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  1. Decalc'o'mania v2.0.2 is live! Changelog - Fixed bug with the patch not being written correctly - Known bug: due to ModuleManager running before Decalc'o'mania, you have to start the game twice to apply the changes to the textures. Download it here!
  2. Thanks you all three for reporting this issue. I'm working on it to release a patch asap. I've already identified the problem so hopefully it will not take too long. Edit: I released a new update to fix this bug. But the problem is that ModuleManager now runs before Decalc'o'mania, leading to the patch being wrote after mm passed. One workaround is (as I've done for this release) to restart the game almost instantly so the patch is already there when mm is looking for configs. I'm working on some way to either write the patch before ModuleManager starts or get rid of the dependency. But both solutions are going to take me some time if I don't want to break everything again.
  3. Since Decalc'o'mania 1.2.0, you only have to add your image file (only PNG files are supported currently) in `GameData/Decalc'o'mania/Textures` and it will automatically be added as a part variant for the customizable decals. You can also create a subfolder and add your image in it (ex: `GameData/Decalc'o'mania/Textures/MyCoolFlags/example.png`), but not inside "templates" and "agencies" subfolders, these two are ignored by the mod.
  4. Renamed a kerbal with the "rename vessel" feature... Now KSP thinks Heunon Kerman is a base
  5. New SafeBrakes Update (1.1.5), NullRefs on update should be fixed. Changelog - poll results: toggle the brakes with modkey + brakes [63%] - updated InstallCheck and ModuleManager - various bug fixes and improvements Download it on Github or Spacedock.
  6. Decalc'o'mania v2.0.1 is live! Changelog - Fixed bug with the patch file not being deleted at the end of the loading - Updated InstallCheck and ModuleManager Download it here!
  7. Hi, thanks for reporting the issue, I'll take a look at it and make an update asap. I'll also take a look at your original thread, some context could help me a lot in recreating and fixing it.
  8. Decalc'o'mania v2.0.0 is live! Changelog - Modified file layout, delete the old version before updating the mod! - Recompiled for KSP 1.8.x - Improved en-us parts names and descriptions - Added more sizes - Added installation checking Download it here!
  9. I opened an issue on Github including a link to a poll in which you guys can vote for how you want to toggle the brakes: https://github.com/Astronants/SafeBrakes/issues/2 I'll also include a link to the poll in the next update. If it doesn't get enough votes btw I'll leave things as they are.
  10. That sounds interesting, I'll do it for the next update.
  11. Currently you can lock the brakes with alt+b. But I'm not against the idea of switching from alt+b to double tap if people are interested. The ABS rate slider allows you to change the time between two cycles of the anti-lock system (one cycle = one deactivation and reactivation of the brakes). It goes from 0.1s to 1s, quicker rate means safer landing but longer distance to stop, lower rate means shorter distance but can cause you craft to drift on the runway.
  12. SafeBrakes 1.1.5 for KSP 1.8.1 Because we don't want to see our sstos explode on the landing. FEATURES You can activate the brakes with MODkey + BRAKESkey (ALT+B by default on Windows). If on, the antilock system (ABS) temporarily deactivates the vessel's brakes to avoid drifting and crashing onto the runway during braking. The anti-overheat system (SAB) deactivates the brakes to prevent the airbrakes from overheating and reactivates them when they are cooled down. INSTALLATION Download the mod from Spacedock, GitHub or CKAN CHANGELOG Mod licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin.
  13. Yep, actually managed to find it : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Astronants/Decalc-o-Mania/master/Add more customs.cfg just copy-paste the text in a .cfg file and follow the instructions to add your own textures. Edit: I updated the mod, you can now just put your image (png file) in the Textures folder
  14. @Jeb Jawkins, yes it's possible! And even nicer: I've been working on a big update for quite some time now that will allow to simply add the textures to a folder. I had some problems with it but I think I'll make it, so stay tuned! ps: I remember now that I created a config file to do it pretty much the same way as you suggested, let's see if I can find it. And sorry for the (very) late answer, I'm not very active on the forum
  15. What a fantastic mod ! Is it compatible 1.4.5 and with Principia ? I can't wait to add this mod to my game !
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