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  1. I don't have this problem, because i use a self-redacted verion of CryoTanks patch to add Monoprop configuration to all LFO tanks. I'm not nesssarily suggesting exactly that, but maybe you could do a LFO/Monoprop switch in Tantares tanks? The switch was very logical and besides - added Monoprop engines and tanks. I very much dislike having the same fuel in a rocket and a spacecraft and having separate fuels in a spacecraft, and it seems to be so with a lot of other people - Nertea keeps his spacecraft engines monoprop, Well uses monoprop as well (pun intended). Also a lot of people see LFO as RP1-O2 and monoprop as hypergolic fuel mixture, so, if I am allowed to suggest, you can, on the contrary, switch Proton to use monopropellant - soviet love for hypergolics rarely gets reflected in mods.
  2. Wooow, it'd be so cool! Not only a lot of people would love to see Kronos in game, but 5m habitats could really help with super-late-game stations and transfer ships... Oof... No pressure but you said it about FFT too
  3. Could you perhaps consider adding ModuleDepthMask/it's ReStock component to the engine? Capsule walls do pertude through it sometimes, when you put it on, and I don't like that little gap between the engines and the capsule, but when I try to clip them in the capsule obviously pertrudes through the back wall of the open section of engine's nacelle (I think it's not only me).
  4. Perhaps Nertea is aware of the problems that may be caused and wants to get feedback after he would recompile the mod for 1.10. That reply seems somewhat rude regardless.
  5. Add a B9 module like in SSPXr containers, please, or just some life support capacity
  6. I get a weird glitch, when I install the mod via CKAN sometimes ground textures begin to glitch through the floor of the VAB. In SPH all seems just fine. It's kinda hard to reproduce consistently, so I don't want to bother you too much; I'll try to fiddle with KSP settings and will be back if more info would be available.
  7. Oh please don't, it's very useful in fine reactor control, exeptionally so if the craft has more than one reactor. I can hardly imagine how i'd play without it.
  8. Why would you want that..? It won't add <<old/new>> variants to the parts, blacklisted textures would just be loaded in RAM.
  9. I believe both versions are included in both downloads
  10. You probably could look at the path from low orbit of Duna to heliocintric orbit and than to the low orbit of a targeted planet
  11. Does it work in the latest verions?
  12. They are partially covered with NFA's airfed and bimodal airfed nuclear engines, would personally love to see some diversity through