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  1. When you byed it on the KSP website you can go there, log in with the email adress and pass you chose at bying. Go to download section and maybe older versions. You can download most every version you want Forgot: you can download an installer or a zip-file. For modding I recommend the zip.
  2. Hey there! Don't know really where I have to post it but it's devinitiv do something to mechjeb. So I post here my first little question: I have a little bit trouble with mechjeb and remote-tech in 1.2.2 RSS/RO(/RP0)-install. And I asked myself if it is a common problem and maybe a simple solution for this since I had seen nathankell had the same bug in his 1.1. Install on one of his tutorials. Simply, when I install mechjeb I have full control over every probe - ever. Even with no signal or with insufficient control point. I noticed it first in my RP-0 install. Thoght it was something with RP. But there was other issues too. I get a outputlog-error on every game. But it run just fine and I exit it just normal. In the logs I had seen a error with mono.dll. To see where the error happens I did a fresh install following instructions. For short to verify and maybe redo: (always latest version with just hard depencies for 1.2.2. I started KSP once into new sandbox on every master point (+) to verify good installation of each) +KSP 1.2.2 +RSS/ RSSVE (+ModuleManager 2.7.6) +RO including VenStockRevamp, ScanSat and remotetech Test at this point: all nominal. No control when signal lost +Install mechjeb ( full control even without signal. Full attitude and throttle via mechjeb-comp and manuel keypress. With or without RSS/RO-handling on. Tryed it out with and without CustomBarnCit. Any solutions? If this is not as simple to solve I will do a full, precise overview over my installed versions and upload the logs. But maybe there is a checkbutton I never found On the new install I have know even RP-0 and after a few tests it seems to be all fine except mechjeb. And I feel like I cheat about this but with no mechjeb it will be unplayable to me. :)) Thanks a lot!
  3. Can confirm that most parts are RO. But not RP-0. Seems to be ok for me. Can be a little bit cheaty but more want them in my repository for my later game interplanetary probes so it does not that matter it unlock a bunch of the parts quiet early.:)
  4. Thanks for your warm welcomes And thanks for the tip about the '-position. I'm sure I often forgot it completely The last few weeks I spend a lot of time to get the RSS/RO to work. I went back to an 1.2.2 installation to have also the RP-0 career mode. Because I thought "of sure I get overwelmed about parts and realfuels- and remotetech-stuff" and in stock it helped me to begin actually with career-mode helped me to decide which engine I should take with only a few parts available at start. But, I can tell you: when you're new to ksp, the mods, this forum and fileshare like github and spacedock it is really, really hard to get all the right versions and mods who work together. I think I read hundreds of sites of threadposts and install guides. What was really helpful, and still is, where the videos and tutorials on youtube from NathanKell (who is actual one of the people who created some of these mods, when I understand right? So double thanks to you), Scott Manley and RaizSpace! Special the how to install RSS/RO/RP-0 tutorials really helped a lot to get it to work. Even when it was for 1.1.3 - I think. Also the spreadsheet I found in one of the tutorials, I think it was from RaizSpace, helped to get all together. I wish somewhere in here be a thread where all working links together are in. Sorted by which I want to install. :)) It's a dream, I know. But maybe I will take a little time and write down together what I get. But sometimes I got the problem not to know if it is a bug or it is right from RO or RT or some parts. For example: is it right I can adjust attitude via MJ-ASS even without connection? And sometimes I get trouble with mods like MJ. It worked dozens of times and suddenly MJ ignore the fact that the manoeuvre is 1 hour away and fires straight up when reaching right attitude?!? WTH! Next burn it worked fine again. So, but I enjoy my real solar system and it really looks like beauty! But it brings my pc to it's "final frontier" Thanks again to the community! And if you have an passable system and think of playing with RSS - just do it! It's harder but even much more visual impact and mind blowing to fly over the "own" earth!
  5. Hey there I just tried it out yesterday evening (but only in launch pad cause my life wouldn't give me much time for this right now) The solar panels from juno seem to work in RSS/RO 1.2.2. The EC output is right transfered to watts. Also the panels with included reaction weels work. (this I tried also in space for short) But it labels me all the parts from probes+ as "non-ro" or ,non rp-0" but I think this will be ok, isn't it? Thanks for your support and the nice parts!
  6. Hello my friend! And also THANX to YOU for these very nice probe cores, science parts and the whole stuff! I really enjoyed buiding Voyager and Juno and let them fly out in my 1.4.3 OPM!!! So, but now i want to go a step further and for this reason i installed me a 1.2.2 Version with RealSolSystem and RealismOverhaul. Next step ist the RP-0 so i can play an carrer For my RSS i really, really wanted your Probes so that they can fly in the right sytem... And the installation looks good. All seems to be fine. But what i really miss a few parts like these beutiful Juno-Solar-Panels with integrated Magnetometer... Is there any chance for me, maybe to get only the parts from v.16 to the v.15 for KSP1.2.2??? I'm pretty sure you won't maintain for such an old Version.. I really appreciate your work! Thanks! Interstate
  7. Hi Guys! I'm a (relativly) new player to KSP. And now i really want to try out the beautiful Solar System you've created. After long searches for an older Version than 1.4.3, I finally found the 1.3.1 installer on the KSP-Site Download section. (last time I look in, it wasn't there. I swear!) But now i get a little bit konfuse about the install of the clouds and everything. If i understand it right I need the RSSVE-Mod to have the beautiful skyes, like i did in my KSP-OPM with SVE. This thread here for your KSP-1.3.1 is linked to the RSSVE from PhineasFreak. But in his thread he write clearly "RSSVE is compatible with Kerbal Space Program version 1.2.2. Older or newer versions are not supported."! So, now i don't know what i have to do to get this thing to work properly... (I install manual without CKAN.) Thanks a lot! For your answer and this Mod in every way! Interstate (and to all those who asking for the update to 1.4x: What is the problem to take it at it is? And it is just for 1.3... Maybe I-m wrong - but also I can not see the issue for an update when this mod will change everything anyway...)
  8. OK. I just tried it out and replaced "TechRequired = largeControl" with "generalRocketry" in the 2 Config-Files in "ATS\SATURN_V\DECQ_PROJECT_APOLLO" and now the chutes are all here Sometimes is that simple
  9. Hello there! First: I'm sorry for my bad english but since school i did'nt use it often. And it was about 15-20 years in past... I better understand than get right articulated and my grammar is for sure the most awful... I'm playing KSP now for several weaks and meanwhile really get totally addicted to this wonderfull game! And the Mods you can get from this fabulos Community are so exciting! I startet to add clouds and now i have a really big and wunderfull install of an OuterPlanet-System. A big "THANK YOU!" again to all the modder/ programmer who takes so much efford and work in thousand little things which make the game even better! I can only guess how much time you invest to get something to work. At next I play with the thought of an step further and install an RSS one. But, I think because i byed it at this state, the earliest version I can download is 1.4.3 for wich RSS is not ready now. So I have to wait for an update. I hope it will come soon, but i think the Guys from RSS are waiting the 1.4.4 update of KSP, are'nt they? Have a great time in kerbol-system (or in KSP-RSS) ! Sincerly Interstate
  10. I have installed 1.4.3 with mods i declared few postings up After a little cleanup in my installation i recognized that the chutes are now availaible in sandbox mode but in my (started way back) career they dont. I also recognized that the chutes requires "TechRequired = largeControl".I noticed otherwise the other parts are erquires mostly generalRocketry or advanced rocketry. Maybe is here the issue? I thoght about to simple change the requ. for the chutes to see if it work but had no time till now. the aligment of your port seems to be right. But on your pic it seems to me, that you have your probe extended. This is the "Softdock". you have to retract the probe from right-click-menu when both ports are touching. than it should snap together.
  11. Sure I hope it is ok for DECQ...? I think so. Hope this Craft file will work for U. Had to delete all my lights and CA-Experiments so u maybe have to rebuild the LEM by your own.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ikm52f4mhaq3d0/SATURN-V APOLLO.zip?dl=0
  12. Hey there! After a few hours i get the whole Saturn V - Apollo together and working... It was kind hard without any instructions or assembling sheet. But now... it flyes!! Oh sh*** YEAH! And it looks great.To get even more visual out of this I decided to install RealPlumeStock again. (But the positionings are not read out from the cfg's. The F1 and J2 looks ok - but my LF-T30 and T45 are still complete on fire) It is a really well designed model. The fuel is more than enough to do an APOLLO-Style Mission. I even removed some of the fuel from the second stage to get the right timing in staging and the fuel in the S-IVB was around the double I needed. But yes - the parachutes are missing and i have even no idea how to fidel the parachute decoupler in. I installed two radial chutes under the docking panel instead. Some little bugs, especialy in part actions, but nothing to deal with it. If you want I write you a litlle report of the issues. Don't want to write them down here. For example: the Tower suddenly disapear 500 m up in the sky :)) This looks really funny! And the subsat had no option to stage the engine and generate no power. So people - get this mod, get the SaturnV together and enjoy the great view and replay the missions of the late 1960s. both thumbs up!
  13. First a big HELLO here from Germany! I would have to giveyou a "Thank you very, very much!" to the whole community and the great jobs all the Modder do! But, back to this particular one: It's an fantastic work and the parts look very amazing... I'm stunned. But - i can't load the entire Saturn-V .craft file. Not in my career and even not in sandbox mode. After a short check it seeem's to be all OK with the Parts. But when i will open the whole model, KSP told me there is an "Incompatible file in the folder" and ask if it should delete it. When i cancel that the SaturnV-Apollo is shown up, but with comment "***incompatible with this version of KSP***". Could it matter that i have'nt installed JRS? Because i had no trouble with rockets like noodles; its enought for me to use the rigid attach and autostrut functions from stock game. Otherwise i coult not find a version of JRS for KSP 1.4.x. and i dont want to mess up my whole install because of the one model. Then i build it on my own.... To specify i had installedl 1.4.3 with following Mods: OPM (w/ kopernicus) Sigma Binary Scatterer MechJeb (+ MJ for all*) KER KIS/ KAS EVE (with SVE) CA- Aerospace* KW Rocketry* CBK TransferWindowPlanner/ Alarm Clock chatterer Toolbar (from Linuxgurugamer) Manouver Node Evolved Pers. Rotation Aviation Lights Dist. Obj. Enh. Planet shine automated Science Sampler Dmagic Science* Firespitter (because it come with this)* Launch Numbering* Stage Recovery Docking Port AI infernal Robotics * NASA-Countdown** (*-marked: Newly installed and not really testet but seems to work)(**newly installed but dont work yet EDIT: work now. forgot the Tollbar Controler and prevent-click-through-thing Maybe you find the error... Thanks for your attention and i hope you will continue this fabulios work!
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