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  1. Exploration probes at Thatmo and Nissee:
  2. Did I just see Orion and Deadalus drives (and another thing-that-looks-like-a-fusion-torchdrive)?
  3. Try something like this: ---------------------------- @Angel-125 Second - or third, or whatever... - the issue with WBIGoldStrikeDrill / WBIGoldStrikeAsteroidDrill drills causing launch failure. It also happens with mod drills that were given this module [running Lite Blue mode and custom converters added in] [CRP installed]
  4. Yesterday I've finally updated my BH career and (after some bug hunting and bug fixing) today I finally landed a manned expedition on Hydrus: Arrival: Lander separated and descending: Obligatory flag planting:
  5. Neidon relay - the forward probe to the system - arrives! Meanwhile, the Sarnus mission finally returns. It's good to be home!
  6. Today I Landed on Wal: Urlum and its (other) moons. Plus Tal.
  7. Today, KSS Discovery II - the crewed part of the Urlum Exploration Mission - finally arrived to its destination. It then immediately headed for Priax: And three days later, it's finally there.
  8. As I'm still waiting for stuff to update to 1.7.2, I did another return to my OPM 1.6 career. And, this time, it's Urlum! Wow, apparently, Urlum has rings!
  9. To complete my tour of Sarnus system, I visited Tekto: And now, it's time to go home...
  10. Yet another picture of Sarnus's glory... ...And now it's Slate time!
  11. Today, I visited Sarnus's inner moons: Hale: and Ovok: