overengineered lander, hopefully the next one will be smaller, lighter and just as capable. It looks good though. (I think)
  12. Finally got around to play some of my RO/RP-1 career this weekend and after a bunch of building some future missions, I got the chance to fly my first manned craft into orbit! 13th December 1961: Nestor-Auriga I sits on the pad ready for lift-off. Powered by 2xH1C's, with attitude control provided by 2xLR-101 verniers, the Nestor Booster blasts off into space! MECO and upper stage separation. The Vega upper stage is powered by an X-405H. In real life it never flew, being substituted by the Agena-B and its successors. After MECO the flight proves to be much smoother for the pilot. The maximum 6.5G's just before MECO are reduced to a maximum of 4.1G's at 2nd stage cutoff. After reaching orbit, the Vega stage separates, and the Auriga capsule is in orbit! Any similarity with real life Mercury program is pure coincidence. Unfortunately, the retroburn wasn't very photogenic, happening in the night side. The retropack was decoupled just before reentrying the atmosphere, on the day side. Scorching hot reentry, hitting a dizzying 8.2G's. Gliding down to a landing by the eastern Mexican coast. A successful mission! Andrew Thomas becomes the first westerner in orbit, returning to earth safe and sound.
  13. Last time I posted here in this thread, like a month ago, I was doing a whole different RP-1 career. One new career later, I'm launching my first geostationary satellite in 1964. A bit late, probably could've launched it earlier, but was busy with manned flight.
  14. I seriously doubt it. N-body physics is a somewhat different beast from the traditional KSP mechanics, and somewhat of an hurdle for any new players in what is already a though learning curve for anyone new to the game who has no clue about orbital mechanics. So no, I dont think so, even though I would love to have it. It would be cool if we had an option, but thats something that I dont see the devs focusing on. Either way, KSP is and I hope will always be a basic platform where the community can add, improve and customize to their hearts content. With that in mind, with even better mod support, KSP 2 could quickly get a Principia version of his own from the community relatively quickly I suppose.
  15. Performance Mod Support No Jank Physics Mod Support Performance Did I mentioned mod support?