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  1. Thanks, I reinstalled scatterer and that fixed the glitch :)
  2. Yes, I am playing on steam (PC) and I will see if removing scaterer does anything. I'm also pretty sure I have the right version of scatterer. Thanks
  3. Hello, could anyone help me about the fact that my engine flames and smoke graphics are not appearing all the time when I fly a ship. The only mods I have installed are Scatterer and kerbal engineer (I would have SVE or EVE but I can't figure out how to get them to work). In SSTOs and usual rockets, my engine fire and smoke aesthetics don't appear all the time. Sometimes my screen goes white when I activate my kerbal's eva lights. Does anyone have this issue, and does anyone also know how to fix this glitch?
  4. Well, since I've already let some people get away with it, I'm just going to say that whoever reads this post DOES NOT have to use Apollo Style, although, please ask if you would like to try this challenge with an SSTO :)
  5. Hang on... Have the Blunderbirds been to Eeloo? I don't remember seeing that....
  6. I will be happy to make an exception if you really want to use an SSTO
  7. Thanks for telling me this, I will remember that! Hi guys, thanks for trying out this challenge, even without my save file. It was cool to see the way you did things, and @Starwaster great idea, I will remember that tactic xD Also, thanks, @purpleivan and @direfor showing me of how you did my challenge, and I also thank everybody who either read, or even tried out my challenge.
  8. On a peaceful mission to Minmus, the landing went wrong when the flight systems failed, and they crashed in the Midlands Biome. They are now stranded, starving, and thirsty... It is a matter of time before they die... You must use an Apollo Style spacecraft, and save them (find them on any Midlands Biome area) The mission cannot be over ten days long, (just in case you do do that) as they will have starved by then You also must have a way of proving that you did it Good luck