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  1. ok, in the eve and sve part, no problem, I can find several compatible with 1.4.5 and even better. Thank you very much for helping me, I'll be closing here.
  2. I hope so ... I do the backup, I will see if version 1.4.5 fixes this and if the mods work, otherwise I go back to 1.4.1 ... shame it does not have as many mods for 1.4.1. ..
  3. I will see if it will be worth upgrading to 1.4.5, because I have several mods and I do not know if they will have this version. But thank you for helping me.
  4. Good night everyone, I have a little texture problem in my ksp, In reentry, especially when the heat shield turns yellow, I look directly at it and I see a strange black circle. the spacecraft also presents a slight transparency, being able to see the clouds on the other side. I wanted to know if this is related to my visual mods ... My visual mods are: eve (not config), sve high, texture replacer, planet shine, reentry particle effect, diverse kerbal heads and JSI transparent pods (I do not know if JSI is visual mod) The capsule used in the images below is of the mod tantares. The version of my game is 1.4.1
  5. I'm going to do this procedure but only after, it's that I'm busy now, but when I do this file I'll tell you
  6. I think so, but I wanted to build different probes with this type of energy, only solar panels get boring...
  7. Hello everyone, I wanted to know why the thermoelectric generator is so heavy, it weighs about 160 pounds, for me it's a lot, can you reduce that weight?
  8. Hello everyone, I'm new here, I wanted to take a function that is bothering me a lot, I wanted to know how to disable the tremendous screen when the ship exceeds the force G