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  1. I'm not exactly sure if that's the issue. That issue is on a Xbox/Ps with the controller. I mean, i could see similarities, yet i have no clue how to fix it. I don't even know what the controls are. I don't have such console. just pc. Thanks for trying to help though!
  2. Hello. Just today i've bought a thrustmaster joystick to use in K.S.P. mainly for controlling the Pitch/Yaw and Translate manouvers. I thought this would have been usefull for docking a space ship and flying an aircraft. I plugged the controller in and checked if all axes and buttons worked. There didn't seem to be an issue. Then i started K.S.P. And put the Input controls for Pitch/Yaw/Translate to the main controller axes, X-Y. I also added the camera controls and throttle function. Camera controls throttle Translation / Pitch + yaw I decided to test it out and just loaded a space craft (with my controller in the standard middle position) and then i noticed something strange. (see bottom left of the image below) When moving the stick to the left or to the top, it would glitch and and start again from the opposit side in the same direction. when moving it to the left, i get small twitches every now and then of the indicator jumping from it's place. Same thing with the throlle. the only function i'm not having issues with is the camera controls (another controller on my stick). Also i like to mention it is very sensitive, that even the vibrations of my desk are making the indicators move (it didn't work by changing the sensitivity either). My idea is that the top left of K.S.P.'s manouver pannel is the exact point where KSP thinks the center of the stick is. That explains why i am still able to move it Right/down. (i checked my controller's settings again and the center of the stick isn't offset.) My first thought was an issue with the Dead zone bars, but after messing around with that for a while, it was only worse or it caused more issues. I didn't have any time anymore today so i thought i'd ask now. in hope of any responses next day. If you have any more questions, please ask. i will try to reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.