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  1. Oddly... I am, somehow. He has been such a figure in the community. Him transitioning to preparing KSP 2 for us just... feels like a good ending.... A really good one. Such a moment... I started using mods immediately after I flew my first couple of rockets. And Nertea's suite was among the first ones. Since than, 2017, not one of my missions went without his parts. To me, and many others he always was, and, indeed, will remain the face of KSP modding community, and a peak of one at that. And, unlike many other big modders, who have faded into obscurity, he kept marching on with new mods of such beauty and quality, that only the most recent Bealle's stuff started to come close to it. He was with us from the early days of KSP 1 untill the very end, enchancing the original game, adding new things and making new standarts, till the very end of it... and then some. And even now the story doesn't end - just transitions to the KSP 2. So, as they say... I guess, the king is retired, long live the king? And thank you, @Nertea.
  2. That's right kids, never forget to check for Optional Deoendencies!
  3. Wooah, I soooo wanted a mod like this for such a long time, even tried to adapt some derelict mods (with no sucess), THANK YOU Judicator81!
  4. Hey, love the mod and wanted to ask - is PrOP-M planned? It's a soviet mars rover thing-y, which could, I believe, be done rather easily with wheel module with external animation or through stock robotics, and would look nice and cute as a secondary payload on probe landers. And even if it's style of movement can't be implemented it could still be aded as a detacheable experiment with "It's not functioning blah blah :(" as a result - just like a real thing.. I mean, you've tried to add a Phobos hopper, after all. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_3#Prop-M_Rover
  5. There is a mod called Textures Unlimited that supports stuff like that, and there are mods (err... Magpie textures or smth, Quicksilver) that add shinyness for all parts
  6. I personally feel like 2 seats is enough. With 3 seats it would overlap with Soyuz too much, and 2 seats are not only plenty enough to recreate Voskhod mission profile, but would also make this into a sort of gameplay analogue for MH Gemini pod. 3-manned Voskhod will be essential only for EXTREME history nerds, and they could easily add a missing seat via .cfg editing... By the way, speaking of which, a 3-man IVA (seing as it is already sort of in-game) could be made into an extra option coming with github download. A triangle pattern is, IMO, better in this case as it looks more realistic (as realistic as THAT can look lol), and does not, again, overlap visually with Souz which has, as i remember, a "couch" layout. Yes, mods that ad parts are generally not too sensetive to game versions. Problems can arise with plugins, or some mods with a lot of dependencies, but even they are usually fine if not specified othervise. Main mod-breaking updates (after which plugin mods made for earlier versions usually break) are 1.8 and 1.10, minor ones are 1.4 and 1.5 I believe.
  7. So... A book by Andy Weir (author of "The Martian") - Project Heil Mary - has been released recently, and in there we are presented with (besides a friendly kerbal-eqsue space crab and a lot of other things) the concept of Spin-drives, which use the resourse known as "Astrophage slurry" (long story short, it's an extremely high energy density fuel). I likes the idea so much, and there were no KSP mods of them (obviously), so I decided to make one myself. There is just one problem: I don't know how. I know how to make basic models in Blender (with some REALLY basic useless texturing), and I know how to write .cfgs (could probably even try to make a Waterfall cfg for the engine), but I also know that to put a model in game you need to load it through Unity and stuff, and it also probably needs materials assighned, textures, bitmaps and other stuff waay out of my league. Basically, "made some shapes in Blender and am looking for someone who could use them to make a proper mod" lol. If needed, I will help with .cfgs to the best extent of my abilities. Link to both models - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q6WNQePaqG097lpEqYxqF5nC2Cb5PTnk/view?usp=sharing , y'all are free to use them, I guess xd Main spin-drive array Another view Spin-drive astrophage RCS
  8. So beautiful, and there is only one version of it in DSEV mod, with ugly non-transparent texture... Here - https://github.com/post-kerbin-mining-corporation/StationPartsExpansionRedux/tree/2-0-0 , but the centrifuge isn't in-game yet
  9. It could work as a heatshield, for aerobraking large vessels. Current biggest heatshield, I believe, expands to 10m? 3.75 or 5m flat-ish shield could expand to like 20m (I would suggest a 3.57m form-factor with toggleable 5m grid mech around it), which is insufficient for aerobraking 5m or evel long 3.75m vessels. Edit: I suggest doing only one part, of course, with one extension animation
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