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  1. This mod sounds like a good idea. Might work on a 1.4.5 branch, as it clearly isn't being worked on. @FoxtrotUniformif you are still around, ima adopt this mod. Edit: Oops, i was wrong.
  2. So I like planet packs, I've played loads of them. From Planetfactory to KSS, I've seen and done nearly everything. But I'm getting bored. That's when I remembered something I did when I first got into KSP modding. I installed pretty much every planet pack and combined them all together to make a mega pack. Quality wasn't a big thing in my eyes, and it mostly isn't to this date. so if you haven't guessed, I'm doing this again, with basic knowledge in coding. I can patch them all together to my liking. I'm trying to find all the mods I can and patch them together. It is very unlikely
  3. This still being worked on? If you DM me i can help with an update
  4. @amarius1is this still being worked on? I could work on an update if you wanted
  5. KSS: Lovely mod GPP and GEP: Good, but didnt grip me OPM: Always play with this RSS: Bit dated, but good OWR: Bit too far, but great planets
  6. So im looking for a large planet pack that runs quickly. I'm looking for quantity over quality, and the mod needs to be 1.4.5. Send me your suggestions!
  7. Hello all, I would like to introduce to you all the Project: Pathfinder mission! The ultimate grand tour! We are a group of KSP players that are planning a huge LMP mission to do a grand tour of Kerbal Star Systems. We are looking for pilots, engineers will to help us! You can find us on discord in the link below, more info will be there on the welcome message channel! https://discord.gg/EzjcnrW
  8. How about AI Competitors that do the contracts you don't do and earn more rep, which results in more contracts. Better rep would be really kewl, but could easily be made by mods. Also your space program should be ran by an AI, which will fly rockets to places like space stations or planetary outposts collecting resources/kerbals/whatever to and from them. This lazy automation could carry out more boring missions, such as Surface to station trips. You should be able to configure these automated launches and have them cost monthly money. Another thing I would like to see is realis
  9. I'm up for it. I might be able to server host (DMP), and make a discord server
  10. (Add more planets.) Just, gonna, leave this here. Heh, other people don't want it, but i do. Seriously though, try to make the team make the game have higher FPS, for the modding community.
  11. I found out it was KS3P or something like that. A post processing mod.
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