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  1. What, did i? I don't remember sending anything, perhaps you misquoted or it was a typo. Or I just forgot, of course, this is also possible
  2. I thought Contres one was a lot smaller and more elongated, but maybe it's just me or TweakScale was applied
  3. Strange, charming, up, down, top and bottom? Luten is OK IMO
  4. Sounds a lot like russian "Sukhari", which means "hard chuck" (at least Google translated so). In fact, if it reads "Su-ka-ree", like was said, difference is only in that in "Sukhari" "k" is slightly muted.
  5. I think RT is just lying, it's reputation is not too good back here (but again, i'm ukrainian, my opinion about russian's officials and government-controlled news sources reputation can be somewhat unobjective lol). A lot of articles was talking about "explosion on a Nenoks rocket test site", "fire on a Nenoks rocket test site". Cosidering there are a real rocket test site in Nenoks... but it can also be a media's mistake, because there were a high radiation levels in Nenoks and a test site, so if the rocket really exploded on a platform in the sea near Nenoks and the radioactive particles was carried to it by the wind - they could be thinking that the explosion was on the test site, russian officials are not very loud about all that situation. We should check the wind direction at that day/time: if it blew from the sea, than version with platform is more probable, if from land - the explosion was on the test site. I should maybe state clearly that Ненокса is Nenoks in russian for avoiding possible misunderstanding
  6. Sounds very realistic to me You basically have it. The city (actually rather a big village) labeled "Ненокса" just under the closed zone is, i believe, where the test site is located.
  7. You are suggesting to do the same thing with rockets. I lack the english words to say it properly, but by saying «I'll use heating to add energy into the system» you are saying «I'll invite my friend and we would grab each other's hair and would try to pull each other up. Because i'm adding momentum to my friend and he is adding monentum to me, it's not a cheat drive and we'll fly upwards, pulling each other by hair». The inner momentum of a closed system is always 0. When you are expelling propellant, you are making it into another system, so "engine system" and "propellant system" can have differet momentum relative to each other. Without permanently dividing engine and propellant into two systems you cannot give momentum, because inner momentum of a system is always 0.
  8. You don't get momentum by heating something. You get it by pushing off something. In case of rockets they are pushing off expelled propellant (~~~). Do you understand why you cannot lift youself in the air by grabing your own hair and pulling?
  9. 0_o I agree about photons being a propellant, of cource, but they are generated from pure energy. If i will use a non-expendable light source (like heating a metal plate to produce IR radiation) and a ~non expendable energy source (solar panels), how would ship's mass decrease? I mean a metal plate can lose some matter due to outgassing and stuff, but it is not part of the ship's propulsion process.
  10. The problem is that rocket test site with killed people are on land and not even on the shore; the closed zone in way in the sea. So it can be turbopump explosion on a test site (i think rockets cannot fly with exploded turbopumps) OR reactor gutts scattered across the sea. That's confusing, because my version (basically similar to your reactor gutts) does'nt explain it either.
  11. If you capturing expelled propellant, you are creating a fuel loop. Just like if you took a hose and connected it to both sides of the pump. You can pump fuel around the loop as fast as you like (can connect a nuclear reactor to your pump), but you will not move. You can use energy to generate photons and expel them from the back of your rocket. It's called "photon rocket" and it doesn't need propellant, just energy. Thrust is non-existent (your engine is a lightbulb), but it doesn't violate the laws of physics.
  12. It sounds convincing, but what's with the large closed sea zone and Serebraynka ship?
  13. I don't think that drinking alcohol solution of iodin from pharmcy can help a lot, but thanks for information, i didn't know that