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  1. I present you: the flying radiator thing. Unfortunately, it's stats aren't that great for its cost and complexity: only 81 km/s dV with something like 0.9 TWR. I think I'll stick to X-7. It's cheaper and doesn't require anywhere near as many radiators while offering similar performance in afterburning mode
  2. No, I do not -- which is why I'm not saying there should be 3.75 tanks for FiP. I just love my stacks neat and without varying part diameter... Which, I guess, you can maintain with fairings or hollow parts (with 2.5m tanks hidden inside them). So it's not a big deal.
  3. While I'm all for having less parts when it comes to fuel tanks, I still find it a bit annoying that FissionParticles inline tanks are size2 only when the only engine using them is size3. Yes, there are also surface-attachable versions of those thanks, but still...
  4. @Cochies, assuming you want the updated radiators (ModuleSystemHeatRadiator) to have same rejection as they used to with ModuleActiveRadiator, you'll need to give them the following curve // option: use deterministic temperatures // Power radiated per temperature temperatureCurve { key = 0 0 key = TEMP REJECTION } with TEMP being max temperature of the radiator and REJECTION being calculated as maxEnergyTransfer of vanilla ModuleActiveRadiator divided by 50. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like temperature curve will accept variables, so making universal patch doesn't look possi
  5. Uhm... I meant <off>, not <idle>, but either way, it's temperature falls below that of environment, which should not be the case: "space temperature" in LKO is around 200K. And speaking of fusion reactors... while should probably go into SystemHeat, I'll still post it there since we're talking about it here already anyway: - FX-2 and FX-3 reactors seem to have wrong icon for SystemHeat overlay. Shouldn't it be <science> or <nuclear> ? - Both reactors also show temperature output of NaN in VAB. KSP v1.10.1 build 02939 (steam/master); FFT v0.9.2; Sy
  6. @TR_HyDra, which radiators did you use? If they were static, did you actually turn them on? At least of non-folding radiators start as deactivated but SystemHeat helper doesn't account for that while in VAB/SPH. That said, such a quick overheating looks suspicious. (on a loosely-related note, should an idle fusion reactor have MBR temperature of 3K?) Yeah, I see white dots too, but it is generally not something too bothersome, so I can safely ignore it. And as far as I've experimented, JR-20 is the only engine that has the problem with "something ghostly" being attached to the actual engi
  7. Played around with new Far Future Technologies a little: I might have cheated a bit with using WBI OmniStorage for Fission Particles tanks, but in the end, this monstrosity had 22 km/s dV @ 0.77 TWR in afterburner mode (limited by LH2 supply) and whooping 876km/s in base mode (with abysmal 0.06 TWR). It also looks pretty okay, though I need prettier radiators for this thing...
  8. - Enabling fusion reactor via the part actions popup doesn't enable it in "Installed Reactors" control window (one summoned via the button on the righthand side of the game window). Thus, when the control window is open, reactor shuts down. Enabling reactor in the control window, however, correctly marks the reactor as enabled in part actions popup. (FX-2, FX-3, JR-15 'Discovery', JR-20 'Ouroboros', JR-45 'Fresnel') - When you highlight JR-20 'Ouroboros', this happens:
  9. I've finally launched my interstellar mission to Kerbol. The cargo ship was the first one to depart from low Rhode orbit. The first part of the burn was done with plasma thrusters and the remaining liquid fuel (these engines were used to launch the whole thing off Armstrong). And once LFOx was gone, the ship switched to its primary antimatter engine: The second ship - the one carrying science and exploration equipment as well as a number of brave kerbals - followed an orbit later: Plane correction burn are scheduled in 55 days. After that, both ships have dV to sp
  10. In preparation for my expedition to Kerbol, I've assembled at my Armstrong Extraplanetary Launchpad and Launched to Low Rhode Orbit for refueling the cargo ship carrying a packed Castillo outpost (will be deployed either at Tribute or at Drozhe), a mapping satellite for resource survey and a local communication satellite group. Once this ship and KSS Venture, which carries crew and science lander, are fully refueled, I'll launch both ship to Kerbol.
  11. you aren't including the Tsunami sphere yet? you'd need only 6 of those for 3600 EC/sec
  12. IIRC, big lithium engines indeed produce noticeable amounts of heat (though, don't trust me, I rarely ever use them so can remember things wrong).
  13. I'm assuming, you're talking about MARGE VTOL warpjets (the big, boxy ones). Their closed cycle mode is designed to function like an ion VASIMR engine (low thrust and reasonably high ISP that can be adjusted for even lower thrust with higher ISP) with stored intakeAtm used as propellant. And given what you're saying, it looks like you're trying to run them closed-cycle while in atmoshpere - you need to use open cycle more as long as you have enough air around. MARGEs in open cycle should have something like 400 kN at standstill and ~850 kN once they gets going. ------------------------
  14. Expanding on that: Unless you use Extraplanetary Launchpad / some other mod that lets you build ships away from KSC. An EL site on a low-gravity world like Minmus allows you to build and launch ships that can't be launcher from Kerbin at all or are too difficult to launch from Kerbin even with orbital assembly taken into account. And if you're in career, it also saves you money. Larger interplanetary and interstellar ships are big and expensive. And require even bigger rigs to put them into space from Kerbin. Being able to skip that makes your life easier, though, of course, you first nee
  15. I'd not say that it's "on the back" since it actually starts from the ring near the first set of radiators. (yes, that thing is like 35 meters long) It's the "AEX-XE 'Cochrane' Beam-Core Antimatter Engine" from the old Far Future Technologies mod. (with a pair of 1.875 LFO engines and fuel tanks attached to the sides. Those were used to move the ship from EL on Armstrong to Rhode orbit and since there is still some dV left in them, I haven't ditched them yet)
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