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  1. This mod along with procedural wings makes any spaceplane sleek.
  2. At most it should be a half buried rtg with the ayyy sign and a hearth of snacks beneath. No potatos, just snacks.
  3. Hey ya'll, you've probably seen this come up before, but I find myself thinking once I've landed a probe on a distant planet, or landed the eagle on the Mun - "Why did I do this?" and the answer has always been "Because I can". If there was an achievement system, it might give the player a sense of accomplishment (even if they've done something insane already) and pride for their space program. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on this.
  4. Hey guys, It's my first post- and I want to kick off this journey with a new idea! The idea of multiplayer is not new at all. Many players have suggested it before, but the level of difficulty cooperating with other players would be nearly impossible. What I'm suggesting is a race to the science tree, and other Celestial bodies. The players would _not_ interact with eachother, however. They would only be connected via leaderboard. Each player would have their own save file. Time warp would not be an issue. (See scoring) I haven't quite though of a scoring value, but I think it would be a ratio of some sort. Maybe science per price of missions(efficiency), Reputation per science points(Public interest)- still needs to be _thought though thoroughly_ Its also vulnerable to cheats. Cheats = _bad_ Again, first post!