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  1. The Panavia Tornado ADV is a variant of the Panavia Tornado IDS designed specifically for interception. Quite a strange combination practically - an interceptor fighter, designed from a ground-strike aircraft. it’s powerful radar, and beyond-visual-range capabilities made it one of the most advanced aircraft of the decade (helped that it’s first flight was in the tail end of the 70s). Despite it’s capabilities, one must question why you would make an interceptor out of a ground strike aircraft… Personally, I want to thank the addition of the new (relatively) flag parts. This opens up
  2. A Superfortress the size of a hummingbird - but more akin to a hawk - the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk was the US’s principle attack aircraft during Vietnam. Light and easy to repair, and it’s capability to land on old WWII aircraft carriers made it also a common export fighter, seeing operational use with Argentina, Brazil and Indonesia. This replica was constructed in a similar way to my previous F11F replica, using flag blueprints, and constructing the fuselage out of fuel tanks and landing gears - only to higher degree of standards. I also used a different method for making the vertical
  3. Ever since the introduction of flags (and flag parts) to KSP, I was quite weary of using them in my builds. It wasn't until I first used them that I recognized the power and versatility of flag parts to create not only accurate shapes, but also accurate colors and textures. This F3-F replica represents my most flag-intensive replica yet, taking advantage not only of the many ways you can use flags to create complex body shapes, but also adding the equivalent of adding your own "textures" to KSP 4 months ago, I began working on an F3-F replica, with accurate colors and such. Unfortu
  4. Skylab After 11 hours of building, Skylab I is now complete! It comes with a fully detailed interior, an accurate exterior, and almost 3200 parts in total. It represents one of my most part-dense creations I have made, with 3000 parts filling the space of a mere S-IVB stage. Here, the Apollo Telescope Mount can be seen. Skylab would represent the final use of the mighty Saturn V rocket for use in space exploration. Interestingly, a lack of space launch systems available to the US at the time led to the eventual fall and death of Skylab, with the Shuttle Program unable to
  5. M47 Patton II Tanks?! Tanks are quite the rarity here - maybe because Kerbal Space Program is not a tank building sim. But that hasn't stopped me from combining 2999 of KSP's parts into replicating one. Yes, you heard it right, 3000 parts. Some history - By the end of WWII, America was already fielding and producing the M26 Pershing in large quantities. However, by this point, the M26 was almost outdated, as it featured an under-powered engine and lackluster performance overall. This was remedied with the introduction of the M46 Patton, which was an overall improvement
  6. Starfighter Supersonic Defender idk i don't have that much to say about this that hasn't already be said so I'm just going to show some glamour shots of my plane
  7. 100% Gravioli - Boeing P26 Peashooter Nothing stopped me Single engine, all metal fuselage monoplane, one of the most advanced fighters... at it's introduction. Advancements in aviation technology had made the "Peashooter", as it was affectionately known, obsolete by the time the US entered WWII in 1941. "We fly by moonlight" The P26 was armed with 2 Browning machine guns, and had optional bomb load on suspended racks The colors were based upon the one seen in War Thunder, which likely never existed, but indeed, Peashooters came in blue with
  8. 100% Grip Pads - VW Beetle help Complete with working sliding windows, open-able bonnet, detailed engine, and custom rims +steering mechanism Boxer 4 engine allowed for air cooling, and thus weighed less than water cooling systems The beetle would be widely exported to all four corners of the globe. Here is one outside of an East-German apartment bloc why?
  9. Doug-Glass TBD Devastator Medium range airliner/combi Get it here https://kerbalx.com/KAS/Douglas-TBD-Devestator Just to check if you can really submit anything in this challenge, I'm going to put this up for sale. Manufactured by glass-ware company, Doug-Glass, the Devastator comes with 1 Tons of bombs cargo, and 2~3 passengers crammed comfortably seated in between the passenger and machine gunner. You can put spare passengers in the MG turret, but theres a huge risk in them A. Shooting in the dead-zone (rudder), or B. climb out of the turret, plummeting to their deaths
  10. It flies on it's own no problem! 1243 parts isn't too shabby either
  11. 100% Color - Douglas TBD Devastator why it looks fine enough i guess the canopy slides open, that's kinda cool too rear gunner having the time of his life. not me
  12. Skyrocket The Grumman XF5F 'Skyrocket' Many Kerbal planes are usually white, or black, but most of the time, they never follow the original color scheme. What separates this from most other craft is it's ingenious use of parts to create an accurate color scheme, as would be on the real plane (real patting myself on the back there). It is made of 1232 parts, the most numerous of them being Oscar B fuel tanks (for the bare aluminum look) and the Making Historystructural panels, which happen to be a nice shade of yellow, perfect for recreating the Skyrocket's yellow wing
  13. 100% Grip Pad - Supermarine Spitfire MK.XIV This replica is made of mostly grip pads The color scheme and spitfire are actually totally sepperate from each other. No Griffon spits (like this MK XIV, which characteristically has 5 blades) were ever used in the night-fighter role as far as my memory is concerned At 1800+ parts, it's both a waste of parts and processing power. But I did it anyway, so what gives? There's a working joystick and haphazardly detailed cockpit. OFC theres grip pads every-where And a cute little cinematic of me flying th
  14. F-14A Tomcat Uncontrolled Flat Spin Incident Investigation An investigation on the 1987 flat spin incident in the Gulf of Kerbin Published day 14, year 1988 in Kerbal Aerospace Journal After the incident over the Kerbin gulf in 1987, when a F-14A Tomcat flat spun on approach to KSS Lexington, Grumman engineers began a test to find the cause of such a phenomena. The research data from the test has proved useful, however, the cause of the flat spin still remains unknown. This study will attempt to find probable
  15. The YF-23 is a fighter prototype made by Northrop, and has been recreated here in KSP. It went up against the YF-22 concept, and thought it had a more advanced engine, low radar cross section, and a longer range, it fell out to the YF-22 due to some unproven technologies, a complex rotary weapons bay, and overall bad management. The YF-22 would be granted extra funding, and would become the venerable F-22 Raptor, and the YF-23 would forever stay a prototype. I used a new technique for the nose, using antennae as a "wireframe", and then offsetting the landing gear to match the
  16. Ah, the Skipper! What a nice looking engine... But does it need an overhaul? or should we leave it alone? that is up to you to decide. I vow to have it be unchanged, and that other parts should base their design on this, but that is my opinion. Do you have any thoughts?
  17. Fully Stcok Grumman TBF Avenger A WWII Torpedo bomber made in KSP So first, why did I want to make this plane? Well, it's because nobody has yet! Any replica I have seen uses mods or something else. So I made this craft. Another reason why is because I haven't made a stock prop plane before. I used a thermometer bearing for the propeler, If you are asking. Flies at around ~50m/s So, leave in the comments what you think about this replica! Download link:https://kerbalx.com/KAS/Grumman-TBF-Avenger
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