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  1. Stock inventory system clutters PAW so much, won't an appropriate sized inventory turn PAW into an endless scroll of inventory slots?
  2. Looks ASTOUNDING, but I'm not quite sure how to use such plumpy parts in-game
  3. Now that's something to make a late-game surface base from! Oh... We SO do appreciate your hard work!
  4. We all do, I wouldn't push the modder this way through
  5. Near Future Launch Vehicles by Nertea has it
  6. Oh, didn't knew it existed. Sounds interesting, I'm not really sure why add another oxidizer, as it complicates things, but newertheless thanks! Haha i know, my bad for not clarifying - I know that hypergolic engines use oxidizer, but because of Puff and all mod "hypergol-ish" engines using just monopropellant I always thought of it as of in-game artistic assumption by Squad
  7. So, monoporpellant (to me, at least) looks like a obvious KSP analogue to hypergolics, not only due to it's use in RCS, lower specific impulse and the real-life monopropellant being usually hydrazine, but also because it was used in a couple of major mods with engines, the source of inspiration for which used hypergolics IRL. Those are, unfortunately, nearly all upper stage engines - but in real life there are rockets using hypergolics on lower stages (Proton as an example, through @Beale transitioned to using LFO even in his RCS, so it's unlikely we'd ever see it in Tantares' Proton). In gene
  8. There are mods who add "tether" option to landing legs, which freezes the craft relative to the ground, but I can't for the life of me say which mod it is. Translation on the screenshot is correct
  9. I doubt Nertea'll be on board, If I'd turn out to be right might make the pathes myself
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