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  1. Huh, and on 30th new DLC coming out? So much nice things coming soon!
  2. Wait, here [ ] they saying that total amound of digital data on Earth alreay was 33 zettabytes in 2018 (!!!) and predicted to be 175 zB in 2025. Oh shi... I think an extra SLS block II launch with 200t of DNA-drives is needed.
  3. Well, wikipedia says that according to 2007 study there was a 281exabytes of digital information on Earth, soo i think even if 90% of it is just copies you still need way more than 1 exabyte to store it, huh. However, Google proceses ~20-30 petabytes per day, AT&AT handles a 20 petabytes per week stream of data, holds about 50 petabytes, so i think 1-2 exabytes'll be enough to entertain crew during a year of flight or so, but if you want something like a copy of the whole Internet for lets say an interstellar decade(s)-long trip, portable source of scientific knowlege or so, 50-100 exabytes may be requred (althrough 9-month Mars trip Google cashe may still fit on Starship ). And also the amount of digital data on Earth is growing logariphmicaly fast, so you'd beter hurry - in 5 years you'll need something about a couple of zettabytes, espicially for "scientific data"™ and VR games with 16k textures, lol)
  4. Btw why modders don't use stock reflective textures from stock structural plates? I mean SXT uses stock textures, why couldn't other mods use already existing in the game tools to make cool shining parts?
  5. Ты просто задавал целью платформу и потом нажимал "сесть к цели"? Мехджеб не идиот, эта функция обычно используется, чтобы садить лендеры рядом с базой или типа того, поэтому мехджеб всегда садится, собсно, слегка в стороне, чтобы при посадке не поверить то, на что садишься. Я не помню, как там с настройкой этого параметра - в смысле наверняка можно поковырять сам плагин, но надо знать, как это работает, я не знаю и не пробовал, так что тут ничем помочь не могу, кхех. Вообще спроси в англоязычных KOS и мехджеб-тредах, где и как изменить этот параметр, наверняка же не у тебя первого проблема. Хотя, насколько я знаю, люди часто KOS используют, но опять же, если ты можешь посадить ракету с КОС, то .длл поковырять тем более. Мехджеб вообще довольно неточный, у меня он за пол-километра от цели иногда садит, я даже не думал никогда о том, чтобы использовать его для посадки на баржу. Вообще можно ещё в последний момент взять контроль на себя, с высоты 300-500 м самостоятельно посадить должно быть не трудно, если топлива не впритык, особенно с КЕР-ом.
  6. What's with cargo Starship version? I am sooo excited to finally start using cargo Staship insted of old Space Shuttles, they are really looks ancient compared to other parts of my near future-style space programm. I mean, I don't teally need crew version because i can use Skylon-style SSTOs to send kerbals to the space station in KEO and Orion-style vehicle to transfer crew to other planets, but when it's time to launch a ~50t of construstion materials (especially to other planets) or new 3.75 station modules... It's something that cannot be done with Skylon and still too light for vasting huge partially-reusable New Glenn-style vehicles, but just fine for fully reusable Starship, that can also serve as heavy cargo lander... Meh, i just can't wait!!!
  7. Do you have some files left? I think i could try bring that back to life
  8. I could continue this mod developement if i had models, where can i download this mod (download link broken - it's www.[nothing]/downloadlinkstuff)
  9. >tga is smaller It's not all about size. .dds, as i understand, is a sort of a native video card format so video card is converting all images in .dds to use them. Of course, it increases RAM usage, so if images are in .dds already - video card don't need to convert them and it, obviously, reduses RAM usage, so not only mod with textures in .dds is lighter, it also runs much faster. >.pngs are easy to edit Well, there are a lot of online image converters that support (and .dds-.png) convertation. If i personally want to change the texture of the part that is currently in .dds, i convert .dds to .png, edit texture and convert back (although I personally do not often need to change the textures, but it's not important). Also i believe that for majority of people enough to have a stockalike main texture and a couple extra kind-of-stockalike textures to match other color schemes - for Squad parts it's "stock", "black-and-white" and "soviet" textures, for a spaceplane it could be something like "stock", "dark" and "gray" textures maybe? I mean i believe not many people would use something like green, red or blue textures. Also if you really need easy changing of color schemes, you can use something like Textures Unlimited mod, but it's unstable and a lot of people have troubles with it.
  10. Oh my holly Kraken, why you don't use .dds insted of .png? That mod is co large (130 mb) for it's part count, the ShadowWorks mod with SLS, Ares 1 and5, Atlas, two Orions, shuttle and ISS parts is only 80 mb (but have crappy models tho)! Seriously, why not .dds? The mod could weight ~30-40 mb instead of 130, it's so cool and so owersized
  11. OK, than why couldn't they cancel current-state SLS developement and make a sort of commercial competition (i guess that's what they done back in 00-s, but i mean again with Elon and Jeff and all that stuff), than say "use that parts if possible pls" (if that's really THAT matter) and give all that billions to someone way more effective than current SLS developers? I mean Elon claims that Starship needs only $5 billion to R&D and it's already partly done - with $20 billion of SLS money NASA could get 4 Starship-class projects finished!
  12. Could NASA give a SLS development to some other companies like SpaceX or ULA rather then developing it by themselves? Or give SpaceX/Boeing/whoever a task like "Develop a huge SLS-class lifter in 5 years" and be good to go? It just seems like SpaceX could do that with SLS money?
  13. I have an issue with indlatable parts from different mods - as example, USI, Inflatable Airbags, Contares pack and couple other. When i grabing them from part list there are inflating and stay inflated all the time in hangar and also missing a button to deflate/inflate (USI, Contares) or just missing any buttons in right-click menu and do nothing. At the same time some other mods (Notantares inflatable parts, Comfortable landing) work just fine. I have a heavily modded install (~>90 mods, mostly for parts) and not very good computer, so i just cannot unistal one mod at a time and look if issue is fixed - it would be PAINFULLY long process (of course, if i won't be able to figure answer i will do it, but...). So what can cause that issue and how can i get rid of it? P.S. English is not my native language, sorry for mistakes and that stuff
  14. I know, i mean without it, just in regular way. Or maybe if mod creator don't want Starship and BFR be in one mod he can make a standalone mod with old BFR parts.