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  1. Where can I get SpaceX's tower at LC-39A from? I have the TEL from the Tundra Explorations mod, and it has a node where the tower should be, but it isn't there as part, and it's not on my LC39 launchsite either.
  2. Oh, okay. I actually liked having a decoupler with guidance, since the real S2 does of course have an independent flight guidance as well, so it's a bit... weird that my payload is commanding the rocket, I like to be able to go up without payload, and operate the stage after payload decoupling as well. But for now, I am using a disk guidance unit, similar to the stock ones, that sits between tank and fairing adapter. The version thing is really a bummer. I want to upgrade so badly, but there are just some essential mods I have right now that I definitely don't want to get rid of, and which don't support higher versions... it's really just a headache with the mods. If only every mod would be compatible with every version, right? But when it comes to that, I guess I will upgrade, since this is the mod I love the most, and I don't wanna miss out on the shiny starship either. Also, another quick question, but I guess I know the answer: Is the texture regulated by B9 part switch or something, or from Tundra? Cause the booster numbering is like 4 numbers laying on top of each other, and I can only change the top one, looks very ugly and buggy. Is this another version incompatibility, or is this another mod that isn't working perfectly? Thanks, cheers
  3. Love the mod. Quick question though: How do I deperate the Ghidorah and the Rodan? For the Gigan, there's now the decoupler, but it has the solar panel form at the sides, so it doesn't look good with the Rodan. And the other decoupler has a fixed interstage now, so that's no longer an option either. Also, in the last version no matter what, the B4 texture was always there, even when it said B5, it was always white on the launchpad, or when loading the craft. Even when selecting the decoupler, when it said none. Now, it does the same, the white texture and both writings, heavy and normal are there, even B5 black and none are the default selected. But that's not too problematic, my main problem is that there's no decoupler for the second stage. Also, the file configs are "not compatible with this version of ksp", which is 1.4.2
  4. @linuxgurugamer My KSP version is, yet in CKAN this mod does not show up, and is not compatible when looking for it under "all". How can that be? Or did this mod actually skip version 1.4.2, and just went from 1.3.1 compatibility to 1.4.3, without including 1.4.2? Because none of the older versions are compatible either, according to CKAN. So is it actually incompatible with KSP 1.4.2, or did something went wrong with the CKAN configs?