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  1. Was the center F1 engine shutdown triggered by an unconditional T+x timing sort of thing, or was it a performance/detection type event, like G or Q or fuel levels or ... ?
  2. [reaching into the void of Unsupportedland] I'd love to get the extras patch for linking brakes to SafeSolid shutdown to work, but it's currently having no effect. The grammar in there is a little beyond me. Anyone messed with this? (I figured out the boo-boo in the OGO rover patch, so I'm 1 for 2 today so far)
  3. Do you recommend updating to this build if we are still on KSP 1.11.2? Also, thank you for continuing to update this!
  4. Wondering about the revamped LEM ascent stage's control orientation. It's been rotated 180 degrees compared to the old LEM. Is this intentional/permanent?
  5. Throwing in my 2 cents for more data. Just tested this and had no issues, so here's my specifics: KSRSS @ 2.5x, Friznit-approved build of Thor/AgendaD, except the wiki says to use "Fenris-MCA Structural Adapter + Belle Interstage" which I did not find to be correct, only the Belle interstage is needed to connect the Agena to the tapered 600 tank. RL79 set to 218 "Odin". 4 fins. Mechjeb: Classic, 250km, Limit Accel 35m/s. (none of the color mods you guys have mentioned). Here's my ascent path which seems like the thing to edit if you wanted to flip a rocket: start turn 100m/s, turn end alt 75k, final angle 0, turn shape 74% This profile results in the steering reticle staying well within the prograde circle until 17km alt, 608m/s, mach 2.1.
  6. Action Groups are just a shortcut for the PAW. My point wasn't about action groups.
  7. My 2 cents, from playing strictly Science mode and using this mod for the last few years. In Stock, Collect All is implemented as a PAW item and runs on a single part. It's illogical for the command to be run on multiple parts. It should move all science data to a single endpoint, just like it does when you use the PAW - which it does when there's only a single part that is capable of storing science. So, if you have multiple parts that can contain science, use an Action Group on just one of them and don't use the Collect All button. If you have a single part that can collect science, then the Collect All button works great.
  8. If you learn how to do it the right way - a MM patch that lives in your own custom folder and targets just that part if it's installed - I'd love to see your solution. I did it the wrong way because I was in a hurry and just needed to film/test something. The wrong way is to edit the part cfg file directly, which is what I did at the time, and then overwrote it when I grabbed the latest changes from github. I think in the end I had a value that was like 3x the original value, but that's not a calculated value, that's a "I just need more for now" value. Balancing real-world hardware for KSP seems like a nightmare to me.
  9. Does anyone have info about the lunar sample return mission, such as maneuvers and separation events? I'd like to fly the mission as closely as possible to the real mission, but there are some stages I'm not sure about. E.g. if the RD-212 can't restart, then I'd do a single burn to LEO like a Titan. And I'm guessing the RD-58 does both the ejection and the lunar capture burn? Then I'm guessing the lander's engine has to have at least a couple restarts, and it probably did the de-orbit burn? So much guessing! Anyone have these deets? screenshot tax ... had fun with this one too:
  10. I don't think the original balances for this mod were done with 2.5x in mind, as I had the same experience. My solution was the increase the amount of fuel in the SRM. Here's me doing it in JNSQ.
  11. Forgive me, this isn't strictly BDB but you guys are the best crowd to ask: does the MRO exist anywhere in KSP land?
  12. Hello, and thank you for keeping this awesome mod up to date, and for making the install so simple. I installed this on 1.11.2 and had fun exploring all the parts. I had a couple questions: For the parts that have built-in fuel/engines, is there any sort of expected scale for the player's solar system? Historical probes seem tricky in this department, because I assume you're trying to match the basic mission capabilities the probe, but how that scales to KSP seems to be a matter of opinion. Do you have an overall approach for these parts? I noticed Surveyor has a whopping 3800m/s, even without the SRM, and Juno has 661. TexturesUnlimited is definitely doing its thing while I'm in the VAB, but does nothing in the flight scene - the textures are non-reflective and look the same as when TU is not installed. I haven't tried debugging this yet but are there any known mod incompatibilities? I have all the usual suspects like scatterer and tufx. This mod is my first to require TU so I don't know how it does on any other parts. If I needed to prune a couple parts, is it generally safe to prune at the folder level? (I realize some folders have multiple parts). Thanks again for this mod. I learned some stuff about IUS/Shuttle missions just from investigating each of the missions these probes executed (or attempted)!
  13. Unfortunately not for me. I updated the entire KSRSS folder from gitlabs this morning. Here's my VAB, which looks the same regardless of the KSC location: And my setup info:
  14. I don't have the best of luck with KSRSS + KK, but this worked! Thank you for figuring out how to shoehorn this amazing mod into 2.5x for us non-RSSers!
  15. I have this too with 0.7 from gitlabs and KSP 1.11.2. Personally, I haven't seen the dev team say they want bug reports for the dev version, so I've just been keeping them to myself.
  16. It would really help to see your GameData folder, but I'm using KSRSS on 1.11.2, so it's definitely possible. You'll need the Gitlab (0.7) dev version, not the released version. You also need the latest Kopernicus, I'm on, which is probably a couple builds behind by now but works.
  17. I've made a few very similar tweaks, plus applied Zorg's WIP sun stuff to KSRSS, too. I just did this blindly, not knowing if any of the params actually work for KSRSS or what ... but here's where I'm at so far. also, this is scatterer's projector mode, and KSP's 8x AA re-enabled. original was super_sampled and then this is resized in PS back to 1080p. I feel like this is pretty well balanced, but definitely nothing breathtaking yet. Maybe I de-hyped it a little too much?
  18. I grabbed github probably a week ago? Can confirm that the straight variant unfolds but does not track.
  19. This thread was started a few days ago by a very prolific community member who is taking over an existing mod that no one has been working on for a long time, so ... clearly we see this differently, but I'm really excited that someone has taken this on out of the kindness of their heart and love for the community. The original mod and thread still exists. If being on the bleeding edge of a mod's development is uncomfortable for you the original one can still be downloaded, and has all the requirements in the zip file. You'd be looking for: Kerbal-Konstructs- and the thread is here: Or here https://github.com/GER-Space/Kerbal-Konstructs/releases
  20. IMHO, the maneuver node planner in 1.12 is simply not a version of TWP. TWP is brilliant and incredibly useful, and the thing in 1.12 is quite literally useless to me. The only patching they could do to make 1.12's feature replace TWP would be to actually include TWP - which was the hype pre 1.12 release, but it definitely did not pan out like that.
  21. I've been revisiting this mod in 1.12.1, and I didn't have any issues with the heat shield attachment either. Worked fine for me. However, I do have a major showstopper - ejecting the heat shield destroys one or two of my landing legs every time ... Where/when are you guys ejecting the heat shield? My failed attempt:
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