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  1. GameData/NavBallTextureChanger/PluginData/Skins/ has all the current ones that you can use as a starting point
  2. Anything going on in the Cheat Window's Console tab when your framerate is low?
  3. Hello, I seem to have discovered some form of incompatibility between MJ's PVG algorithm, and certain engines ... ? Specifically, the RM-25-69 Cotopaxi from RocketMotorMenagerie will cause PVG to not activate the throttle. Note that this engine will work fine with Classic Ascent, but not PVG. I realize outrageous claims require outrageous evidence, so I've included a video. What you will see in this video is the shuttle on the pad, I activate PVG, and the throttle stays at 0. Liftoff will happen with zero throttle. Next I switch to Classic, and you can see the throttle activates immediately. (Along with the other problem I have with Classic: watch the control inputs while still on the pad... this leads to horrible liftoffs). I've tested this with a probe core, fuel tank, and the engine. PVG will not activate throttle, Classic will. For comparison, the "Rainstorm" from reDirect works fine with either ascent mode. Log file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QcPaBe3on_hOlBfcEvMXzapTKOgr1ege/view?usp=share_link Thanks for any feedback.
  4. Here's an idea I use myself. Create a new saved game called Sample Craft, of any game mode - doesn't matter. Then quit that save and go to your regular saves. Now you'll have the path [KSP]\saves\Sample Craft\Ships\VAB. In there you can make subfolders for any part mods you have, so e.g. a BDB folder with all the BDB craft files in there, an ACK folder if you use that, etc. In modern KSP versions, when you open a craft, you can select any game, and any subfolder within that game. This lets you have all the sample craft available all the time, but without clogging your normal save folders.
  5. As someone else with a lot of mods, and who doesn't have a problem with this mod (i.e. it works fine for me), I can give you a (potentially unhelpful) opinion: solar system comes first in a modded install. Meaning, set up the solar system without any other mods present. You're trying to add something into a heavily modded install, and it's not working, so clearly there's a conflict somewhere. You most likely won't find it going backwards. When I set up new installs, it's solar system first, then visuals, then QoL , then parts. In this case, you'd just start with KSRSS and what it requires, and then add in this one. It would be good to prove to yourself it works on your system. The nice thing about KSP mods, you don't need to delete anything - just grab everything "else" and drag it to a temp folder. Also, two things I most definitely do not have: "modulemanagerwatchdog" and B9Config.cfg sitting in the root of GameData (no idea what that file is, but how could it belong there?)
  6. I do not. I did notice that you have a lot of exceptions from TUFX, which is super odd. It never generates exceptions for me. Anyway, that's a red flag. But here's the one that accounts for MBs in your log file. I wish I knew enough about the C# namespaces to understand this call stack better, but yeah something is very unhappy. [EXC 18:02:51.572] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ProtoCrewMember.GetEffect[T] () (at <46478292153440df94e04a2a2ddd1062>:0) ProtoCrewMember.HasEffect[T] () (at <46478292153440df94e04a2a2ddd1062>:0) CommNet.CommNetVessel.UpdateComm () (at <46478292153440df94e04a2a2ddd1062>:0) CommNet.CommNetVessel.OnNetworkPreUpdate () (at <46478292153440df94e04a2a2ddd1062>:0) CommNet.CommNode.NetworkPreUpdate () (at <46478292153440df94e04a2a2ddd1062>:0) CommNet.Network.Net`4[_Net,_Data,_Link,_Path].PreUpdateNodes () (at <46478292153440df94e04a2a2ddd1062>:0) CommNet.Network.Net`4[_Net,_Data,_Link,_Path].Rebuild () (at <46478292153440df94e04a2a2ddd1062>:0) CommNet.CommNetwork.Rebuild () (at <46478292153440df94e04a2a2ddd1062>:0) CommNet.CommNetNetwork.Update () (at <46478292153440df94e04a2a2ddd1062>:0) The obvious question is what did you install right before this started happening? If you installed everything at once, I'll bow out, as I can't really offer you any other hints. Otherwise start with whatever you installed last, I'd say?
  7. Was probably the correct download location that fixed this. Even though I know it's listed as a current dependency, I don't have CBK and the Cape works fine for me. edit: typos, like usual.
  8. yes Reborn now has built-in scale control via its cfg
  9. So JNSQ is essentially stock planets plus a few extras, but at 2.5x the stock size. (Reductionism at its best - it's much more than this). The home body is still Kerbin, and the launch site is still (mostly) equatorial. After watching GiantWaffle use your stuff on stock, my first thought was that it seems like it should be almost the same on JNSQ, but I haven't looked at the code much, and kOS is still read-only for me. Anyway, thanks for the chat, your stuff looks amazing!
  10. Gotcha. Does JNSQ fall into the same category with RSS? I was hoping its similarities with stock might be a head start.
  11. My understanding early on was that the flight software Janus wrote for kOS was somewhat hard-coded for stock Kerbin, with altitudes or timings or distances or whatever. Was wondering if that's accurate, or if it can be used for other-sized home bodies. Thanks!
  12. Sorry I've tried to cobble together info by reading back many pages, but stuff is everywhere. Would someone be my hero and sum up the state of the flight control software in regards to rescaled systems such as JNSQ/KSRSS?
  13. All these parts look great! Thanks for working on this. In case these aren't already on the known issues list:
  14. Probably Waterfall? If you do have it, check your version maybe. Also, welcome to the forums.
  15. Sorry for butting in, I was curious about this docking issue, since I've never seen it. Sorry to say I've still never seen it, as your save works fine for me. I loaded the save, went to the tracking station, found the craft you mentioned, and figured it was pointing at this port, so I set it as target, controlled from the docking port on the craft, changed a couple autopilot options, and turned on the AP and docked. Tbh, I was kinda hoping someone found a way to do station keeping, as I could really use that for orbital construction, but haven't found a way to do it.
  16. imo, PVG is one of those things in the KSP world that only makes sense when you extend KSP with the right mods. Specifically, PVG buys you single burn to orbit on your upper stage engine. So it's great for something like a Titan, which has a single ignition on the upper stage. But without something like EngineIgnitor, there is no single ignition limitation, so why not just do a circularization maneuver... For me, it's habit to use PVG on engines that I know should only have 1 ignition, even though I ditched EngineIgnitor for simplicity.
  17. Axial tilt ... which hasn't been mentioned in ages but fingers crossed!
  18. I believe it's two identical probes for redundancy. https://www.wired.com/2012/05/the-first-voyager-1967/ "The twin Voyager lander/orbiter combinations would be stacked atop the S-IVB third stage within a protective launch shroud."
  19. idk anything about your sunflare but it looks like you have an old copy of ACK, (Benjee10_Orion) which likely means you're out of date on sharedAssets, too. This should fix a message being spammed in your log file about bones.
  20. It's already being worked on. See comments in the OP here:
  21. Have just installed and tried out the 1.0 release, and wanted to say thank you, and congrats. Everything seems to be working great. I tried one of the sample craft and put it into orbit on an H2, then re-entered with the return vessel. The parachute attachment is slick, and works great. Thanks for working on this! Looking forward to the H3
  22. The short answer is yes, all these parts work in 1.12.x. Additionally, there have been some new mod releases lately that might change your mind about using reDirect, depending on which parts you're after. For example, the shuttle ET/decoupler is available in the new ORANGES mod. The SRBs for the shuttle can be replaced by Photon Corp (Benjee's recommendation, see a few posts back), or even ACK. The Orion capsule exists in ACK now, as well as the rest of the SLS. I believe the recommendation might also be to use RMM for the engines. Personally, I use SOCK+ACK+ORANGES+ Rainstorm from reDirect for the shuttle. I've pared down my reDirect install to only contain the Rainstorm engine. For SLS I use the SSME that comes with ACK. Hope that gives you some ideas.
  23. You have a GameData folder inside your (presumed) GameData folder. Whatever is in there isn't working correctly. Where is your Kopernicus and MFI?
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