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  1. I also have Pathfinder so WBI omnistorage is present as well. The issue comes from me being able to independently set up resources in the part both via B9 and via OmniSrorage configuration with the latter not updating when the former is used.
  2. It looks like CryoTanks is the most likely source of the bug I'm experiencing. It *does* have forced tank conversion.
  3. This is a neat new (though not little) toy to play with. And it will only be getting better as you improve and expand upon it. That said: Why does the game think that Aft tank also has a docking port? I wasn't able to find one on it. Futhermore, I was able to make "double" tanks by setting it to LFO via B9 and then configuring storage to LH2. I don't think this is intended and is likely caused by MM patch not choosing a tank setup method cleanly. Also, can RSC modules please be squashed together? Having 3 of them takes a lot of space on PAWs and not everyone can run KSP even at 1080p. And, if possible, switch fuel type? LH20x would be really cool for those of us who would rather make a more light-weight version of X33
  4. I've removed unneeded parts from my interstellar KSS Venture ("landing legs" that were needed for the ship to be correctly deployed by Extraplanetary Launchpad) and moved it to Rhode's orbit using remaining fuel in the launch engines. Next up is refueling it with antimatter and attaching exploration vessels. Once all is done, it will depart for Kerbol.
  5. I'd actually say that K crew tank should be either 6 or 8. Definitely not more. As for K-lab, it might actually be better to increase science (not data - though 1050 I'm seeing is a weird number regardless) storage (so that you don't have to transmit it as often). I'd also like to have a K-body deployment bay (since flipping cargo bay upside down isn't always a solution) eventually, but that's not a priority. H-body cargo bay that could be useful for a small science-"shuttle" as a place to store the science equipment. Perhaps, its half-sized version and a half-sized fuel tank too? Either way, H-mount that actually has properly-aligned engines, I feel, is a much more needed improvement.
  6. My pure-LH2 K-body spaceplane Take of is done with Nebula engines in turbojet mode, but those are switched to scramjet mode halfway through ascent to ensure most efficient fuel usage - despite being, well, a K-body space plane, it can easily achieve orbital velocities while in atmosphere with Nebulas in scramjet mode. After coasting to apoapsis - if everything went as intended - this spaceplane will only need a small (~160 m/s) circularization burn, done with ARI-73 engine. Despite being the only vacuum engine for this machine, it still allows for a very decent 0.6 TWR and some 1000 m/s dV even when carrying an orange tank of LFO. To power the engines, a nuclear reactor, mounted at the front of the cargo bay, is used (with a pair of RTG to power reaction wheels and probe core even when the reactor if offline).
  7. Today, after a long and arduous construction, KSS Venture was deployed from the Armstrong surface base: It is a ginormous interstellar craft, capable of nearly 200km/s dV with its mighty antimatter engine. I'm yet to detach liquid-fuel boosters that were used to achieve Armstrong orbit, though, as there is still some fuel left in them. And since "legs" are rigidly attached to those fuel tanks, they stay for now as well. Once the ship is fully fueled (there is no antimatter factory on Armstrong), it will depart for Kerbol.
  8. ask @Gameslinx, it's from his mod (Beyond Home)
  9. @taniwha, thank you for your efforts. I assume that the patch will take some time. So, in the meantime,.. removing the ReStock patch (and re-adding clamps to the craft design) should let me build a ship starting on clamps, right?
  10. It appears that LaunchClamps do not substitute correctly if ReStock is installed. The following code in ReStock MM config is a possible cause: !MODULE[LaunchClamp] {} MODULE { name = ModuleRestockLaunchClamp trf_towerPivot_name = obj_girdercap trf_towerStretch_name = obj_stretch trf_towerGirder_name = obj_girder trf_towerYoke_name = obj_yoke trf_anchor_name = obj_ground trf_animationRoot_name = restock-clamp-1 anim_decouple_name = RestockLaunchClamp_Deploy }
  11. Finally, landed on Kohm: Now, one last shot of Gateway, before the mission departs back to Rhode:
  12. Moved my Gateway mission crew lander to Kohm:
  13. Near Future suite, SSPXr, DMagic for science, tweakscale, and I don't remember where those engines I have in the radial pods come from.
  14. Today, I've landed on Proxim: Now, it's one last moon to visit - Kohm - and this mission can finally head back home.