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  1. Today I got my steam install to work and then experimented a bit with KFS: "Upwards bound"
  2. I've launched a satellite to collect precious Graviolium from Rhode's orbit: Also used this craft to test a new engine layout with 4 Thor-tech aerospikes in NFA radial engine pods attached to an upside-down Kerbodyne ADTP-2-3 fuel tank. Actually quite workable design when you need a 3.75m (collector) satellite with engines that don't get in your way when you try to dock with it.
  3. My Hydrus Expedition has finally returned home. Lander has already performed the deorbiting burn, but the engine section hasn't been decoupled yet. Meanwhile, I've launched a probe to Gateway
  4. ...Meanwhile, I visited Leto: The location I've landed at was actually quite interesting. There was a mysterious stone arch there. And a brave pilot went flew there to explore the anomaly: Turns out, it's just a stone arch. But one gets quite a view from its top. With this, I've planted a flag on every rocky body within the Ciro system. There is still the nearby Grannus system to explore, but I think I will take a break from this save for a while and go back to my BH career for a bit.
  5. Today, I've achieved first orbit around Leto
  6. Craft is using an assortment of Near Future parts (with tweakscale) and some DMagic science parts too.
  7. Planted a flag on Hox: Watching the sun from the local monolith: Time to go home...
  8. Today, my Nero expedition departed for Gael: Meanwhile, the Hox mission arrived to an easy intercept of Argo, so that's were I went first: And now we go to Hox:
  9. Visited Agrippina: Now off to Julia to complete Nero-VI tour:
  10. As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words: ...And, damn, it's so dark out there...
  11. Today I planted a flag on Hadrian
  12. I got ready to land on Hadrian: And a beauty-shot of the moon: