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Status Updates posted by zer0Kerbal

  1. I will be going through all my notifications later this week.

    up next:

    • Axial Aerospace (x5)
    • Razer Chroma
    • and more.
  2. thank you for your efforts. Love Docking Sounds!

  3. Greetings @LazarusLuan


    • LazTek

      • SpaceX Launch Pack by LazTek
      • SpaceX Colonial Transporter by LazTek
      • SpaceX Exploration Expansion by LazTek
      • SpaceX Historic Archive by LazTek

    I absolutely love these parts addons and really want others to enjoy them as well, so am asking to adopt them. Permission is required because of the restrictive license.

    SpaceX Colonial Transporter By Laztek

    All Rights Reserved - CurseForge - CKAN CurseForge ID: 227313

    SpaceX Historic Archive By Laztek

    All Rights Reserved - CurseForge - CKAN CurseForge ID: 224209

    SpaceX Exploration Expansion By Laztek

    All Rights Reserved - CurseForge - CKAN CurseForge ID: 224208

    SpaceX Launch Pack By Laztek

    All Rights Reserved - CurseForge - CKAN

    • CurseForge ID: 224207

    Thank you kindly in advance! zed

  4. Update to the IT upgrades.

    Hardware is all assembled, and now includes a MSI RX 6600 8GB MECH gpu. That was the easy part - even the cable management. 

    This weekend I take the drives out of my existing workstation and wire them into the new workstation. This is the time consuming part. With over 150 apps installed (including two versions of VS Community, Blender, GiMP) and so many customizations.... well, I will come up for air sometime next week.

    Oh, and the name of the machine is:




    because über silent BeQuiet! cooler, fans, and case; and the 500DX reminds me of a Cylon - with the red chase lights.


    Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for KSP and the players who support authors like me.

  5. In the next several days I will begin to do an IT upgrade.

    This is made possible because of the generous players who helped out.

    I will not be very responsive over the next week to ten days. 

    The IT upgrade entails a new(er) machine that I am putting together myself. It has been quite a spell since I last was building computers professionally; however I should be fine.

    It is the trickle down effect that will consume my time. Am doing a fresh OS install, and that will take time to migrate my development environment to the new machine.

    Once that is complete, I will salvage my old ubür space potato (itong sobrang lumang mabagal na patatas / diese übür langsame kartoffel)  into being a TrueNAScore server - and since I am new to TrueNAS, this will take time, plus there are tb's of data/backups to migrate.

    Finally, there is upgrading the mediaPC - going from spinning disks to a M.2 (they're on sale now - cheap)

    Thank you to the supporters who helped bring this to fruition.


    • Intel i7-10700K (TG)
    • MSI MAG Z490 Tomahawk Gaming (it was on sale)
    • Seagate FireCuda 530 1TB (Primary) (it was on sale)
    • Patriot Viper 4 Blackout Series DDR4 64GB (2 x 32GB) 3200MHz (it was on sale)
    • be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
    • be quiet! 500DX white
    • NZXT NP-C750M - 750 Watt PSU - 80+ Gold Certified - Modular (TG)
    • using existing gpu: Sapphire Pulse AMD Radeon RX550 4 GB GDDR5


    • Intel i7-4790
    • DELL 0PC5F7 motherboard with cooler
    • 32GB DDR3-1600 SDRAM (4 x 8GB)
    • OS drive: 500GB KingFast SSD (it was on sale)
    • Cache/Data drive: 1TB SPCC Solid State Disk (it was on sale - see a theme here :) )


    • AMD Phenom II X4 B55 Black Edition
    • ASUS M4A88T-M
    • AMD Radeon HD 4250
    • 8GB DDR3-1333 SDRAM (2 x 4GB) (Kingston 99U5471-012.A00LF)
    • OS drive: 120GB SPCC Solid State Disk (it was on sale)
    • Data drive: Exos Seagate ST16000NM001G-2KK103 16XL 16TB drive (no redundancy)
  6. Thank you.

    1. Caerfinon


      You are very welcome. Fly Safe! 

    2. zer0Kerbal


      happy RUD ... wait I meant to say flying!

  7. under  the weather... limited responses/activity for the next 24-48 :valsad:

  8. Aloha @nothke!

    I sent you a direct message concerning adopting.

    6S Tubes

    CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 - CurseForge - CKAN

    SLS textures

    CC BY-SA 4.0 - gDrive

  9. @scullyl I have send you a direct message about adopt these glorious parts addons!


    All Rights Reserved - SpaceDock

    Kerbal Suitcases

    All Rights Reserved - SpaceDock - CKAN


  10. took a day or two to refine/update my local automation scripts.

    These are batch scripts and are quiet long and somewhat complex because of that.

    They do things like create the json files that power the pretty little shields (graphics) that automatically update in the readme's (here, GitHub, CurseForge, and SpaceDock).

    This also included updating and improving the schema for each addon's local database.

    Had to do this because the BobCat series of part addons will have up to three folder levels beneath GameData (e.g. </GameData/BobCat/SovietPack/Mir>)

    am also taking a day or so to create and implement (*knocking on wood*) a new way to speed up the creation of each new GitHub repo since I have so many new ones to create.

    as always, thank you for your patronage!

    no mod left behind

  11. Went on a road trip to retrieve some family heirlooms; was going to be a long trip so powered down my dev machine; and then unplugged it. 

    came back, CMOS battery kia.... and the machine's BIOS lobotomized itself. *sigh* was a good machine, for a Kell, it survived two-and-a-half years with me, and that is pretty impressive. was a i7-4790 so was already retirement age when I got it.

    Replacement, replacement, replacement on it's way. Almost barebones, and to keep things within my budget, another i7-4970; this time from Hewlett-Kermin. When it arrives will pull a six-million kerbucks kermin on it - and transplant the memory, sdd's, hdd, rx550, et al to this new machine. I think I will name it Kermin.

    Will be here in about a week, *knocking on wood* that KPS (Kermin Delivery Service) doesn't loose it, or run it over like Odie, or drop kick it like glassware, or use it like a Frisbee like collectable plates....

    So far (also *knocking on wood*) no data loss. 


    such is a kerbal's life eh?


    1. zer0Kerbal


      Well went medieval on the dev computer.

      slapped in an optical drive with Server 2003 boot DVD and used that to put the BIOS into the Iron Maiden of Updating... went from BIOS A5 to A25 in a snap. Computer is feeling much better now.

  12. Hello! There is a direct message for you! :D

  13. Hello! There is a direct message for you! :D


  14. Today worked on:


  15. I have asked to @MichaelV2.0to adopt 

    Version_2.0 Industries Rover Pack

    CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 - SpaceDock

    News when there is news.

  16. I have asked @ganinian to adopt these mods:


    AFLv3 - CurseForge - SpaceDock - CKAN


    AFLv3 - CurseForge - SpaceDock - CKAN


    AFLv3 - DropBox (link broken)


    AFLv3 - DropBox (link broken)

    Stock-Like Parts Project

    AFLv3 - DropBox (link broken)

  17. @Gaius

    Would like to adopt, but need your express permission to use the name. @Gaiusits a wonderful addon and it deserves a new life! @Gaius please come back to the forums one last time! :D


    GPLv3 - GitHub - CurseForge - CKAN- SpaceDock

    Forum Thread II Original Forum Thread

    more than happy to hand this off...

    On 9/6/2020 at 2:40 PM, hab136 said: I'd be more than happy to hand it off to the next person.


    Thank you kindly in advance!

  18. I have asked @Gaius to adopt Goodspeed Aerospace.

    Goodspeed Aerospace

    CC BY-SA 4.0 - CurseForge


    also @OrbitalDebris and @Galatea

    news when there is news!

  19. I have asked @Gaius to adopt Goodspeed Aerospace.

    Goodspeed Aerospace

    CC BY-SA 4.0 - CurseForge


    also @OrbitalDebris and @Galatea

    news when there is news!

  20. I have asked @Gaius to adopt Goodspeed Aerospace.

    Goodspeed Aerospace

    CC BY-SA 4.0 - CurseForge


    also @OrbitalDebris and @Galatea

    news when there is news!

  21. Asking @LostOblivion for kind permission to adopt this glorious parts mod

    OblivionAerospace (OAP)

    CC BY-SA 4.0 - GitHub - CurseForge - CKAN


    Hopefully I hear back from @LostOblivion with an answer, but in case I don't hear back from @LostOblivionI intend to respectfully proceed as soon as the end of March 2022, as permitted by the license of this mod.

    Recognition of original authors/maintainers is always provided and contributions always welcomed; I will gladly step aside for @LostOblivionshould he ever want to continue this mod.

  22. Working on Mini Sample Return Capsule

    Track progress: issues here - projects here.


    The Short List

    @zer0Kerbal zer0Kerbal | Twitter

  23. The New Short List (Experimental)



  24. The Gold Standard (GOLD) Version KSP version
    License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 AVC .version files

    Version - Gold Pans ReStocked

    • 22 Jan 2022
    • Release for Kerbal Space Program [KSP 1.12.3]


    Download from CurseForge



    1. Taerobee (quick update)
    2. MiniScienceReturnCapsule (end beta)
  25. Komplexity Version KSP version
    License GPLv3 AVC .version files

    Version - Strategic Floating

    Download from CurseForge

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