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  1. KSS Venture, the crewed vessel for the Kerbol exploration mission has arrived to the Drozhe SoI, where it will help setting up the local production and supply (surface) base. Once the base is set up and operational, it will deliver the massive relays to Kerbol orbit to enable permanent connection to Rhode space center and begin the exploration of the Kerbal home system. Meanwhile, the mapping satellite has already reached low Drozhe orbit and began scanning the planet, looking for a good surface base site.
  2. After some trajectory correction for the main cargo ship, I've released the mapping satellite it was carrying. The sat will be flying ahead and, hopefully, have some useful data on the terrain and resources of Drozhe ready by the time the main ship arrives to the planet's low orbit.
  3. My interstellar cargo vessel has finally reached its destination: Drozhe. The second ship carrying crew will arrive there in another 30 days. now I'm performing a 44km/s deceleration burn (thankfully my antimatter engine does have enough fuel for that) -- something that will take another hour.
  4. There is a bug (or, perhaps, a not-always-intended behavior) where if you move cursor over a part in symmetry (e.g. 2x) while trying to place a part with (greater?) symmetry, your symmetry will reset to that of a part you've moved cursor over.
  5. I've gone Interstellar (in Beyond Home)
  6. I did a mission to Gateway: This is the craft I was using - a somewhat specialized OPT spaceplane with a pair of SURGE engines for atmospheric propulsion and plasma LFO engines for vacuum. Necessary power is provided by a nuclear reactor. In total, this thing masses just a few kilograms shy of 80 tons on the runway. That said, because it is more optimized for thick atmosphere of Gateway, it doesn't fly that well on Rhode and requires you to be going at 100 m/s to take off. Still, SURGEs are powerful engines and this monstrosity has TWR of 1.2 allowing it to fly through a victory
  7. I've visited Voss Unfortunately, I've run into a very annoying bug with kerbals self-destructing the moment they touch planet surface (don't worry, everyone is still alive thanks to save reloading), so no flag planting this time. With this, the only landable body in Fate-Destiny system that hasn't been landed on by a crewed mission is Gateway. Gonna try to rectify that before I begin exploring Kerbol system.
  8. Landed on Vasto: Undocked from the transfer tug and about to begin preparations for the deorbiting burn. Flying through some small-scale snow storm while killing horizontal speed. The snow effect might not actually be seen that well on the static picture, but it is definitely quite noticeable in-game. First Kerbal on Vasto!
  9. Finished mapping Vasto and moved the mapping satellite to its moon, Voss Meanwhile, the crewed part of the exploration mission finally arrived to the Vasto system: "sunrise" as seen from low Vasto orbit
  10. 1920 x 1080 Jokes aside, I'll return to Kerbol and explore all planets and moons there in my BH career and I'll explore Grannus in my GPP career
  11. I'd pull Mark Thrimm and build a multi-body SSTO rocket around the engine using either 3.75m or even 5m cores. Something akin to what you can find in this video. Basically, you'll have your engine hanging down from the mounting point set between the launcher bodies (and strutted to it to avoid the whole thing from swinging around too much.
  12. Are those converters functioning at 100% efficiency? I haven't paid attention to efficiencies in a long while, but don't stock converters get limited efficiency (and thus have lower consumptions/outputs than stated in part info) unless there is an engineer aboard?
  13. Sent the cargo ship towards Kerbol. While its departure burn was 6 days later than that of the crewed one, it will arrive slightly ahead and start mapping out Drozhe, which was selected as the body where the outpost / EL base would be established.
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